0C18GL2NME9113 Professional grade 14 gauge speaker cable – pure stranded copper speaker twine in 50 ft for automobile audio, domestic theater systems, radio audio system, any audio software by means of excessive customer products

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  • specifics: this twine is 14 gauge stranded copper speaker twine with a % jacket. No copper covered aluminum or other clad metal
  • american: this twine is manufactured in the united states and incorporates with it the proud craftsmanship you anticipate
  • use: excessive first-rate popular characteristic audio cord. Now not advocated for runs inside partitions or plenum, but amazing for your car
  • polarity stripe: one side of the wire has a white polarity stripe so that you can become aware of which stop plugs in where
  • pleasure assured: no longer happy along with your purchase? Supply us a name and we will accommodate your return without a questions asked
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50 Feet, 100 Feet, 250 Feet

8 reviews for 0C18GL2NME9113 Professional grade 14 gauge speaker cable – pure stranded copper speaker twine in 50 ft for automobile audio, domestic theater systems, radio audio system, any audio software by means of excessive customer products

  1. Eric V McGraw

    Okay, better cable would have been much more expensive. At least it’s copper.Read more

  2. L. ELIAS

    This is very nice ‘audiophile quality’ cable. I have used this for several applications – auto, home and true audiophile set ups. There are great audiophile solutions out there but they will cost you. This is a much more cost effective path. I generally pair this wire with high end banana plugs, which I solder for a clean and solid connection. This can be hard to strip but once you’ve done it once, it’s not bad. I think 14 gauge is more than adequate for most applications – I honestly can’t notice the difference between 12 and 14 in a very high end applications (Tube + Studio Monitors). That said, there’s definitely improvement over typical ‘speaker wire’ and I would never go thinner than 14. This wire is also solid copper which is worth the extra bucks. Pay the extra and avoid the Copper clad Aluminum that’s sometimes marketed as ‘Copper’. If you’re going to make the effort to connect the speakers, do it with the right material – it’s generally a one time investment.Read more

  3. Just My Opinion

    Excellent quality speaker wire. This roll of 250′ will cover your entire media room, if you’re using it for speaker wire.We ran this up through the attic and clipped it into place with plastic clips to prevent sag.The spool itself is heavy duty. You can put this on a handle to make running the cable easier.There is no sound drop or loss from our NAD, Hafler and NHT system.We’ve generally used 8 gauge before, but it is too bulky to run into our wall space.This was perfect.Easy to use, great sound and very fast shipping.Read more

  4. john baldwin jr.

    Awesome wire! I would lean toward small cable though. Very heavy jacket. Kinda “grabby” to pull thru a vehicle. True to spec 14ga. wire. Kinda difficult to separate. Use a razor blade, take your time & DON’T JUST PULL APART. You’ll be fine. Absolutely NO reasons for this to not get 5 stars. Just minor comments.Read more

  5. J. LUGO

    So I took a leap of faith after reading the reviews. I too didn’t expect a noticable difference between cheap basic cable and a copper cable claiming to improve sound quality. I thought a wire was a wire. Boy was I wrong! The sound definition from my Atmos surround sound setup went from just pretty good to pretty amazing! The difference is very noticeable. It sounds way more clear and vibrant/crisp and punchy. Great product. I would recommend to anyone who invested in nice speakers to also by this product.Read more

  6. DL

    First off, it arrived much sooner than I had expected. So, customer service is top notch. What I then immediately noticed was that it was heavier than an unused spool of 100ft aluminum core 12 awg wire I had sitting around. Since this wire is 14 awg, that of course meant it was heavier than thicker wire of lesser quality since this is pure copper as opposed to aluminum core. Whether or not weight itself has any useful meaning is something of which I am unaware. It’s just what I noticed upon unpacking.Getting to work wiring up my home theater, what I liked was that the housing effortlessly slipped off with a splicing tool without taking miscellaneous strands of wire along with it. It seemed clear that this was because it is a higher quality, more durable speaker wire. Just for kicks, I also did the flame test to see if any strands would shrivel away. None did. The same could not be said about the aluminum core wire upon which I tried the flame test. I made sure I was in a well ventilated area away from flammable items.Yes it’s true like others have said that separating the housing for the (+) (-) split was a real chore that sort of hurt my fingers actually. I’m a recreational body builder accustomed to gripping 260 lbs dead lifts through multiple reps, and yet separating the housing was a challenge. But, I did not experience the housing itself breaking apart, which is something others have complained about. Again, the ease of removing the housing from the wire made up for any inconvenience.Once everything was up and running, I was not disappointed with the sound quality at all. In truth, I wasn’t expecting a noticeable difference since after all this is just speaker wire. But, I was surprised by how the imaging, depth, and tonal balance noticeably improved with this wire. I then at that point understood why the label on the spool stated “Hi Res.” This is no doubt audiophile grade speaker wire that was meant for quality sound reproduction.Read more

  7. G. Ross

    Upgraded my speakers, and while I could have reused my old Monster XP wire, I decided against it. The Monster wire has a “monoflux” tube in it. Basically, some sort of plastic tubing which supposedly helps with transmission of signals. It may or may not, but it does make splaying the wires around the ends of the closed banana plugs I was using more difficult. These speaker wires do not have that, so I bought this. It was a bit more expensive than other choices, but the wire is a good quality wire. It was easy to strip the casing off, seems very durable, and is nice and flexible. There is a clearly visible white stripe on one wire to make differentiating between polarity easy. I bought it again when I needed wire for other speakers.Read more

  8. Kurt Fratzke

    Hard to split the wires apart, so far so good! Found cheaper elsewhere.Read more

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