0C18GG2QUHH299 Ay transportable bluetooth 5. Zero audio system 30w louder hd stereo sound with richer bass, water resistant ipx7, tws, microphone, long lasting wi-fi speaker 24h playtime for exterior,tenting, seashore,tour,home birthday celebration.

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  • 【fantastic sound & richer bass】: used high-sensitivity 30w powerful drivers with noise/wind discount virtual generation, to deliver top class stereo sound with deeper bass, exceptional readability and 0 distortion. Offer you enjoyful enjoy on hd clear music even inside the noisy outside rectangular. Perfect soundtrack for park, yard, events, faculty, christmas present, thanksgiving day, halloween, black friday.
  • 【real wi-fi stereo feature】: thanks to tws function pairing 2 audio system together for stereo or birthday celebration mode playback, build left-proper channels for enabled audio system experience 360°surround first-rate bass sound of a wi-fi domestic cinema any time. Bluetooth v5. Zero easily connect drugs,cell phones,iphones,ipad,samsung,htc to taking walks around 48ft extra quickly and stabler. Wired connection with non-bluetooth devices with incorporated three. 5mm audio cable.
  • 【difficult strong & ipx7 water resistant】: blanketed in excessive fine anti-fall water-proof durable cloth with protection layout, so that the speaker is more durable than others. Ipx7 water resistant (canwithstand full immersion of up to a few. 3ft for 30 mins) means no extra demanding approximately rain or spills, best for seashore, shower, boat, hiking, camping & risk. Enjoy the track anyplace you need.
  • 【extremely-portable & hands-loose calling】: transportable wi-fi speakers with compact and excellent size, builting in mic with anti-noise and anti-interference cancellation generation for greater crystal and clear calls, higher perfect as a loud speakerphone. To be convenient on your existence, specially geared up with a rope, you may grasp it anywhere. Compact size design allows you to manipulate one hand at will.
  • 【long battery life & what you get】: integrated large 5000mah capability rechargeable li-ion battery helps up to 24 hours of playtime at 50% volum. Short price receives back to complete in about 4 hours, so no need to worry about your audio system demise whilst experience song. You could get: ay bluetooth speaker, micro usb charging cable, aux in cable, short begin manual, feedback card, durable wrist strap and pleasant customer support .
  • i need top bass…. Is it good on this device?
  • good day, our portable bluetooth speaker is designed in a compact space with a dual speaker and twin radiator bass diaphragm shape, attaining a 30w impact. It will in reality make you sense exceptional listening revel in. At this charge, we can promise which you cannot discover different merchandise which can be higher than us. No matter what, in case you aren’t happy, please sense unfastened to contact our customer support, we are able to serve you surely! Thanks! See less

  • i’m able to use it within the lavatory once i shawer??
  • i’m able to use it inside the lavatory after i shawer??

  • what form of charger does this tool use?
  • what type of charger does this tool use?

  • pair two speaker with echo dot?
  • honestly, first you have the speakers connect between themselves, then from the alexia app, ettings, alexia echo,
    correction: from alexia app, settings, device settings, echo, bluetooth gadgets, upload tool. Worked just nice
    howdy, i’m very sorry that the commands we supplied are not particular sufficient about the features of tws. Now we’ll show you the steps in greater element. The way to set the tws function:
    1. Switch on the two audio system,maintain them all on at the time. 2. Press on the quantity butten”+”and “-” on the equal time . It is a hit when you listen “ding ding ding”. Let each speaker be in this nation. Three. It takes about 2 minutes to healthy the 2 audio system first,and then you can listen the voice “pairing”,mean that those 2 speaker connected. Then activate your smartphone bluetooth , connect from one . Four. Then ,you may listen the pairing tone again, which implements the tws function. That is simple to do . See less


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    7 reviews for 0C18GG2QUHH299 Ay transportable bluetooth 5. Zero audio system 30w louder hd stereo sound with richer bass, water resistant ipx7, tws, microphone, long lasting wi-fi speaker 24h playtime for exterior,tenting, seashore,tour,home birthday celebration.

    1. Nelco_ut

      I’m an audiophile and have listened to many of these types of speakers and this one is just amazing!!! It has great bass and great all around sound. This is another of hr Chinese electronics but there getting really good. This will allow 2 different devices to be connected at the same time. So u don have to keep changing back and forth but just turn down or stop playing one to listen to the other. I have used this in the shower everyday since I got it and I’ve had no problems with it getting any water in places it shouldn’t. For the price this is as good or better than ones for $250.Read more

    2. gulfcoastdave

      Love the solid rubberized case construction and triangular shape. I own other wireless Bluetooth stereo speakers (Anker Soundcore Motion B and Aomais Real Sound) – a pair of each brand. These AY speakers give me better stereo separation and stronger bass response than the others. I’m running all 3 brands paired to various Echo Dots within our home. In addition, the AY speakers have longer battery life while normally running at 3/4 volume. These are roughly 30 feet from their respective Echo Dot with no Bluetooth connectivity issues. I’m an “anal” submarine engineer with a heightened sound sensitivity and these pass the frequency range criteria thus far. Best bang for the buck!Read more

    3. Mike H.

      I work in product design and development so I felt compelled to test these out and give as much feedback as I can to help others make the best decision they could when buying cost-effective Bluetooth speakers.I am Not affiliated with this company nor the other speaker company I am comparing against, fyi!! This is a fair and impartial review.I am comparing these: ‘AY Portable Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 Speakers’ (30W of power, With ‘TWS’, and is IPX7 fully waterproof. The ASIN # is B07FF1PTGG)Comparing against a competing product that I bought at the same time to do this test: ‘Tronsmart T2 Plus’ Bluetooth 5.0) 20W of power, With ‘TWS’ and is also IPX7 fully waterproof, ASIN # B07XCMG6G3).Final verdict: Both speakers are AMAZING GREAT DEALS that both get VERY LOUD!!! However, I am keeping the slightly smaller 20W speakers as the sound quality is a tiny bit better even though these 30W speakers can get a little louder. The 20W speakers are a bit more compact and a little easier to connect to my phone the first time over Bluetooth. The only thing I would say is regardless of what speakers you buy I Strongly suggest to GET 2 of the same speaker, making sure they have the ‘TWS’ feature so you can use 2 at the same time as the results is Amazing. Keep reading for much more explanation!LOUD: one of my goals was to buy the most cost effective but LOUDEST speakers I could. These ones claim 30W of power and that is just about the Max I found on Amazon for this size. I also purchased other speakers that were 10W and 20W and YES these 30W speakers were in fact the loudest! to be exact I used my decibel meter to compare the 20W speakers from another company vs. these 30W speakers. the 30W speaker at max volume was at 95 decibels while the 20W speaker I tested only got up to 89 decibels, to give you an idea. All in all the 20W and 30W are quite similar, but if you want the Loudest the 30W is a little louder. However, the sound quality from the 20W speakers is just a tiny bit better. You would only notice this if you pay close attention. Clearly these speakers have an Amazing review and SUPER LOW COST, you can trust the reviews!BEST TIP I CAN SHARE:: playing music from 1 Bluetooth speaker is never as good as sound coming from 2 speakers. It is just a different ball game!! I would rather have 2 cheaper speakers instead of 1 more expensive one, trust me, I have tested it.. there are SO MANY advantages to having 2 sound sources!! I tested at the beach, indoors, and camping! People even commented that it sounded so good and I had to explain it was due to having 2 sources of sound. The difference is night and day! Having 2 of these working as a pair FILLS the environment with rich music, but using only 1 speaker is just nowhere near as ‘fulfilling’ or rich sounding. I could go on for days, just take my word for it: 2 speakers ‘feels/sounds/is’ a much better music experience in all aspects even if just playing as background music.Pros: LOUD, SUPER CHEAP, and you can use 2 of them at the same time!Info on playing on 2 of these at the same time: due to the easy ‘TWS’ feature these have the 2 speakers ‘connect to each other’, then your phone just connects to one of them and you will get sound from both at the same time with no lag!! ANY Android and iPhone that has Bluetooth can play music to 2 of these speakers at the same time, even if your phone does not support ‘dual Bluetooth’! Thanks to ‘TWS’..Cons: Sound quality is very good but not ‘perfect’ if you really want high quality sound. To share some info: the other speaker I tested was only 20W and also about the same cost, however, the sound quality was just a little better even if they didn’t get quite as loud. Also, it would be easier if the buttons were on the Top of the unit instead of on the side.. not a big deal but it is a bit more work to bend over and check which button to press instead of easily seeing while standing etc instead of searching for the buttons. also, these speakers took 3 attempts to connect to Bluetooth. I had to turn the speaker on/off as well as Bluetooth and try a few times but it did work in the end.The shape of these speakers is visually appealing, however, the 20W speakers I compared them against were normal ‘rectangle’ shape and that is actually quite nice since they are overall a bit smaller and they seem to just fit in a bit better. These 30W speakers a little larger when compared to the normal ‘rectangle’ shape Bluetooth speakers.Note on Bluetooth 4.2 vs 5.0: these speakers are Bluetooth 4.2 while the other speakers I tested were Bluetooth 5.0, I was expecting the 5.0 speakers to work at an even greater distance but they were exactly identical.Summary: from my testing indoors and outdoors: there is No difference I could see between Bluetooth 4.2 and 5.0!Final note: I would Never buy Bluetooth speakers unless they have an Amazon review rating of 4.0 or higher (and over 50 reviews)Read more

    4. Richard K

      This Bluetooth speaker is well made has good sound and great features. I would not describe this as a real load speaker but it has great sound with no distortion. It is very easy to use there are no problems connecting it to your device and the battery last for days. It comes with a charging cable an aux cable and an inflatable float so you can use it in the pool. I not sure how I fell about the float but that’s not why I bought the speaker. I looked at a ton of speakers on Amazon they all had good reviews and bad reviews and it made it really hard to pick on but I am very happy with my choice.Read more

    5. Alex Y. Yoon

      this is a false advertising as far as the max wattage is concerned. & about the “Richer Bass”.in the description, it says that this bluetooth speaker will produce 30watts of power, but when I tested it with few other speakers that I have, Oontz Angle 3 Ultra (14 W) & Earfun (20W), this AY barely managed to pull off somewhat close to 14 watts, but absolutely without bass. I have compared with few other bluetooth speakers just now. But unfortunately, the max wattage comes less than half of what they claim to be and also complete lack of bass was quite surprising. It has very shrieky & harsh mid and high frequencies, so you can not hear or feel the warmth of bass nor rich vocals.Very disappointing AY bluetooth speaker.Read more

    6. mas611

      This unit worked okay for the money however, the port for charging broke 2 weeks after the last return date rendering it useless and I tried to get ahold of tech support via chat several times which proved fruitless and instructed to contact the manufacturer direct for any warranty information. In short, I’m 100% sorry that I purchased this speaker and pretty sure you will be too.Read more

    7. Texas Pride Guy

      I am probably not the average buyer of a Bluetooth speaker like this. I am in my late 50’s, and have no interest in sharing my music with people 5 miles away, or breaking my neighbor’s windows with any super bass!!!! No, I wanted a good speaker with good sound at lower volumes (like in my wood shop or back yard when doing yard work). This speaker is absolutely wonderful for that purpose. Great balanced sound. Long battery life. Solidly built. Bluetooth was easy to connect to from my Android phone. I am so glad that I bought this, and it is exactly what I wanted and needed!!!!Read more

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