0C18GAOHSLG511 Journey case packed, ewa a106 seasoned portable bluetooth speaker with custom bass radiator, short layout, ip67 water resistant, perfect mini speaker for bathe, room, motorbike, automobile (black)

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  • astonishing volume and bass – a106pro mini speaker is effortlessly small but capable of releasing crystal clean sound with fantastic bass and room-filling loudness through a excessive-overall performance driving force and a passive subwoofer. Small, but such powerful bluetooth audio system. Wi-fi streaming track or internet radio services consisting of pandora and spotify out of your telephone, iphone, or different audio device with bluetooth.
  • smooth to carry – weighing 6. 2 oz. And measuringΦ1. 89*h1. 54 inches, at the side of the speaker, you’ll get a steel hook and a sporting case which lets in you to take your song on the pass, and also shield your ewa a106pro portable speaker from harm. So it is perfect for outside, trekking, seashore, dorm room, kitchen, toilet, boat, golf car and extra.
  • long battery life – built-in lithium-polymer battery guarantees 6 hours of play time, and up to 8 hours(at 50% extent). Simply 1/2 an hour of price time with 1a charger equals 2 hours of play time.
  • simple yet stylish layout – our vision was to make a small wi-fi audio system with bluetooth this is only a speaker, so that you can use it every time, anywhere. We gave up functions including a microphone, three. 5mm jack and needless buttons, leaving one silicone button (hold to interchange on/ off, one-tap to pause, double-faucet or triple-tap to exchange songs), an ideal gift.
  • what you get – 1 ewa a106pro bluetooth speaker, 1 micro usb to usb charging cable, a consumer manual, 1 sporting case, 1 metallic hook, 1-12 months guarantee and a 30-day chance loose assure. (if you’re no longer absolutely pleased with your a106, send it lower back for a full refund, no questions asked).
  • can you pair at the identical time?
  • can you pair two at the equal time?

  • how is the sound high-quality of the item? Does it well worth?
  • how is the sound high-quality of the item? Does it well worth?

  • am i able to connect two of these audio system to my iphone on the equal time?
  • am i able to join two of these audio system to my iphone on the same time?

  • does this speaker have a port of a jack, or is it bluetooth handiest?
  • does this speaker have a port of a jack, or is it bluetooth only?


    Black, RoseGold, Silver

    6 reviews for 0C18GAOHSLG511 Journey case packed, ewa a106 seasoned portable bluetooth speaker with custom bass radiator, short layout, ip67 water resistant, perfect mini speaker for bathe, room, motorbike, automobile (black)

    1. Felix

      I just bought it a few days ago to use it with my echo dot at night for relaxation music. The sound from the echo dot is kind of flat and ambient sounds like rain, thunder, etc are not as clear as from other speakers. I received it and felt impress with the packaging, the feel of the speaker and it’s look. Once I unpacked it, I let it charged until the red light turned blue and then paired it with the dot. I listened to some relaxation music from Pandora and the sound is crisp and clear. It’s also loud for its size.I’m giving it a five star rating because, so far, it has work extremely well. The blue light is somewhat a little too bright to use in a bedroom, but not if kept inside its included case. I know there are some bad reviews concerning its battery life, but until something bad happens I can’t say anything negative about it. It works wonderfully.By the way, it can also be used while charging…that’s a nice option.I’d like to add that due its downward passive radiator, the speaker will vibrate and if place on hard surface, e.g. table, and the volume is set to high, the speaker can fall off…this happened to me once. So be aware of that and make sure it’s secured. The other thing is that if you own Amazon Fire HD tablet, I urge you to pair this speaker to the tablet and try to play some music. Whether from Spotify, Pandora or Amazon music, you’ll notice the tremendous sound difference this speaker will output as opposed to the tablet’s speaker.8/11/2018: Just encountered an issue that I believe is worth mentioning. The speaker has a warning beeping sound when its battery is running low. Good idea, except that if your are using the speaker at night for relaxation or ambient music to help you sleep, if the battery runs low the speaker’s beeping sound will wake you up quickly.Read more

    2. J. C.

      So, the first one I got, the button didn’t work so I got a second one. Here’s what I think:Pro:1) obviously small2) GREAT sound quality. I bought another cheap-o brand on Amazon and the other one just does not match up to this little guy3) cute, has one button so not alot of stuff to have to think about4) pairs very easily to phone and both PC and Mac laptops5) I really like the convenience case it comes in (I use the case when I put the speaker near the shower)6) so far, good battery lifeCons:1) It’s kind of heavy for its size (the other cheap-o feels 1/3 the weight)2) quality control could be better. The button didn’t work on the first one I got3) this is probably not something that would survive a drop so keep it in its caseWill update this in a few months in case it dies but so far, I’m very happy with this purchase. I knocked off one star because the first one I got was defective.Read more

    3. Jh0615

      This speaker is definitely loud. It’s impressively loud! So, if you’re looking for something that’s small and compact, this speaker is for you. However, I’m only giving 4/5 stars because I need something almost opposite of that. I want something small that I can stash on my desk at work and play some light background music. This speaker is actually too loud! I’ve tried stashing it in places around the office to muffle it a bit and I’m really struggling with it! I’ve also noticed that some songs are REALLY loud and some you can barely hear! It’s kind of odd. I have the volume as low as it can go and I have it under my desk lol. Other than that, it’s a really impressive speaker. Having it on low volume helps the battery last longer I think. I honestly can get through 8+ hours without charging it. It’s actually never died on me yet. I usually just leave it plugged in tho so I don’t have to worry about it dying. I have an iPhone and it connects to the speaker very easily. I play iTunes and Pandora with no problems.Read more

    4. Arizona Lynn

      Wish I could give this amazing piece of technology even more stars. USB charge, no batteries. Surprisingly surrounding rich sound. And simple to pair and use. Buying one for stocking stuffers for everyone on my list. I just LOVE the quality and heft of this little techno-wonder.Read more

    5. Kindle Customer

      The headline sums it up nicely. This little speaker is a very focused product, in that all it delivers is clear, quality sound in a dinky package. The manufacturer added nothing extraneous in order to make the speaker as small as possible. Things like remote camera shutter and headphone jack are missing, but not missed; at least by me. I wanted a bluetooth speaker so I could listen to audiobooks through my Kindle, and the A106 is awesome for that purpose. The battery life so far (I’ve had it a week, and used it daily) is pretty much what the seller says it is. The little carrying-case is handy, too. I paid about $17 for the A106, and am quite happy so far. I’ll update if the unit craps out or something, but I have no reason to expect that will happen.Read more

    6. Ronnie A

      Sound quality impressive even at max volume.This Bluetooth speaker is pretty loud, yes as other reviewer said, it’s even louder than big speaker.And sound performance great! I am happy with this purchase!Would recommend to all my friends.Read more

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