0C18G93MZIH802 Ilive water-resistant fabric wi-fi speaker, 2. Fifty six x 2. Fifty six x three. Four inches, integrated rechargeable battery, blue (isbw108bu)

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  • bluetooth wireless speaker with detachable carabiner clip
  • features built-in speaker and built-in microphone; handsfree speakerphone
  • built-in rechargeable battery with battery existence approximately 2. 5 hours at one hundred percentage volume
  • ipx5 waterproof, rubberized coating and 40mm driving force
  • includes detachable carabiner clip, micro-usb to usb cable, and consumer’s guide

product description

water resistant, (ipx5) smooth cloth comes collectively for a speaker that’s as useful as it’s far stylish so you can take your soundtrack with you – irrespective of the adventure. Simply clip-it on and get going. This transportable speaker consists of a detachable carabiner clip, micro-usb to usb cable, and user’s manual. Capabilities consist of a integrated microphone, handsfree speakerphone and ipx5 water resistant rubberized coating. The integrated rechargeable battery has a battery life of ~2. 5 hours at one hundred percentage extent. Ilive merchandise offer thrilling, progressive features with a high-quality and affordability that you could depend upon.


Black, Blue, Light Gray, Turquoise

8 reviews for 0C18G93MZIH802 Ilive water-resistant fabric wi-fi speaker, 2. Fifty six x 2. Fifty six x three. Four inches, integrated rechargeable battery, blue (isbw108bu)

  1. Q. Hunt

    The sound quality is okay, but waaaay too quiet. It’s quieter at it’s max setting than my phone, which makes it pretty useless. What good is a speaker that’s quieter than the projecting device? It’s also supposed to have a microphone for phone calls. However, the people I’ve called using it have said the sound quality is bad and low, even when I hold the speaker up close. Maybe I got a faulty product..?Update: I increased my rating because it’s still proven useful because the speaker isn’t directional, so it does sometimes make the sound louder than my phone would.Read more

  2. momo

    So good Ive had it for 3 years and purchased another!! This was a great gift from my techie brother – incredible sound quality for the size, great portability and durable – ive had it for over 3 years and have hung it in my shower almost daily with no issues. I can hear the music all over my apartment from one central location. I acquired 2 or 3 other types of speakers over the years and this one outlasted them all. I just repurchased this SAME one three years later after shopping around and testing countless others. NOT an issue from the speaker itself but my own mistake was getting lazy with the (very durable) silicone seal on the plug and using an old power cord that bent the metal inside, so I recommend using the cord it came with or another high quality matching cord always, dont try to bend an old one like me lol, either way it handled about 6 months of that abuse until I finally got a new one lol. I think repurchasing this after 3 years of use says something about its ease of use.Read more

  3. Chapina Grace

    I purchased 2 of these speakers. One for myself and one for a friend, Pat George. Mine works good but Pat’s doesn’t work at all. She can’t get it to charge.Read more

  4. Jranda99

    Great sound and durableRead more

  5. Cuppycake

    Perfect little speaker for the shower!Read more

  6. JTD

    I got this because my laptop speaker wasn’t putting out enough sound. This certainly does and it has an auxiliary cable to connect directly to my laptop. I would buy it again.Read more

  7. Susan Harper

    I bought these for my grandsons and they both love them. Loud enough for a room or a garage. Will be handy when they go campingRead more

  8. Rogue Ghost

    Nice speaker for teenage girls Christmas presentRead more

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