0C18G32T9NZ350 Audio pro drumfire d-1 excessive constancy wifi bluetooth wi-fi multi-room audio system well suited with alexa, computer systems, laptop, computer, cellular telephone & tablet – black

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  • multi-use speaker: multiroom sound and multi-individual utilization. Organization & play. Play all collectively, or no longer. You pick out!
  • formidable & dynamic high fidelity sound: audio seasoned drumfire d-1 has inaudible noise and distortion, & a flat (impartial, uncolored) frequency response inside the human listening to variety.
  • wireless or cabled generation: select your connectivity choice! Connect with your electronic device wirelessly (wifi/bluetooth) or via an aux cable.
  • amplifying sound: digital class d, 2x20w + 60w. The capability to handle loads of watts of energy with better efficiency & linearity while concurrently reaching harmonic distortion.
  • fashionable layout & size: wrapped in faux leather, info in solid aluminium & a sturdy wooden cabinet. Dimensions hxwxd: a hundred and fifty five x 365 x one hundred ninety mm

product description

audio seasoned is a swedish audio business enterprise with solid hello-fi background. Over four decades in the past in 1978, we began building powered speakers with a single ambition in mind; to give you the fine sound excellent at the best cost viable. In the 1970s, audio pro launched a series of active speakers that, thanks to their superior generation and first-rate sound, have become iconic milestones in speaker history. Nowadays, audio pro is pursuing the same dreams in speaker layout, first-rate sound from small speakers. All powered and all wi-fi.

ambitious performance. Elegantly designed.

drumfire d-1 is designed to fit in elegantly into any domestic. Wrapped in faux leather-based, information in stable aluminium and a sturdy wood cabinet.

wifi presets – play direct

no need to begin fiddling along with your smartphone, just push and play. Keep your favorite radio station or playlist to a button without a doubt through urgent it even as playing content.

the app of simplicity

it’s easy. We realize every body says this, however this sincerely is. From lightning speedy setup to using, it’s all easy sailing.

  • it’s clean. We understand every person says this, however this surely is. From lightning fast setup to the usage of, it’s all clean sailing.
  • play collectively. Or no longer.

    play your favored tune on all speakers on the same time. Or allow every body within the residence play their song on their personal speaker. Drag and drop to make companies, set to left and proper. Your desire, you have got all the track within the international at your fingertips.

    multiroom sound and multi person usage. Group and play, set to left/proper for stereo pairs. Play all together. Or no longer. You pick out.



    6 reviews for 0C18G32T9NZ350 Audio pro drumfire d-1 excessive constancy wifi bluetooth wi-fi multi-room audio system well suited with alexa, computer systems, laptop, computer, cellular telephone & tablet – black

    1. ainsworth

      I bought this speaker as well as a JBL Extreme 2 (ostensibly the same price, though I found the non-black JBL on sale for $200) I decided to keep the Audio Pro because I like the sound better. The JBL is no slouch mind you, but I preferred the the Audio Pro’s sound quality, especially for vocals. I found the JBL’s vocals to be just a bit thin.Another benefit that the Audio Pro enjoys over the JBL is how they sound at lower volumes. The JBLs really want to be played loud, whereas the Audio Pro unit is perfectly happy at any volume.Neither unit distorts at maximum volume. Speaking of maximum volume, both units get plenty loud enough to fill a good sized room, but will not fill your entire house with sound. It is interesting that the maximum volume is ABOUT the same for both, in spite of the amplifier power advantage enjoyed by the audio pro.I am a ROON fan so I was very pleased that the Audio Pro can be used as a ROON endpoint via its AirPlay support. This is AirPlay 1 so resolution is limited to CD quality. Still that works fine for my use.I have two minor complaints about the Audio pro:1.) Portability: Unlike the JBL Extreme2, the This Audio Pro speaker needs to be plugged in to an AC outlet. (120v and 240v power chords are included, and there is no physical switch, so it must be auto-sensing) This could be a deal breaker for some.2.) When moving the speaker (I use it in my office and in my shop), It takes it about 3 minutes before it is ready to be used. I think the time is used for searching for wifi connections. I do not know if making a physical (wired) connection using the Aux (headphone jack)/RCA/Ethernet inputs would fix this as I have not tried it. I actually called support when I first set this up, because I thought it might be defective.3.) Related to my portability comment above, it is not outdoor friendly. (You can’t get it wet, as you would expect from a device connected to the mains)——Note: I did confirm with Audio Pro that this unit is the same as the upcoming C10 MKII with the following exceptions:1.) The MKII has a magnetically attached removeable grill. The cloth on the Drumfire is permanently affixed.2.) The MKII will support Airplay 2 as well as Chromecast, so it should support higher resolution when using ROON3.) Although U.S. Pricing has not been announced for the Addon C10 MKII, pre-order pricing in the UK is 500 quid, so I would expect a price point of around $500Read more

    2. Orville Francis

      Pricey but I love this.Very good sound. Quality of sound from bluetooth source far inferior to other input sources, but no worse than any other bluetooth connected sound quality. Maybe it’s even more noticeable because the quality from other input sources is so good. Bass is not earthshaking, but definitely gets the job done. Great separation of highs, mids and low. And sound is loud and full matter your relative position (directly in front vs side vs next room and even upstairs/downstairs), it sounds great and without distortion.The versatility of input options are my favorite part of this…aux, rca, bluetooth, wifi. 4 presents (based on wifi) are so convenient, never have to pull out the phone to get to those 4 stations or podcasts or whatever you program them too. Also buttons directly on the unit to switch sources and turn on/off.Had some difficulty setting up, couldn’t connect to wifi, couldn’t get passed that to use other inputs, but a little patience, kept trying and got through.App has not been as bad as reviews I’ve read, takes some getting used to understanding where to find things, but once I figured it out, it’s been fine. Love that you can switch input source directly from the app.Very happy with this, still have my sonos but have been going to this exclusively because of the ability to play anything from any source through this, as opposed to the limitations with sonos.Read more

    3. ADad

      This speaker delivers on what I was looking for in a countertop speaker and provides full sound with solid bass. The speakers sounds much better than all my small speakers and can be turned up all the way with no distortion. I prefer a very bright sound but do not feel like the vocals or high end sparkle, however, it could be because I am old. I recall hearing the Sonos Play 5 and was amazed at the spatial sound, however, that is around $500. One issue I had when initially turning it on was that it did not appear to turn on and had no response to switching input sources but has not been an issue since. I like the speaker and my wife even approves of the vintage 70’s look and tolerates it on the kitchen counter.Read more

    4. Lawrence Goodman

      I am no audiophile but to my ear, the Add On C10 had a more subtle and nuanced sound. But it is a matter of personal preference so I would recommend trying them both.Also, the company really needs to improve its Android app. It’s clunky and takes a while to find your speaker every time it loads.Read more

    5. Matthew

      So my item never actually arrived cos package got lost. But I got one from another online retailer, and I gotta say, it packs a decent punch. The application required for complete wireless music playback is a bit wonky, but after fiddling around for about 10 mins I got it to do what I bought it for.Don’t expect a $100k system quality, but it throws hands with my sonos play 5 for 60% of the price. And personally I like the leather exterior more. The speaker is well built and id definitely recommend it if you like a good wireless speaker that doesn’t break the bank!Read more

    6. Jeremy Manchester

      Great speaker. Sound quality is excellent, especially after break in period.The initial set up and app are a little glitchy, but once the speaker is set up the functionality is quite stable.Read more

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