0C18EQH885L488 Runmus k8 gaming headset for ps4, xbox one, pc headset w/surround sound, noise canceling over ear headphones with mic & led mild, compatible with ps5, ps4, xbox one, sega dreamcast, laptop, ps2, pc

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  • real surround sound effect. Runmus gaming headphones undertake advanced 50mm audio drivers mixed with advanced audio techniques. It promises great simulated surround sound to decorate the immersive gaming revel in.
  • all-day consolation. The soft ear cups with bionic protein cushion coat covers your ears gently. Runmus ps4 headset is simplest 12 ounces. You won’t sense any discomfort from headscarf and ear cups even after a long gaming periods.
  • multi-platform compatibility. Runmus xbox one headset works on ps4, ps3 (adapter needed), playstation vita, psp, xbox one, xbox 360, switch (audio), 3ds ll/3ds (audio), 3ds ll/3ds (audio), laptop, mac os, ios and android device.
  • noise canceling microphone for clear conversation. Runmus gaming headset laptop has a touchy adjustable microphone the usage of noise canceling strategies. It filters maximum environmental noise around you and offer real-in-time speaking without any postpone.
  • handy quantity control. Feature with a handy quantity dial manipulate, sense free to regulate the gaming volume at any time.
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from the producer

listen your enemy miles away!

runmus k8 gaming headset grants satisfactory simulated surround sound to beautify the immersive gaming enjoy. With the excessive responsive audio drivers, you could be higher to make out the route from which the sound is coming, like the gun fireplace, enemy footsteps and situation indicators. Will let you gain the aggressive facet you want to take your recreation to the subsequent stage.

a couple of-platform well matched

runmus gaming headset works on ps4, playstation vita, psp, xbox one, transfer (audio), new 3ds ll/3ds (audio), 3ds ll/3ds (audio), windows computer, mac os laptop, ios tool and android tool. Xbox one headset adapter might be wished. With runmus gaming headset, gamer can always experience a immersive gaming experience regardless of in which platform. Plug and play. Take out the runmus gaming headphones and enter the gaming world right away!

product functions

over-ear layout earmuffs cowl your ears smugly, blended with the superior 50mm audio driver, it presents first-rate sound discipline and higher gaming.

high-quality led light on both sides of the gaming headset, mute the microphone and the led light would flip off on the identical time. Observe: please make sure the usb plug is plugged right into a usb strength port to show at the led light.

with upgraded 7. 1 audio ic, this headset gift excellent simulated surround sound. You can listen the fact on your gaming international.

adopting durable black knitted audio cable, it’s a whole lot more potent and extra durable than everyday plastic audio cable.

product description


Black, Green, Red, White

6 reviews for 0C18EQH885L488 Runmus k8 gaming headset for ps4, xbox one, pc headset w/surround sound, noise canceling over ear headphones with mic & led mild, compatible with ps5, ps4, xbox one, sega dreamcast, laptop, ps2, pc

  1. Dawn and jessie

    I got to say that this is by far the best gaming headsets that I have ever gotten. Let me start off by saying that the blue glow is amazing. Second the shipping was phenomenal. Came in 2 days which I loved. The next thing is how much noise it canceled out in the background. I love my wife and kids but when I’m gaming this does it all. No more hearing the kids screaming or my wife’s conversations with her girlfriend on the phone. The last thing I want to talk about is how comfortable they are. They don’t hurt my ears and I can wear them for hours with no repercussions. Take them off like I was never wearing them.Read more

  2. Grace

    *Update at bottom*Not too sure how I feel about this headset. I’m always skeptical about new things and only bought this set because my old one finally died and is no longer available on Amazon. With that being said, I likely have a bias with expecting these to live up to my old set. I’ll be writing this review as I listen to a playlist with this headset in case my initial opinion changes. Let’s start with some first-opinion pros and cons:Pros:-Pretty headset. Colors and style are just like the picture.-Long cord. Twice as long as my old headset. For someone bad with measurements, about two arm lengths.-Cord ends with a USB and 3.5 mm jack. Connected to the 3.5 mm jack is a short two-jack cord in case your device takes two instead of one. This can be easily taken off.-Will be pretty comfortable once broken in. Cushion seems to fall around the ear, so there isn’t really any pressure on the ears themselves.Cons:-Left ear sounds a bit more prominent than the right, but that may be because the headset is still tight. When I put the headset on backwards it seemed to sound normal, so it likely just needs time to loosen up (or I’m going deaf).-Sound isn’t as forward as my old set or earbuds. It sounds a bit muffled/distanced in comparison.-Kind of quiet. I usually play my laptops volume around 10. With this headset (with the cord on max) I have to turn the volume up to 20 to get the same sound.-USB plugged in alone does not play sound. You have to have the jack plugged in, as well. As far as I can tell, the USB is only for the lights on the head set.-Bass isn’t that distinguished.After listening to different types of audio, the muffled sound kind of goes away as the volume is turned up and I can differentiate between more quiet background instruments and louder forward vocals (if that makes sense). But I’d prefer to have that effect without cranking it. I’m a little disappointed that the USB doesn’t play audio, but not enough to return the set. I listened to a fan-mashed song that on my old set had me keep the volume down because half of it was louder then the other half. With this set, I didn’t have to turn it down as they kind of blended together volume-wise. If I had to choose between this set and my old one (a Sentey gaming headset around the same price) I would chose my old one. But, this will do.*Update*After sending my review to the company, they sent me back a lengthy email either explaining why certain things worked the way they did or how they plan to work on it. I’ve never had a company try so hard to improve customer satisfaction, so I’m bumping my 3 stars up to 4. They’ve even offered to send me an extension cable for the USB just to make up for me not understanding that it didn’t play sound. Although the headset wasn’t exactly how I though it would be, the company has tried hard to fix matters and that means something.*Update 2*1.5 years later and the headset still works like the day I bought it. The ear pads have squished a little bit and start to hurt my ears after wearing it for ~8 consecutive hours, but otherwise it’s fine.Read more

  3. Alan De Los Santos

    I have a week with the headset, I have to say that I am impressed with the sound quality is totally of another level, you will not find anything better for this amount of money also they look great, I am testing the sound when playing The Division 2 and overwatch and perfectly meets my needsRead more

  4. Krishna

    I got these because I just needed a headset for gaming. I only paid 20 so I wasnt expecting much but I was blown away by how great this headset was. The fit was really good over the ear on on the top of the head. Idk what material they used for the cusion but it’s great because after a few hours of gaming my ears finally got hot. Usually with other headsets my ears heat up fairly quicker and becomes an annoyance to continually wear them. The sound quality was what made everything all worth it though. The surround sound is so legit that it enhances multiplayer shooter and single player RPGs. When playing games like battle field I can hear enemy players run up behind me and it actually sound like the sound is coming from behind me. Its helped a lot of times during pvp matches. For zombie games like state of decay it comes in so clutch because you can hear where the zombies are located and their proximity. Perfect for sneaking around hordes without having to look around. The noise cancellation is pretty good to. Sometimes my wife walks up when she needs something and I can’t even hear her walk up until shes right there next to me. Overall I’m very impressed with this product and anyone that rates this product with a bad review has had a bad shipping experience or is just a negative person.Read more

  5. Steven Sheldon

    I bought this hoping it was an either/or setup for the 3.5mm audio jack vs. the USB port. It is not. This is not a USB headset. All the USB port does is provide power to the blue lights in the headset. This headset requires a 3.5mm audio jack for both the headphones and the microphone.Edit: I have updated my review and added another star. The headset is functionally fine. My disappointment is that the description is not clear on the input connectors. All the USB jack is for is to provide power to the LEDs in the headset. This headset requires 3.5mm jacks for the speakers and the microphone. It is not a USB headset. Seller should update their description and specifications making this clear.Read more

  6. Blake

    {Xbox One} I was a little weary about buying these based on the price but I figured I would give him a shot. When I received them they felt very light but felt well constructed. They actually cover my entire ear which I didnt like with my other way more expensive pair. I’ve only used them for a hour or 2 but they feel great and it doesnt seem like long gaming sessions would be a problem. After I adjusted the audio levels they seem to sound great. I’m no audiophile but it was clear with good highs and lows. The cord is 7 foot long so that’s a positive but also a little annoying. I havent connected it usb yet but I’d imagine that’s how they light up but I was actually relieved that they didnt light up using 3.5mm in my controllerOverall I’m really happy considering I’ve paid $150+ for a pair that I returned the next day. I would definitely recommend these.Read more

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