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skullcandy’s quality-promoting ink’d earbuds characteristic a customizable suit and 11mm speaker drivers that tattoo your temporal lobes with full-coloration sonic art. Choose colors encompass an inline mic and control switch to preserve you in contact with your tunes and the out of doors international. Skullcandy’s ink’d earbuds come with 3 separate sizes of silicone eartips (small, medium, and huge) to help you get the best fit to go with your sound.


ONE SIZE, One Size


Blue, Green, Black, Red, Grey/Mint, Street Grey/Chrome

7 reviews for 0C18EHM490L328 Skullcandy ink’d 2. 0 in-ear earbud – camo, green

  1. DenaMarie

    Item was 100% a knock off. Both ear buds were marked “R” for right. Quality was absolute crap. Packaging was crap. If you’ve ever bought real Skullcandy ear buds then you’ll know from first glance that these are completely fake. It says sold by “Skullcandy, Inc.” but I compared them to my other Ink’d 2’s in the same color and they’re obviously knock off. They work fine but I’d never pay this much for them.Read more

  2. Daniel Larsh

    WHY DID I WASTE MY MONEY!? I bought these so I could save, what? $10? on a decent pair of earbuds? UGH. Terrible sound quality… everything sounds like it’s playing inside a tin can. Horrible. So beyond disappointed with these after having LOVED my old pair of Skullcandy. These are obviously Made In China / Knockoffs that probably cost the maker no more than a penny to make. That’s how cheap these things are. Literally, opened the box, tried these, and threw them in the trash. I should have just set fire to my $15… that would at least have had a quality of entertainment to it. So long, Skullcandy. I will never purchase another Skullcandy product again… so sad.Read more

  3. I’ve always used Skullcandy JIB but I decided to give these a chance. First things first, I bought them VERY cheap. About 5 dollars without shipping (shipping was about 4 or $5) so I should’ve known what I was going for, but I didn’t think they’d be this cheap. Very bad quality made, especially the sound. The sound is horrible! The thing that made me definetly know they were fake was the fact that they didn’t have a “R” or “L” on either inner side of the pieces. Instead of buying these online, just go to your local store, it’s worth it. These are definetly going to the trash. Never buying these again online.Read more

  4. Lo

    I was pretty excited to see what I thought was an older model of skullcandy being sold cheaply. No, it’s just sold cheap because it’s cheap. I saw another commenter saying they’re knockoffs and while I don’t have the authentic item to compare them with like he did, the math completely checks on that explanation. There is no other way they can be this bad. I have used skullcandy many times in the past and while I’m under no delusion that they are the be all, end all of sound quality, skullcandys were more than serviceable and these awful things are not. The quality of their cords might as well be made out of braided, overcooked spaghetti, which was the first thing I noticed. They don’t fit well or comfortably in the ear. And the sound. God, the sound. It’s not even close to okay for one song and then on the next song, it’s more akin to listening to someone 3 apartments down blaring their radio. There’s no winning. These suck and I am beyond upset since, as my headline states, my only other pair of headphones is broken and they are STILL far, far superior. Please spend your $5 extra bucks or whatever on cheap earbuds elsewhere. To even call these earbuds is like saying BP is good for the environment because they cleaned a little of what they damaged. It’s hardly accurate.Read more

  5. Spooderman

    Bought these for my desktop at work to replace some cheap Panasonic earbuds I dunked into my coffee mug by accident one day.Pros:Music sounds great through these earbuds. Good low, mid and highs.Cons:When I listen for example, voicemail someone left me I get an echo. Which is not too bad.I get a static discharge zap frequently in my ear, where my old cheap earbuds didn’t do this. I made sure it’s plugged in all the way. This is when plugged into the tower or speaker bar.If I use speaker bar’s headphone output the speaker bar will crackle loudly, so I just plug it into the headphone jack on my computer tower instead.Conclusion:These are really most likely made for listening to music on smart phones as I think the mic input might have something to do with the cons I’ve been experiencing. If you going to use this on your mp3 player, tablet or phone I think you’ll be fine.Read more

  6. Nuclear avenger

    Before buying these ear buds I read multiple reviews. I was astonished at the large number of one star reviews. It seemed that people either love these or hate them. I wondered if the one star reviews were people who had received counterfeits. I also thought that 15 bucks seemed too cheap for any kind of quality ear buds. I decided to take a chance with $15. Upon unboxing them I examined them to see if there were any of the normal signs of a cheap knock off but I do believe these are the real deal. I’m not an audiophile but I do have a decent ear. I intentionally bought skull candy because I have listened to their headphones and have always been impressed with how much bass there is, which I love. I was saddened when I started using the ear buds and discovered that they effectively have no bass whatsoever. Furthermore the audio is very hollow sounding. The best way to describe it is to compare it to the sound quality you get from some really poor quality tv speakers. I was astonished at how bad the audio is. I’d like to return them, but I bought them knowing I was taking a risk. I will say that they are fairly comfortable and do a decent job of isolating outside noise.Read more

  7. e-shopper

    These Skullcandy Ink’d 2.0 Mic’d Ear Bud Headphone (Blue) very possibly may be a cheap knock-off of the original, as some reviewers have suggested. They look almost identical to my old Skullcandy earphones with some minor differences (a little alphanumeric code is missing on the piece that plugs into my iPod; the one-click controller is black instead of blue). I should have known better but the price was ridiculously attractive, and I decided to give them a chance. I was about to use them for the first time and needed to change the little round ear buds to the larger size. In so doing, one of the earpieces cracked. I barely put any pressure on it at all. These must be of poor quality for that to happen and I suspect they probably are counterfeit. I am returning them and will look for the true Skullcandy product at my local box store. Also, it is disappointing that supposedly name-brand products can not be trusted on Amazon. This must be how my kids felt when the toys I bought them from the local dollar store broke almost as soon as they came out of the package : (Read more

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