0C18EE4X265512 Last ears megaboom 3 transportable waterproof bluetooth speaker – night time black

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  • by way of getting into your version variety.
  • final sound: outstanding transportable wi-fi bluetooth speaker with 360° bold, immersive, crystal clear sound and up to twenty hours of battery. It brings your song to life anywhere you take it.
  • powered for journey: rechargeable battery remains powered and pumping tunes for 20 hours on a unmarried rate. Upload the power up charging dock (sold one by one) to fee remaining ears megaboom three wirelessly so it’s always prepared to go to your next musical journey.
  • severe performance material: megaboom 3 is blanketed in shimmering -tone material that’s tough, lovely and engineered for extreme programs like motorbike jackets and hearth gadget which means this performance textile is bult for extremes.
  • fantastic transportable, waterproof & clearly indestructible: ultimate ears megaboom three is severely water-resistant and floats. Megaboom 3 turned into born to get wet and is completely water-proof with a ip67 water and dustproof score, which means that it and can be absolutely submerged in water as much as 1m for half-hour. Irrespective of how wild matters get, your track will usually be on factor.
  • all-new magic button: with megaboom 3 you could play, pause, skip and control any streaming song at once at the bluetooth speaker with one touch of a button. Just push for handy manipulate of any streaing music. Healthy the instant with vibes without achieving to your phone.
  • partyup: use partyup on the growth & megaboom app to pair 2, 3, 4… And over one hundred fifty speakers and create the last surround sound enjoy. You could integrate a couple of boom three and megaboom 3 speakers or maybe pair them with previous technology increase, boom 2 and megaboom.
  • these are fcc regulated merchandise: fcc identification jnzs00171

from the manufacturer

closing ears megaboom 3

rock any journey with a supremely powerful, transportable wi-fi speaker. Water resistant with loud, clear 360° sound and thundering bass, megaboom three is the last celebration starter redefined.

manner more growth

megaboom 3 functions powerful, immersive sound. Proposing final ears particular sound processing, it produces audio that’s carefully balanced and perfectly clear at every extent level.

spatial 360° audio

in megaboom three we’ve perfected the iconic cylindrical design we pioneered to supply immersive, stereophonic audio that radiates calmly in all guidelines.

move deep

megaboom three creates severe bass you could each listen and sense. However unlike normal transportable speakers, it’s proper for your song. No exaggeration or distortion.

meet the magic button

play, pause and bypass tracks right at the speaker for handy manipulate of any streaming tune. Now to be had on spotify on android*, amazon song limitless and amazon high tune.

certainly indestructible

megaboom three is built hard and equipped for journey. You can drop it, kick it, headbang with it, even spill your drink on it, and megaboom three will take all of it like a champ. Rock on.

water resistant + floats

megaboom 3 is designed to get significantly wet and preserve on booming. Proposing a ridiculous ip67 water and dustproof score, it could be totally submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30-mins.

mild-transferring fabric

megaboom 3 is blanketed in a -tone cloth that’s difficult and exquisite. Engineered for excessive overall performance and colored two methods, it involves life in a variety of drool-worth iridescent themes.

party-til-you-drop battery life

the killer sound of megaboom 3 is matched with the aid of big 20-hour battery life.* the usage of the ultra-modern cell technology powering high-overall performance electric motors, it will remaining nearly a complete day on a single rate.

fee-n-go along with energy up

fee megaboom 3 with power up charging dock–sold separately–so you can grasp-and-cross, completely charged, in your subsequent musical journey.

pair speakers. Get louder.

use partyup at the remaining ears app to pair 2, three, four… And over 150 speakers for the ultimate surround enjoy. You could pair any generation of boom and megaboom collectively.


examine audio system

megaboom three


increase 3

wonderboom 2

am i able to use the magic button for one-contact get admission to to all of my playlists?

you could play, pause and skip tracks immediately on the speaker with any song service. Or you could use the growth & megaboom app to software and navigate custom one-contact playlists for apple song and deezer top class.

am i able to use the magic button to manipulate all of my tune if i don’t use apple track or deezer?

yes. You can usually use magic button for basic song controls: pause, play and skip. The music controls work with any song service.

do i want an app to apply the magic button?

no. To use the magic button to pause/play/bypass, you don’t want to down load the app. However, to use the magic button for one touch access on your playlists, you need to download the closing ears increase & megaboom app through closing ears.

does the speaker go with the flow in water?

yes, it floats and it’s absolutely water-resistant.

can the speaker connect to other closing ears audio system?

yes. Megaboom three can connect with boom, growth 2, boom three and megaboom using the party up function inside the growth & megaboom app. It cannot connect to blast or megablast.

product description

last ears megaboom three is a supremely powerful, portable wireless speaker. It blasts loud, clear, and immersive 360° sound with deep thundering bass. And it’s all meticulously balanced so you listen each notice. Megaboom three is also insanely water-resistant, dustproof and drop evidence and geared up to rock any adventure. From skiing inside the mountains to breakdancing into the pool, megaboom 3 has your lower back. And with the all new magic button, you could play, pause and skips songs with simply one contact. Plus all this awesomeness comes wrapped in a stunning, two tone, high performance cloth. The closing birthday celebration starter has been redefined. Maximum sound stage 90dba


Lagoon Blue, Night Black, Sunset Red

5 reviews for 0C18EE4X265512 Last ears megaboom 3 transportable waterproof bluetooth speaker – night time black

  1. ryanaround

    After you pair the speaker it will prompt you to install the app (iOS at least) and I did. Tried out the EQ and something was off. I swiped back to Standard and the speaker came back to life. Hmm, all I did was bump the bass and treble so I reset the Custom and as soon as I made the sliders go up at all the thing threw a limiter at me and dropped the loudness instantly. It’s a really aggressive limiter but if the goal is to make sure you never distort the speaker it will achieve that at the compromise of getting the sound you want at the same volume. So, if you think your speaker sounds quiet, you probably touched the EQ. Put it back to standard and listen how much louder it is.The audio person in me says HANDS OFF UE, but as a product designer – ugh, I get it. Majority will never notice, care or think anything negative of their experience using it. I’d say that last sentence is important to remember in your decision as this speaker is extremely well built, sounds great, floats and will not disappoint.Docking a star for the heavy handed DSP being used but if an update brings the ability to go into an advanced mode I’ll change that.Read more

  2. Mr. Litwin

    I used to be a big Ultimate Ears guy from the aughts before they were bought by Logitech who killed their best product lines and replaced it with stuff like… THIS. The tiresome photos of impossibly gleeful adult-babies listening to music underwater and having the times of their lives thanks to this f——g speaker really gets cloying when it’s printed on literally everything except the device itself. But that’s Logitech for you. Of all things I have to complain about with this speaker, the sound isn’t one of them. Unlike its predecessors and smaller cousins, the Megaboom 3 doesn’t peak out the bass quite so much when it would otherwise be distorted. (This is the most common bit of digital audio gimmickry to fool you into think it sounds “crystal clear”.) The people complaining about this speaker in these reviews who say other brands are better are just brands more notorious for “loudness fakery” to make the sound seem more bass-heavy but is really just slick audio post-processing. It’s makes hip hop sound a little better but everything else is a murky mess. But I digress. This speaker does all of the digital trickery, sure, but at least the actual amplifier and speaker drivers aren’t rubbish so that’s I plus. I was playing System of a Down cranked in my bedroom and it sounded amazing, especially compared to my former Boom speaker which someone nicked from my garage. Where the Boo crumpled trying to product screeching highs and thumping lows the Megaboom 3 dominated. Of course I don’t use any of the EQ tomfoolery and let it play as close to how the music was engineered to play and its just dandy. Okay then, good sound: check.The problem with this speaker, like all of the other UE speakers, is the brain-dead user interface and obnoxious audio feedback that you can’t properly adjust without hacking the device configs (allegedly). There is literally a single on/off switch for all audio feedback. Wut? No relative volume of system sounds compared to music, or selection of which sounds you want to hear and which ones you don’t, like that HORRIBLY OBNOXIOUS LOUD BEEP it makes that’s louder than the music if you accidentally lean in on your volume up button? Of course every sound is as loud as or louder than the music your playing. That’s just great. Furthermore, if you are listening to music through your iPad or iPhone, it decides to insert little beeps for certain feedback notifications that never happen when you are just using your device without the speaker. It’s horribly distracting and unnecessary, but worse is that you NEED audio feedback on if you want to be able to Bluetooth connect to it as audio feedback is the only feedback you get.Ugh. Sorry, had a bit of a rant there.It’s tough because I think the speak sounds decent and almost worth the price, but the UI team at Logite… excuse me… Ultimate Ears are clearly huffing paint fumes as each product they subsequently release is even more unpleasant to use than the last. Don’t let the coked-out looking teens with bright, expensive clothing printed on the box fool you.Read more

  3. Mike Moua

    I’ve heard a lot about the ultimate ears brand and wanted to try it out for myself. First off the design is nice with great material. Had it for about 20+days now. I did the firmware update and everything is great until the fifth day it started to pause in between a song like it was skipping or something so I thought that the battery was dying so I hooked up the charger to it and after 10 minutes of playing it did it again so I reset the speaker and tried it again after a couple of minutes it does it again so I’m stumped at this time hopefully they can help me with this issue.Read more

  4. SkiGator

    The Megaboom 3 is a rugged, relatively waterproof speaker with great sound & ability to play fairly loud. It’s not the smallest portable bluetooth out there, but it’s size was still convenient enough to take along on two ski trips with me this winter. I’ve purchased & returned 7 different portable bluetooth outdoor speakers over the last year, & found this to be the best of the bunch..(Tried the UE Wonderboom, several Altec-Lansing models, Bose & a others that I’ve already forgotten the names).It’s not the cheapest model out there, but I think I got my money’s worth for the $200 I paid. The bluetooth range on this is far better than the speakers priced up to $100 or so. Like most bluetooth devices, you’ll get some dead spots when moving it around inside & outside the house. but it’s easy to work around that.The only feature I don’t like is it always tells me to download the app & have internet connectivity to use all it’s features. I haven’t bothered to download the app, & besides that, who always has internet connectivity? Other than the annoying voice telling me to do that, & the inability to turn it off without the app, I’ve had no problems with it. To turn it off, I simply stop my bluetooth signal & the speaker turns off less than 5 mintues later.As to battery life, I’ve had it going for 6 or 7 hours at a moderate volume. Cant’ say that I’ve had it at maximum volume for more than a couple of hours, however.All & all, this is a really GREAT speaker. It’s not perfect, but what is? For me, I’m delighted I bought it & use it all the time.Read more

  5. Mariah Trybus

    I was disappointed with the megaboom 3 compared to the megaboom. The megaboom 3 has a bigger battery that does not last 20+ hours. (I have had two megaboom 3’s and returned one for the poor battery life. Also the megaboom 3 has A lot less bass then the normal megaboom. It does have a lot clearer sound, which is nice. It is just disappointing that the megaboom 3 can not compare in battery life of two megabooms that are over a year old. And all my speakers get used 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.Read more

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