0C18E466NSR757 Aomais ball bluetooth speakers, wi-fi transportable bluetooth speaker ipx7 water resistant, 15w superior surround sound with dsp, stereo pairing for out of doors,tour,bathe,seaside,party (black)

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    April, 17, 2018

    6 reviews for 0C18E466NSR757 Aomais ball bluetooth speakers, wi-fi transportable bluetooth speaker ipx7 water resistant, 15w superior surround sound with dsp, stereo pairing for out of doors,tour,bathe,seaside,party (black)

    1. DIYer

      I ordered two of these because of a great coupon and for the stereo pairing ability. They arrived quickly but both looked like they had been opened and put back in their packages(returns?). One was completely dead and had to be charged before using. The other had enough battery life for me to turn it on, pair and listen to some music. I was honestly shocked at the sound that it produced, much more bass than I expected and sound quality was decent. Once the other charged, this is when I noticed something odd, they power up differently. While one has a unique tune that sounds for power and pairing, the other has a voice that announces what it’s doing(hence the 4-stars). Regardless, I was able to stereo pair them and connect to my device easily. They actually do have true stereo decoding, hung one on each end of the shower curtain rod with great success and even had to turn the volume down because they were too loud.Read more

    2. highdesert

      The design concept and execution is hardly worth 2 points. The sound is really pretty good – especially for the price. It goes downhill fast after that. Connecting to another device that is already paired means that I have to actually remove it first and then pair and connect again. No other BT speaker I have requires that. The little tune it plays when paired and then connected and then actually finally playing the audio is not only a bit obnoxious but is truly loud enough and lengtlhy to wake a sleeper in thenext room regardless of the volume set on the speaker. It takes fully 20 seconds to make sound AFTER it disconnects from the audio original source. If listening to voice, then might as well stop the voice audio and wait 20 sec before re starting ecause the speaker will nto be there anyt sooner. Silly shape and the even sillier “stand” that folds out require a nearly dead flat and level surface else it will roll around very inconveniently. Or maybe it just needs it’s own little support pillow….. Opening the waterproof rubber flap to charge it is awkward at best and trying to keep it out of the way while connecting a charge is nearlyt impossible. Since I dont use this in the shower, I finally just ripped the flap off. Still pretty good sound but I definitely will NOT recommend this to anyone who has a few dollars more to spend.Read more

    3. Carlos Perez

      It’s certainly not a good speaker, but for the price, it’s not a huge disappointment. In a nutshell, it’s great if you don’t care much for sound quality or just need something to toss in a backpack and take with you. It is somewhat waterproof and comes with an inflatable floaty, so it might be perfect for summer pool days or the beachIt’s much larger than you might think; about twice the size of my Google home mini, and it can get about as loud, but the quality suffers greatly. There’s a constant white noise going through it which only gets worse if you use the audio jack included. The bass is not impressive but good enough to where the songs don’t sound like they’re missing parts.The kickstand can come off very easily since it’s not locked in to place by anything. You can easily pop it back on though. The rest of the material feels strongThe upsides is that it’s cheap, waterproof, and can be used as a white noise player if you really end up hating itUPDATE:It will cut off randomly, but seems to do it when audio from another app takes over. Like if an Instagram video starts playing over your Spotify. Kaputz. Audio is gone. It comes back if you exit the video, but it won’t play the video itself. Doesn’t do it with Facebook or YouTube, so it’s not that big of a negative, but I haven’t tested it with other apps as wellRead more

    4. Amazon Customer

      I really loved this little ball- and had I given my review sooner, it probably would’ve been five stars. But since I bought this speaker, it no longer works. A little context: I hang it on the back wall of my shower because I enjoy having music while I shower. It was never directly subject to any sort of water, except for when I maybe touched it with wet hands to turn down the volume a little (because gosh, it could get loud- major plus). It hung on that hook continuously, was never moved until I had to take it out to charge it. So I don’t know if it’s an electrical fault within the speaker or it was never that waterproof to begin with, as they claimed.I’m more disappointed at the fact it was great and then fizzled rather pathetically than the loss of the $10 or so I spent months ago. Get what you pay for I guess, even though it really had earned its price tag and then some. Oh, and don’t think the website of the company will help either. I went to register the free one year warranty from the flyer they included in the packaging- you click on warranty and it redirects you to the home page. So that’s a bust too, just so you’re all aware. Once the return date on Amazon passes, you’re basically SOL.Read more

    5. John D.

      Junk. Broke on arrival. Ordered two to be able to pair them. One worked ok. The charging port on the other was broken and too big to make full contact with the charging cord plug. The unit will keep repeating “charging-charging-charging” over and over again and then charging light keeps going on and off because the metal plug isn’t making full contact with the metal part of the charger and unit never charges. And now the hanging ring broke off of the other one but I fixed it. How are they allowed to sell these things without checking them first?Read more

    6. Amazon Customer

      Pros:-comes with a small “carabiner” so you can hang it off things-has a stand: mine is always on my nightstand or desk-floaty so you could potentially bring it in the pool or bath; I’ve not tested if it really is waterproof-thin: it’s really thin so it’s space saving-sound: can get pretty loudCons:-background ticking sound when it’s waiting for a song to play (could just be mine)Overall, would I buy it again? Yes, if it’s on sale. I bought mine for like $10 or a little over. The ticking sound doesn’t really bother me because it rarely takes a while for the next song to play.Read more

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