0C18D5HCEK0681 Yamaha musiccast 50 wi-fi speaker for streaming track, compatible with alexa (black)

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  • fill your room with dynamic, herbal and crystal-clear sound
  • flow your favorite track via wireless, bluetooth, airplay or spotify join. Speaker unit – 3-7/8 inch woofer x 2, 1-1/eight inch gentle dome tweeter x 2
  • completes your wireless musiccast stereo or multi-room setup. Circulate and manipulate a couple of rooms with the musiccast app for ios and android
  • musiccast stereo/surround-capable. Upload both a unmarried speaker or a couple to a musiccast surround-succesful av receiver to offer wi-fi surrounds for a five. 1-channel home theater device
  • voice manage with alexa thru any amazon echo device

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musiccast 50 wi-fi speaker

the effective wireless speaker that suits your enthusiasm for music and enjoyment. Extraordinary on its personal or as part of a musiccast stereo, domestic theater or wi-fi multi-room audio setup. Works with amazon alexa.

convenience and sound great

create a home theater

add one or two musiccast 50 speakers to a musiccast surround-succesful av receiver to provide wireless surrounds for a 5. 1-ch domestic theater experience.

get music in every room

use multiple musiccast audio system to play tune via your entire home. Move and manage a couple of rooms with the musiccast app for ios and android.

create a domestic stereo

pair one or musiccast 50 audio system to create a space-saving but powerful stereo setup. Upload a musiccast sub a hundred for a bass raise.

more bass

upload a musiccast sub one hundred for more bass with less wires.

voice control

use your alexa or google assistant gadgets or siri via airplay 2 to listen to track with out lifting a finger.

now streaming: your desire

the musiccast controller app helps you to circulate famous track offerings, listen to downloads or tune from your computer or other gadgets. Concentrate in your favorites or find out new song!

connect to your music

play for your musiccast 50 speaker via bluetooth, wireless, airplay 2, spotify connect, or join immediately in your tv. The choice is yours.

introducing the musiccast 50 wireless speaker

Product Dimensions

7.9, x, 15.8, x, 4.9, inches

Item Weight

9.9, pounds





Item model number



2, AAA, batteries, required.

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4.1, out, of, 5, stars, 46, ratings, 4.1, out, of, 5, stars

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#100, 126, in, Electronics, (See, Top, 100, in, Electronics), #49, in, Wireless, Multiroom, Digital, Music, Systems

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Date First Available

April, 24, 2018

7 reviews for 0C18D5HCEK0681 Yamaha musiccast 50 wi-fi speaker for streaming track, compatible with alexa (black)

  1. L. / D. B.

    I wanted to do something really special for my husband. I wanted to upgrade his soundbar for something superior. I purchased a Yamaha receiver and this speaker. He takes his Sy-Fy movies very seriously. I love to listen to Bluetooth music during the day when I am busy.This is a quality speaker with nice sound quality. I am very good with setting up electronics and utilizing their apps for control. This was much more complicated than it needed to be. It took 2-1/2 hours to hook up, download apps, set up apps…..It requires setting up room description linking to utilize for different types of desired sound applications. I just started out with this one quality speaker because of the cost. I setup everything as a home theater group application. We watched TV for a couple of hours and enjoyed the sound. We were never able to control the volume of the setup with the receiver remote. We had to use Alexa or the MusicCast app. Then my husband got up this morning, turned on the tv and all that effort was for moot. The receiver and speaker came on when Alexa turned on our room group but there was no sound. Although I knew that if I turned the room setting back on in the MusicCast app it was all going to work again, I don’t find this to be an easy to use gift that my husband will enjoy.Read more

  2. bike rider

    My original review below is more favorable. After a few more days using this I found that the MusicCast support needs more baking. I have another musicCast device that works very well. When I introduced the MusicCast 50 into the mix, even though I was not pairing the devices, MusicCast seemed to get confused. Airplay also was behaving oddly …. like really oddly. Like playing via airplay from Amazon music seemed to be playing faster. MusicCast stopped recognizing my MusicCast 50 and had to remove and add the device. I was getting frustrated.The next day I stopped into a Bose outlet. I’m generally not a Bose fanboy … high price for what you get. But this Yamaha is very expensive too. So I took a look and listen of course. I listened to the Bose Home Speaker 500. It looks like the MusicCast 20 … so smaller than the MusicCast 50. I was skeptical but let me tell you … It sounded about the same as the MusicCast 50 to me. Also it seemed to have better app integration for me. E.g. It supported Amazon Music in addition to Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, … and intriguingly it had Alexa support. So I took it home for a test run.Like I said, it sounds pretty darn close to the MusicCast 50 so that was good. But it was the app support and easy install that blew me away. The initial setup was flawless and intuitive. Yeah I got the Yamaha up but It took a little head scratching (good thing I’m a bit of techy) … like really it tells me to connect to a private yamaha network to finish the install AFTER the initial connection on the main network timesout ? …. geese. And then you kinda sit there waiting to see what happens next and then it seems to work … But man , its not a good setup but was able to get through it. On the Bose it just was one two three done. wow. No private network. Just connect and sign into apps.The Bose also had more presets (6 vs 3).But the BIG BIG separator is Alexa. I never used Alexa before so was not biased. I am now an Alexa Fan boy 🙂 !!!I could just tell it to play my favorite station or genres and Alexa would go off and find the station or music where it could find it. It defaults to Amazon Music for music search but you can have it default to Pandora/Spotify etc.Now its like … who needs preset buttons?! It totally changes the ease of use and flexibility of the device. Not the least of which is its a full Alexa implementation …. so “Alexa , whats the weather today?” 🙂 :)So you know the rest of the story. The MusicCast 50 is back in the box , ready to be returned.One final note. I do have to comment on the “expert” reviews here that state the MusicCast 50 has near audiophile sound. Its not even close!. Its a good table top sound for sure and competes well in that space … thats it.Original Review:Got this for my bedroom (about 200 sq ft space). I already have a musiccast receiver (n602 nice!) and an older yamaha avr which supports airplay (but not musiccast). I like Yamaha obviously and wanted something smaller for bedroom that had musiccast support … or at least airplay. The Musiccast 50 looked like it fit the bill albeit a high bill … this a very expensive table top speaker. I was able to get an open box unit for $375 and still cringed a bit. So for $500 it had better be very good.Having read reviews both here and elsewhere I got the impression that the sound was very big and impressive. So my expectations were high. I found that the sound was not quite that impressive though. This is still a relatively small speaker by any standard. It does produce a full sound FOR A TABLETOP speaker but in no way approaches the full sound of my receiver and tower speakers. So do not get your expectations that high. Its good for what it is. I’d say comparable to a Bose wave radio or the (older) cambridge soundworks radio I have. It met my needs for what I wanted though …. but I think its price is very much on the high side for the sound alone.Here is a summary of my results so far:I was able to set it up quickly so no issues there.I was able to sign in to my Pandora account and play my stations without issue.I was able to connect via airplay and play my Amazon Music just fine.I was able to link it to my other MusicCast receiver very easily (just to see if it worked as I did not plan to operate it that way).There were a few quirks with Musiccast that are not issues on my n602 receiver:When using the net radio tuner I was not able to find some local stations. my n602 had no issues. The firmware was up to date so that was not the issue. Called customer service … no help yet (I might get a call back … so jury is out on customer service). But I figured out the problem …. the Musiccast 50 radio search software (or the database of stations) is a little more restrictive …. e.g. Using the n602 I could search for nhpr and get all the local nhpr stations in the state. The Musiccast 50 would find nothing. I later thought to try the specific call letters of an nhpr station (e.g. WEVO) and viola … there it was. phew. So there are software differences between Musiccast devices. Not so bad after all though. Surprising that there might be differences in software behavior between devices.Another quirk was switching between airplay from my iphone and native Musiccast playing on the device. On my n602 the receive might be playing Pandora natively. I could then play something from my iphone using airplay and the device would simply and automatically switch to airplay and play. The Musiccast 50 got confused when I did this. I’d try airplay on my phone … tell it to play on the Musiccast 50 … but the 50 did not switch to airplay automatically. I would have to either shut the 50 off and then try airplay or go into MusicCast app and switch the device to airplay. Inconvenient for sure but at least airplay works. Hopefully this will be fixed .I’m guessing there are other quirks as well.So my overall impression is that is a good sounding system for a table top. Certainly not stunning and one should temper their expectations. It fits into the streaming music model very well and I think the MusicCast app and ecosystem is very easy to setup and use.I do think $500 is expensive for a device with this sound level though. If I did not want MusicCast and airplay support I’m guessing I could have found an equivalent sounding wireless setup for less money.But it is pretty and looks well built and for the $375 I got it for…. I’ll be keeping and enjoying it.Read more

  3. Christopher D.

    I got this for a floating wireless speaker, but want to run it through wifi for better sound quality. You will find a number of reviews where people had trouble connecting. I admit, I spent a whole day trying to get it to add to the multicast network. Looked at a number of chat rooms that gave a myriad of solutions, none of them which worked. I called technical support early support and while they were sending my matter for secondary support, the initial phone tech gave me one thing to check which I know that I hadn’t done. AND THAT IS TO ENABLE LOCATION SERVICES FOR THE MUSICCAST APP. Once I did that, it attached as easily as a bluetooth speaker. To appreciate how good this speaker is, move away from it. The further you are from the speaker, the better it sounds.Read more

  4. Nick

    Update: I highly suggest upgrading to a new wi-fi router while spending the money for a pair of these. Since purchasing these in 2018 and with stability updates to the musiccast app, Yamaha has come a long way. I no longer have the issues I had as noted below:****Original Review 2018****Trying to use with musiccast app for wireless stereo surround for my receiver is really frustrating. It drops out and cannot connect without so much time and effort. I spend more time trying to reconnect without errors than actual problem-free usage time. I probably will return for a pair of wired surround speakers.Read more

  5. Tuyen Nguyen

    First I want to like this and also want to give it a 5 stars but since it fell short I can’t.Overall disappointing.Using this for a wireless surround sound 7.1 setup so keeping it for wireless reason.Pros/likes:-Wireless work good once finally connected to WiFi and app.Cons/Dislikes:-Lacking power and oomph for a almost $500.-Not much bass-Took few attempts to get the MusicCast 50 to connect using the App.Read more

  6. MNP

    Setting up the speaker was ridiculously easy. It syncs perfect with the outdoor and adjacent room speakers. I link them in the app and fill the house and yard with music for parties. Or I select what rooms and I want. People have been very impressed with the result.Read more

  7. DAS

    Unpacked the box, plugged it in and connected to my already existing Musiccast network in under 10 minutes. I bought 3 Musiccast speakers several years ago and was excited to get one of the newly released speakers, hoping for better sound quality. I got it. I am very impressed with the sound quality of this speaker. And it looks good in my living room. I saw other reviewers had trouble integrating the new generation speaker into their existing musiccast system, but I had no trouble at all. I now have 4 musiccast speakers plus a home theater receiver with two zones, all working great together.Read more

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