0C18D5AG3ME652 Denon avr-s540bt receiver, five. 2 channel, 4k ultra hd audio and video, domestic theater device, integrated bluetooth and usb port, like minded with heos link for wi-fi music streaming

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  • make the maximum of your new 4k ultra hd television. This stereo receiver promises wonderful brightness, contrast and color leveraging industry main hlg (hybrid log-gamma), hdr (high dynamic range), bt. 2020, huge color gamut and four:four:4 natural coloration sub-sampling to impress even the most discerning visitors. Enjoy 5 amplifiers (140w in line with channel) driving incredible electricity, practical show and immersive sound across any room
  • your favored tune at your fingertips – with a integrated bluetooth, amp up your track from 8 special devices, be it a computer or some other smart tool and transmit it to a huge variety of speaker structures. Create an included audio gadget along with denon heos hyperlink for a thrilling multi-room experience, which also lets in you to play returned track from almost each digital streaming service like spotify, tidal, pandora and lots of more
  • our smooth on-display screen setup assistant walks you via clear easy instructions to connect your tv, unique eq settings and enables you optimize your surround sound
  • four quick choose buttons on the the front panel help you save your selected audio settings for television, blu-ray, and greater, and allows you to switch between them fast
  • with its one hundred-year legacy and japanese precision era, denon av receiver s540bt can provide multi-dimensional surround sound with 5. 2 channel compatibility and supports 4k extremely hd image satisfactory, best for your property theater and leisure gadget
  • you may additionally connect the denon avr with your clever tv remote and access all your speaker resources and surround mode choices the usage of just one far flung. Or really use your cellphone as a remote. Down load the denon 500 collection far flung app for ios and android and manage the receiver through your telephone. Convenient, isn’t always it.

from the manufacturer

conventional channel setup

construct your property theater

pass deeper into your enjoyment with immersive audio.

five. 1 channel

genuine home theater sound

improve your private home theater revel in with room-filling surround sound and multiplied realism.

three. 1 channel

sound that fills the room

deliver the theater home with crisp dialogue and stereo-pleasant sound for all your amusement.

2. 1 channel

massive sound for small rooms

beautify your television, film, track experience with crisp dialogue and actual stereo sound pleasant.

authentic surround sound

bring the theater domestic

a movie theater experience from the consolation of your house. You aren’t looking a film, you’re in it.

dolby truehd

accelerated domestic theater

revel in a cinematic sound revel in for films, tune, and television shows with dolby truehd powerful audio.

dts hd grasp audio

lossless surround sound

experience the clarity and impact of lossless multi-channel audio that truly surrounds you.

4k ultra hd

awesome resolution

watch movies and shows with 4k uhd video and hdr guide for superb color, readability and comparison


wonderful colours

with exquisite brightness, assessment and colour, hdr technology transforms your television revel in.

dolby vision

your eyes deserve dolby

dolby vision transforms your television enjoy with extremely vibrant image bringing enjoyment to life.

connect extra gadgets

5 hdmi inputs

join your television, gaming device, streaming tool and greater. There’s room for all your favorites.


bluetooth integrated

enjoy smooth set-up with bluetooth built-in. Flow your favored music from your smart device.

streaming offerings

you may flow all of it

denon lets you concentrate for your favored streaming services in your smart devices via bluetooth.


room calibration

end setup with dynamic precision that completely calibrates audio settings to suit your room.


setup assistant

denon’s award-triumphing on-display setup assistant, effortlessly join your tv to the avr-s540bt via hdmi.


Denon AVR-S540BT Receiver, Denon AVR-S540BT Receiver + 2  black Denon Home 150 speakers

7 reviews for 0C18D5AG3ME652 Denon avr-s540bt receiver, five. 2 channel, 4k ultra hd audio and video, domestic theater device, integrated bluetooth and usb port, like minded with heos link for wi-fi music streaming

  1. James E. Jacobsen

    I wouldnt know how this sounds or anything else since I ran into trouble setting it up and Denon support in essence told me they don’t support anything and I was on my own. Now being that I work in support myself I find this to be unacceptable in any way shape or form I would not ever suggest to anyone that this is a good product or suggest they buy it. Save your money and buy a product that the company stands behind. Oh and their online web product manual is basically worthless as well.Read more

  2. Todd J.

    I have had issues with this product from the first day I used it. The sound drops out intermittently. It has began to trip the circuit breaker in the house. We have only owned the product for 60 days and its already out of warranty. Tried to have it returned or replaced with no luck.Read more

  3. Gary K Foss

    I got this delivered on October 8, 2018, and it basically shut down last week. The monitor out stopped working, and almost all the audio outputs(speakers) stopped as well. Of course this was past any support from Amazon. Calls to Denon about warranty support are not answered as they are always experiencing higher than normal volume.Save your money and buy a different model.Read more

  4. Beverly Robinson

    I bought this receiver mostly for 4k and Alexa support. I didn’t realize that all of Denon’s products were on the same “product page” and this made all questions and reviews mixed with no way of separating them. The questions page showed that people were claiming that the device had Alexa support and the reviews also mentioned using Alexa with the device. However, when I got the receiver, I couldn’t figure out how to get linked with my Alexa. So I called their tech support number and they told that my device didn’t support Alexa.The tech support told me that I should have went on their website to buy/reference their products. They did admit, however, that I shouldn’t have to go to every manufacturer’s website to buy a product. They also admitted that the amazon page was a little confusing (misleading in my words) but told me that “they” have no control over their amazon page. I don’t really see how this is possible…I thought I was going to help them by identifying a problem but they seemed to have no interest in passing word to someone that could do something about it. In fact, they had my model number from the beginning and didn’t tell me that my receiver didn’t support Alexa until 20min into the call. I plan on returning this and getting the correct model but I’m aggravated that I have to repackage this one and send it back. I’ve never seen an amazon page displayed like this where all products are displayed under one page with shared info/reviews.*I completely believe that customers should research products before purchasing, but I had a Denon receiver for 10 years before. I loved my first receiver and just wanted an upgrade with 4k and Alexa support. Those were the only qualities that I looked for and I thought I found them.*Read more

  5. K. Moore

    I thought I would be fine with the smaller AMP section but………………This was purchased for my mom and she runs my older speakers. These speakers are great but they are a bit on the less efficient side. This receiver really struggles to drive them which surprises me as the receiver its replacing had a similar rated output (but was much heavier). Its entry level and I would really recommend to go a couple models up. This has cheap speaker posts on the back and its clear its bargain basement. Clarity OK but dynamic range is limited by current capacity of the amps power supply. Sounds flat at mid to high volume. Pretty disappointed. Only look at this for a small room with very efficient speakers and a powered sub-woofer is a must.Read more


    UPDATE: I now have two DENON receivers one more powerful version in my living room and a less powerful Denon in my bedroom. The DENON is a fine home theater system for all the reasons I state below. My PROBLEM with all Denon receivers is they are a TOTAL BEAST to set up manually. You can connect all speakers to the required ports and spent hours if not literal days mining their overly complex stupid on screen interface. Making all the speakers active is a chore so complex it made me want to throw the Denon receiver away and get another many times during installation. Trust me DENON systems are built to be extremely frustrating on the verge of being torture to set up. Honestly I would avoid Denon receivers until their so called engineers make the manual set up of speakers easier. All they have to do is put a selection that says would you like to make “ALL CONNECTED SPEAKERS ACTIVE, YES or NO.” Then let you set up the particulars of each speaker to your own taste. Instead Denon uses a labyrinthine confused menu and sub-menu system that is pure torture to understand, access and implement during any configuration. The Denon system is especially BAD when ATTEMPTING TO MAKE ALL SPEAKERS ACTIVE. The Denon receivers are a great system trapped behind a Gawd awful poorly implemented system management interface that should be scrapped. I now rate the Denon THREE STARS BECAUSE THE MANUAL SPEAKER SET UP IS PURE OVERLY COMPLEX MINDLESS TORTURE! The Denon seems to have been made by the best engineers then handed over to the worse interface programmers to ever exist on Earth! The Denon Set Up Interface developers ruining what is otherwise a first class receiver at every price point!ORIGINAL POSTI live in a smallish home and as an old man I am not interested in blasting my neighbors out of a sound sleep. I want to play my video games, enjoy my DVD’s, have a blast watching Netflix and Amazon streaming. This Denon AVR-S540BT Home Theatre suits my basic needs well. Last Christmas I brought a Sony 85 inch 4K TV so I wanted a receiver that could fully exploit the 4K display technology of my new system as this Denon AVR-S540BT Home Theatre can.While this Denon AVR-S540BT Home Theatre can get a bit loud it is not ghetto blaster rock the M&M’s in the neighbors kitchen candy dish LOUD! The sound does not easily distort even at the higher levels. I’d suggest using quality speakers, speaker wire and HDMI connectors with this unit since cheaper connectors do degrade the video performance. Cheap HDMI connectors will result in a purple noise on the edges of the screen that is not present when better HDMI connectors are used.No I am NOT saying use the gold plated $99 dollar HDMI connectors as that is useless overkill. However don’t use the cheapest HDMI connectors that are so thin that noise can get into the cable. Now if you are in a huge building with elevators and lots of LED and other commercial lighting sources you need HDMI cables that shield against RF Noise caused by elevator motors, LED lights and other RF sources. The antenna that comes with the unit is adequate for most uses.The Denon AVR-S540BT Home Theatre is easy and straight forward to hook up. You will NOT need expensive Banana Plugs to connect speakers. Speaker connections are accomplished by straight forward button actuated speaker wire grab connectors. HDMI connections are simple. This Denon AVR-S540BT Home Theatre is intuitively laid out making connecting the correct things a breeze. Since the Denon AVR-S540BT Home Theatre is a very basic 5.2 unit there are few connection points and options.The dedicated sub woofer circuits seems a bit underpowered in this unit, not bad but not the best either. Ease of use, is awesome in that it is so simple and clearly laid out you hardly need to read the instructions for the basic Denon AVR-S540BT Home Theatre functions. The control interface is clean on the front of the Denon AVR-S540BT Home Theatre. For a basic entry level model the Denon AVR-S540BT Home Theatre does almost everything you expect well.Read more

  7. Joshua Zarlenga

    It really just doesn’t work very well. I would not get this product. I have other dennons that work just fine.Read more

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