0C18D4UMC69765 Bluetooth speaker, doss e-move ii portable bluetooth audio system with 12w superior sound and bass, ipx6 water-resistant, built-in mic, 12h playtime, wi-fi speaker for home, seaside, outside and tour – black

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  • high-quality sound: powered by way of 2x6w stereo drivers and a passive radiator, doss e-move ii wireless bluetooth speaker gives you a lovely sound with superior bass, tight mids, and crystal clean highs without distortion at any extent. Furthermore, the speaker comes with a built-in microphone.
  • ipx6 waterproof, dustproof, crashproof: the water-resistant bluetooth speaker is made with durable cloth that protects it from water, sand, and dust. The rugged silicone housing and port cover make the speaker shock resistant.
  • long playtime:built-in a rechargeable li-ion battery guarantees as much as 12 hours of playtime at 50% extent, this outside speaker electricity your adventures playlist all day or all night time long.
  • bluetooth 4. 1 era: bluetooth four. 1 connects from up to 33 feet away, and is compatible with all bluetooth-enabled devices. Also, doss e-pass ii supports three. 5mm aux-in, tf card playback.
  • compact and portable: small size and light-weight layout with a strap, this portable speaker can be carried around on your hand, hooked for your bag, or maybe your motorbike. From outside barbecues to the weekend beach birthday celebration, convey your soundtracks anyplace you want.

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8 reviews for 0C18D4UMC69765 Bluetooth speaker, doss e-move ii portable bluetooth audio system with 12w superior sound and bass, ipx6 water-resistant, built-in mic, 12h playtime, wi-fi speaker for home, seaside, outside and tour – black

  1. tony

    The Ego-II is DOSS’s new addition to their Bluetooth speaker line. At $39.99 and at 7.8 x 2 x 2.5 inches it’s the small end of the scale. Its size will allow it to fit well in places where counter space/footprint is premium. This could be in a kitchen, bathroom, or a child’s bedroom. Since it is IPC rated, this will work in environments that others speakers wouldn’t work in.Sound quality is very good for its size. Small speakers suffer bass issues just for the sheer fact they are small and can’t have large bass speakers. However, this one handles the bass well. As most passive bass speakers go, it sounds better when placed a few inches from a firm surface. Using a frequency generator through my phone I was able to hear from about 55Hz to about 11500Hz. Of course, younger people would be able to hear more than that but I was happy with what I could hear.Classical music is surprisingly clean with good highs. However I noticed as the music gets more complex, i.e., more instruments added, it tends to get a little muddled. Music like club/techno which depends a lot on lower frequencies will show this. Pianos and acoustic guitar are pretty clean. Voices are crisp and pleasing to hear.Overall it’s a well-built speaker. It’s a low-cost speaker with better quality then you would see in others. For a kid’s room, bathroom, kitchen, or even a workspace (garage) this would work well. Enjoy.Read more

  2. K. Gomes

    I gave this speaker 5 stars all around based on size, sound, and price. Yes, there are better sounding bluetooth speakers but for the reasons above, including portability, you can’t go wrong with this one. It sounds great, its loud, and has some pretty good base, but it won’t blow you away kind of base. But again it’s a pretty small speaker so I’m not expecting the impossible.So far battery life is great. I’m not sure how long the battery will last on a single charge but I used it on a 12 hour shift at work, had it going most of the shift and it was still going at the end of the 12 hours. Also note I had the volume at about 50%. The higher the volume the more battery drain.It looks like it has two speakers in the front and a speaker on the back for base, which may be a passive speaker.If your looking for a portable bluetooth speaker built well, with good sound, and can fare the elements you won’t be disappointed. If however deep base is the most important thing to you, you may want to look elsewhere. DOSS probably even sells some larger ones with better base.Read more

  3. Value Hound

    Performs as advertised. Really strong sound, much richer than it’s size would reflect. Very good bass, better than a lot of speakers in the same footprint.Great value at $42 all day long.Read more

  4. Jessica R.

    Holy crap! Great little speaker! Nice and loud! I’m going to torture the children next door with some excellent death metal! Hey man don’t put your trampoline RIGHT NEXT TO MY BEAUTIFUL DECK! 😂👏🤷‍♀️😈Read more

  5. Tobi Oladapo

    Absolutely love this speaker! I’ve used more expensive ones that work very well but the sound quality on this thing is quite impressive. Not the most Bass but it really is a good speaker. Small but not too small, easily portable. I don’t normally write reviews but this speaker is great. And not expensive either.Read more

  6. Jason M

    Received the product two days after I placed the order, super fast. The packaging is simple and the product is very cute. The size is perfect to place on the desk, kitchen, bathroom, and even outside. I placed the speaker on my desk in the vertical orientation and it looks great. It is very easy to set up through Bluetooth and the sound quality is very good. The battery lasts pretty long. Overall, it is a very good deal to have a portable speaker for this price.Read more

  7. Eric Y

    the water proof feature of this product is really convenient. I used this in the kitchen right next to the sink, during preparing, cooking, washing dishes, … you name it~No connection problems, no sound quality problems, overall a very robust product.Read more

  8. sandy4964

    Powerhouse in a petite package! This little speaker has enough sound to fill up my whole first floor and then some. I haven’t had it long, but I’ve tried it out in many ways; plugged into my computer-works like a charm. Using the Bluetooth as a speaker with my Amazon Fire Stick on my tv which have speakers that are awful – fills the room with great sound using Pandora and Prime Video like a speaker should. Paired with my Fire Stick super fast and with my Motorola G Play in a snap. The distance, so far as I’ve checked, from one end of the living room through the house is over 30 ft and no signal loss at all. I will test the distance better at a longer stretch this weekend and vacation. Speaking of vacation, one of the reasons I got this particular speaker is the water and dust resistance is a must at the lake with the family and in case someone should tip over my kayak as I am listening to some tunes. I was really hoping for one that would play from a USB drive, but now that I have installed a 32 Gb micro SDHC card that I just dumped a bunch of music on, it plays fantastic too and it’s covered up and protected by the little rubber flap. Shipping was on time and pretty quick. Sitting hear listening to Van Halen right now, and to be honest for the great low price, I could not have asked for more from a speaker at this price, sounds great. I have listened to a bunch of the speakers at the stores and some are better sounding, sure, but all had a higher price tag and there was always something more I needed, like water resistance, ability to play a micro sd card, or portability. For my needs, it’s a rugged little speaker that puts out some big sound. I’m no music snob, I just want to listen to music that doesn’t sound like it came out of tin can. The Doss e-go II had it all. Time will tell, but for now I am a happy camper!Read more

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