0C18D0NLAIC188 Sharper photograph personal area wi-fi rechargeable television headphones- rf connection, 2. Four ghz, transmits wirelessly as much as 100ft, no bluetooth required, aux, rca, & optical cable blanketed (black)

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  • ensure this suits
  • through getting into your version wide variety.
  • very own sector wireless tv headphones- surrounds you with full stereo sound!
  • 2. Four ghz virtual era – operates on radio frequency & transmits wirelessly up to 100ft!
  • “direct-join” – geared up to use right out of the container! No pairing required!
  • connects to absolutely any make or model television!* – connects to your tv in one among 3 ways – aux, rca, or optical (all charging and audio cables included)
  • rechargeable headphones; one full battery charge lasts up to 10 hours!

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very own area wi-fi television headphones permit you to watch tv without disrupting others, andwithout others disrupting you! Surround your self with full stereo sound. Watch the gamewithout interruption from youngsters or watch your preferred film whilst your big othersleeps subsequent to you; it’s that handy! The headphones paintings with 2. 4ghz virtual technologythat transmits up to 100ft and wirelessly connects to definitely any television in seconds!* headphoneswork proper out of the container, no pairing required! Functions adjustable scarf andsuper-gentle ear pads and includes all charging and audio cables wanted! Connect with yourtv with one in every of 3 included cables; aux, rca, or optical. Rechargeable headphones;one full battery price lasts up to 10 hours.

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7.48, x, 7.87, x, 2.76, inches

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15.8, ounces



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1, Lithium, ion, batteries, required., (included)

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3.8, out, of, 5, stars, 1, 454, ratings, 3.8, out, of, 5, stars

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#303, in, Over-Ear, Headphones

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May, 10, 2018


Allstar, Innovations

8 reviews for 0C18D0NLAIC188 Sharper photograph personal area wi-fi rechargeable television headphones- rf connection, 2. Four ghz, transmits wirelessly as much as 100ft, no bluetooth required, aux, rca, & optical cable blanketed (black)

  1. Amazon Customer

    saw this on TV and was a little skeptical of the quality. once i got my package i was excited to see all the extra goodies they gave with it! (optical cable for my new TV in the living room, aux cable that can work on my computer speakers when i’m working late and driving my girlfriend nuts with my music and even a old school red and white RCA cable for my parents TV.Set Up:Setting it up was easy, just plugged the transmitter into my TV with the optical cable (make sure you use the USB power cable too…I missed that at first but the transmitter does need power). Then i just turned the headphones on (they came charged which was a plus!) and was able to connect to the transmitter right awayQuality:I use powerbeats3 when i exercise religiously and i have to say…the sound quality of these headphones is on par with that. Clear consistent sound with no crackling or cutting out. My living room is about 15′ long and I was able to connect cleanly from the furtherst corner of the room (i don’t need that but wanted to test it)Overall:Totally love these things! i have trouble hearing the TV and struggle with the volume at night when we don’t want to drive our neighbors nuts…this totally solves my problem! My dad will be getting a pair for christmas too!Read more

  2. Dave M

    Product did not work. Tried every tip and trick. Could not get it to work on any TV. Product returned to amazon. Replaced with a different brand and it worked fine.Read more

  3. S. Pecoraro

    while the headphones seem solid and comfortable – it was impossible to pair to the base. it says they should pair automatically – but they didn’t. I tried both the optical port and the A/V jacks and neither worked. followed the instruction to reset the devices and pair manually and that did not work. gave up after a hour from frustration and returned the product.Read more


    This thing did not work at all. I followed all the instructions and it does not work. It was an enormous waste of money.Read more

  5. Miles A. Kudo

    No sound! Defective volume control? Could not pair after several attempts. Good idea but doesn’t work out of the box. Save your money.Read more

  6. James King

    I followed the directions and could not get it to work. There are three cables that you can use. I tried all three methods and none of them worked.Read more

  7. yvonnedwarthen

    I want to let you know how disappointed I am with your headphones. When the package arrived on Saturday I couldn’t wait to use it. When I opened the outer pa skating, it was clear that this was a previously opened and used product. The circle seals were broken and the inner box torn on top.The transmitter did not look like what was advertised on your infomercials. The male to male cord had a rubber band instead of a twist tie like the other accessories.As this was a birthday gift to myself, I decided to give it a try. The optical cord would not fit the television(s). Using the RCA cord, the volume was minimal (yes they were charged ) so I attempted to pair the headphones to the transmitter. It did not connect.I am so disappointed. It definitely was not as advertised and definitely not worth the nine day wait.I am returning your Own Zone to Amazon.Read more

  8. hyperion24

    I love these things. They work great in the bedroom at night…can watch tv without waking up my wife. Can also get AMAZING range out of them – the entire length of the house (and we’ve got a pretty big house). Just a tip, however, for those who might get frustrated if the run into the same thing I did. At first, I almost returned them thinking the didn’t work. I’m hooked up to the optical-audio-out on my TV. I kept getting this …static….on the headphones. No audio from the TV, just “static”. So, I tried the rca-out on the cable box…same thing….. Just on an off chance, I started looking through the settings on the TV. The audio out settings made no difference on the TV… HOWEVER….the audio settings on the cable box DID. When set to “dolby” on the cable box, these headphones get nothing but static. If you set them to “PCM” or “Stereo” (whichever you’ve got..) they work brilliantly. So, I’m HDMI-out of my cable box to my TV, and Optical-out from the tv to the headphones, now, and they’re perfect. They charged up quick (couple hours) and thus far, no problems. Just that single tip if you happen to run into that static issue…check the audio out settings on all your components.Read more

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