0C18CQYKZRZ438 Bluetooth speaker, lfs portable wireless speakers with 10w louder stereo sound & rich bass, 80ft bluetooth range, 12h playtime – guide tf card for home, sports, tour, exterior (black)

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  • 【extraordinary & loud sound】the portable bluetooth speaker built-in 5w magnetic double audio system, offers crystal clean highs, at the same time as provides a heat bass and fine midrange that makes for a whole lot more secure listening. And first-rate acting audio system get you a ten watts notable louder stereo sound concurrently
  • 【12h longer playtime】2000mah rechargeable battery ensures up to 12 hours playtime at 2/three volume, at the same time as absolutely recharge with 3 hours. Without hassle approximately out of power while travel and hiking
  • 【portable size & sports activities strap】 lightweight and small. 5. Nine inches wide, three. 5 inches tall, 2 inches diameter, transportable size with twine makes it conveniently to take everywhere for birthday celebration, picnic, hiking, strolling, camping, riding, fishing and ect. No trouble with it striking from it’s strap
  • 【bluetooth 4. 1 & extensive compatibility】 easy to pair with most bluetooth-enabled tool, inside 80ft far from your device gives seamless connection and tremendous wi-fi solid signal. Comes with microphone for hands-unfastened calls with strong anti-interference capability
  • 【100% happy guarantee guarantee】 we back all our small out of doors bluetooth audio system with an 18-month warranty, guarantee to offer the most pleasure. If you have any hassle of the usage of the transportable speakers, simply contact us anytime

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Black, Light Black

8 reviews for 0C18CQYKZRZ438 Bluetooth speaker, lfs portable wireless speakers with 10w louder stereo sound & rich bass, 80ft bluetooth range, 12h playtime – guide tf card for home, sports, tour, exterior (black)

  1. Willie X.

    This is a nice portable speaker that’s actually quite a bang for the buck! You can’t really find 10W speakers at such prices in the market with the clarity and nice bass production it possess. The sound it produces is quite loud for how small the speaker is as well. It has your essential media buttons comfortably sitting on the top, and it includes an audio jack for devices that may not be bluetooth capable. That was a big plus for me actually, as my desktop doesn’t have a bluetooth adaptor. The battery life is alright, but I do have to recharge it after a day of use.The speaker doesn’t come with it’s own charging cable, but it just requires micro-usb, which I have conveniently a few on my desk already. I wish the speaker came with an aux cable so I wouldn’t have to buy my own. The customer service from the seller is very good though, they really care about their customer feedback and satisfaction!Read more

  2. Kim

    Great mini speaker! Easy to carry and use! I love the bass sound. Playing music and sound effects are as good as Bose speakers! Love it!Read more

  3. R. Vega

    Very impressed with the audio quality coming out of this little dynamo! I didn’t expect such a full rich and loud sound from such a tiny source…. .and the bass, oh boy, the bass is there, deep and always right.I bought this speaker for the pool and the beach, but It sounds so good that I also used it in the car and the office all the time . I’m buying another one!PROS: Very easy to pair, letting you know when the connection has been established. Loud and rich sound with excellent bass when use indoors and outdoors. Feels nice and solid and quality built – very good looking speaker. Compact and easy to carry. Outstanding battery life and BT range. Slot for a TF card. included as well as the 2 cables and a hanging cord. To me it is worth much more $ than the asking price. I just love the way it sounds.CONS (none of them affected my decision to purchase and give the product a well deserved 5 stars) No instructions on how to use FM radio, it is included but no indication on how to use it. Black control bottoms are hard to read but easy to learn after few minutes of use. Product is not waterproof but I have used it at the pool and at the beach several times without any problem (no issues with the sand either) I have been careful not to get it wet.Upon your consideration I highly recommend this product.Read more

  4. Virginia A. Cannon

    Unfortunately, I received this speaker damaged. I noticed immediately that the shipping box was dented and the speaker box was slightly dented. The speaker had something rattling around in it. I decided to charge it and try it anyways. I was pleasantly surprised with the sound and the connectivity was seamless. I decided to try it for a while and eventually returned it. I am waiting on the new one because for the price it is a great little speaker. The only reason I am returning it is because every one in a while the rattle was apparent. I do reccomend this speaker.Read more

  5. Paul Peterson

    Of all the small bluetooth speakers I’ve bought from Amazon over the past year (please don’t ask me how many different models I’ve purchased), this bad boy really stands out. It’s loud, clear, and actually has some bass. If you’re looking for something tiny enough to fit in your purse or backpack, this one’s a good choice.Read more

  6. T. Yiu

    Originally I received a defective unit and I planned to return it for a refund.Somehow customer service wanted to know what happened. I actually took the time to make a video to show the defective unit.It was difficult to send video via amazon feedback. As a result, they provided another channel for me to send the video.I am surprised that they were so eager to get a feedback.And customer service agreed to replace the unit.The replacement unit works and I am glad they give out this option. I am a happy user.I tested the bluetooth mode, audio cable mode and radio mode. So far so good.Read more

  7. Susan L. Trueblood

    This little speaker is amazing! I don’t say that lightly because eveything I own with speakers starts with a B. I needed a small portable speaker to play music for my two year old Grand Twins and this is perfect to carry to their house and pair with my iPhone which is where I store my music. I bought Peter and the Wolf and if you know that music, it has every instrument in the orchestra. This speaker was perfect for all the low notes and the piccolo sounded like it was 10 feet away from the speaker. You will not be disappointed in this compact speaker!Read more

  8. sim white

    This little speaker is quite the marvel for the money. I didn’t expect a full rich sound from so tiny a source yet the sound is quite satisfying. Even more impressive was the range or how far from the signal source the speaker would work. I took it outdoors, upstairs even closed doors on the signal source and the connection was steadier than a portable Bluetooth speaker I purchased for five times the price! The play time from one charge is also very impressive. It is easy to operate and very quick to connect at the first attempt.Read more

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