0C18CIDU2ZS497 Tosing 008 wireless bluetooth karaoke microphone louder volume 10w strength, extra bass, three-in-1 portable hand held double speaker mic system for iphone/android/ipad/laptop (sliver)

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  • ♪【portable karaoke microphones】 a handheld wireless microphones with a transportable mini home ktv for track playing and singing at every time.
  • ♪【remarkably ktv echo effect】 the best first-class chipset with two channel stereo headphones,more beautiful ktv live-sound,greater clear track rhythm with echo reverberation.
  • ♪【multipurpose】 bluetooth speaker, ktv singing, gathering singing, own family making a song, tour singing, automobile stereo, instrument recording, interviews and live ect. Also,it’s a completely unique present in your pals or circle of relatives.
  • ♪【advanced era】aluminum-magnesium alloy shell,expert tuning system,three-layer high-density noise discount,wise blending chip,sensible well matched design,professional audio processor,extraordinary dual audio system.
  • ♪【qualified and 1 12 months product assure】if you don’t like it or any problem. We make sure 100% money refund and no doubt asked.

product description

about tosing

tosing is the global main provider of mae(cell audio system) enterprise. Focusing on making anybody enjoy the stunning life added through music each time, everywhere.

after many years of research and development and massive funding, the first wi-fi karaoke microphone became born in 2014, and it also solved a chief trouble within the audio gadget industry which merchandise howling whilst audio and microphone together could. The delivery of such new products can allow anybody revel in the a laugh of karaoke every time and anywhere.

tosing currently has obtained 2 invention patents, 10 application version patents and 52 appearance patents in mae industry. On the equal time, it has applied for patents in forty three international locations inside the international.

thus far, the outcomes have been brilliant, we create the 20w wi-fi karaoke microphone and 70 hz of bass merchandise among the identical merchandise which has small hollow space-layout.

2*5w inner magnetic full speakers

a complete speaker can simultaneously play the treble,alto, and bass impact; sound high-quality will not be inspired even equipment was by accident dropped.

the 2*5w dual audio system can output left and right sound channel, universal sound pleasant is greatly enhanced, with double resonance, extra louder, clearer and extra powerful.

putting off authentic making a song

simulate ktv system, transfer original singing and accompaniment with one key(eov), without problems function to help solve the embarrassing scenario of forgetting melody or words.

whether or not or now not the tune software for your cell telephone has the feature of disposing of original voice,you can use our microphone feature of putting off unique voice to sing your own voice.

after 390 instances expert tuning, 290 oxidation checks and a hundred ninety noise-resistant substances take, and wise noise reduction, excessive-sensitivity pickup, singing without whistling, recorded songs without breaking sound, voices clear, delicate and incredible.


V2, 04, 008, 016, Midle


Gold-1, silver-2, black-1, gold-1, rose gold, silver, Black

8 reviews for 0C18CIDU2ZS497 Tosing 008 wireless bluetooth karaoke microphone louder volume 10w strength, extra bass, three-in-1 portable hand held double speaker mic system for iphone/android/ipad/laptop (sliver)

  1. Maria Daisy Jacks

    I love this mic. I just got it today. We tested it. Everything is perfect. Just what I wanted. Echo, volume and sound all in one. No regrets at all. I love it. Although there is one missing. I noticed there is no mic cover that will protect from saliva. A little missing but overall worth it.Read more

  2. Digicabin Family

    This mic is fantastic. If you want a simple set up, it’s as easy as turning it on and you are good to go (once it’s charged). It pairs instantly once you connect it for the first time with your phone in bluetooth. The construction quality is top notch and is metal. I chose this mic in the rose gold color and it is so pretty. The finish seems durable.The mic’s volume can be adjusted. The echo can also be adjusted but not turned off when just using the mic with vocals alone. I found that if you play it with music through the intergrated speakers, the echo is less noticable. If you ‘remove the vocals’ by pushing a button on the mic, you can have it sound like there is no echo. We have had so much fun, as a family with this mic. There is a voice that comes on when you turn on the mic and when you turn off that is quite loud, but nothing that would make me not love this mic.I would recommend it for responsible olders kids or adults who just want to have some fun. This is not for loud parties or people with who take singing very seriously and don’t want any echo. But it is a fun mic. My teens love to sing and use it all the time.Read more

  3. jef

    TOSING ( TO SING) has controls that do function, albeit somewhat vaguely. I just settle for every thing on max because it seems the mic gain also effects the echo effect. Max mic is max echo and the less mic the less the echo. Therefore if you want to lessen echo you must have the mic closer, must use your own ”mic technique” (far/close) if the mix is set to max. I have another version of this mic, a POP SOLO, it has seperate bass/treble, seperate mic and music volume slider controls. I prefer the ability to manually adjust the echo. Since I can project my voice the TOSING works just fine for me though I think more shy singers may tend to sing even softer as I have seen with others that I have introduced the TOSING. Overall if the source device has enough volume gain and it’s own sound ”coloring” (treble/bass, equalizer) the TOSING will be have good volume and sound quality. It’s a cool and fun karaoke tool to have. I usually have the music track playing thru another audio device and just use the TOSING as a mic. In a small environment it has enough volume to have a fun karaoke party. I have shown it to friends at a tennis court and though they could hear it, the effect is more like someone singing in the distance. So up close and personal is it’s forte.Read more

  4. steven salvatore

    We had such a blast with this mike. This weekend we gathered and had a karaoke! It let’s you reduce the voice and focus on music or play both is sync. Being Bluetooth compatible you can use ur phone to play the music. Can also attach a 3.5 jack to connect to speakers! Money’s worth!Read more

  5. Angela

    I bought it for the first time. I didn’t expect it to be so fun. My daughter likes to sing very much. She often sings with a fake microphone. Now she likes to sing. This microphone is good quality, the speaker is very loud, and it can be resized. The color I bought is very popular with Rose Gold. The Bluetooth connection is very convenient. So far, I have given five stars.Read more

  6. tammy

    I have used couple other microphone, wether usb microphone, wire microphone or other wireless microphone. one of their biggest disadvantage is inconvenience. you need to install program or set the device at certain condition or your device simply won’t work with those microphone, which i end up throw them away or return them. Until i buy this microphone, super easy to start with and even better is you can control right on the microphone. then why bother to buy other microphone and go over that mess?Read more

  7. Rosana JK Caper

    Don’t waste your time and money! I bought this as a birthday gift for my 4 year old Nephew. But sadly it’s no power after 10 minutes, and the charging port got pushed up into the microphone. it can’t charged, Very sad for my nephew, and no one reply me, very bad experience.Read more

  8. Carl Melville

    We have two Bonaok units we also purchased on Amazon. This one claimed to be louder with 10 watts and two speakers. The reality is that the audio is muddy, and is no louder, tested with a decibel meter. Very poor sound quality. Construction quality is also inferior the battery is not removable, and the instructions are quite poor.Read more

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