0C18C920NUA168 Sony wireless rf headphone one hundred fifty-foot variety, noise discount, volume manipulate, voice mode, 20-hr battery lifestyles –neego 6-feet 3. 5mm rca plug y-adapter for tv

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  • clean wireless connectivity – radio frequency headphones let you flow freely up to one hundred fifty sensational hd overall performance – sony generation produces excessive constancy sound & booming bass w/ noise reduction, voice mode, quantity control & car tuneft through partitions & ceiling; battery life up to twenty hours in line with charge
  • sensational hd overall performance – sony generation produces high fidelity sound & booming bass w/ noise discount, voice mode, quantity control & automobile music
  • optimized for cinema – durable, effective 40mm drivers render clear, heat, certain sound, dynamic track & crisp speak for all your hi-fi leisure. Your tv wishes to have both left/right rca output jacks to connect with the headphone transmitter or you need a headphone jack on the tv to hook up with the transmitter.
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sony rf995rk headphone & cable package deal – wireless rf headphones characteristic a hundred and fifty-foot variety, noise reduction, volume control, voice mode, 20-hr battery life – 6-toes three. 5mm stereo/2 rca plug y-adapter for tv. Frequency reaction: 10 hz-22,000 hz.



8 reviews for 0C18C920NUA168 Sony wireless rf headphone one hundred fifty-foot variety, noise discount, volume manipulate, voice mode, 20-hr battery lifestyles –neego 6-feet 3. 5mm rca plug y-adapter for tv

  1. Andrew Margolies

    Product did not work properly. Only one ear piece broadcast sound. Gave it as a gift and missed the 30 day return window when I found out it was defective. I attempted to resolve the problem with Sony, but they were evidently not concerned. So, I paid $100 for a set of earphones that only 1 earphone works, I can but those for $20 anywhere. Amazon gave me a $20 credit which did not work either. If this was a “Brick & Mortar” store, I would not be back. Lesson is; don’t buy gifts for people on Amazon. If they don’t work properly, you are stuck with a defective item.Read more

  2. Eric

    I brought this 2 1/2 months ago at first it was great the sound was very clear but then all the sudden the sound goes in and out then no sounds at all. I tried to contact Sony because it was still in the warranty period but unable to talk to anyone at Sony. At least Amazon gave me some of my money back. I’m not sure why Amazon only gave me a partial credit and not a full credit. I will contact Amazon again to see why I only got partial credit.Read more

  3. jack ridenour

    I am pleased with the convenience of wireless headphones. They fit and function well enough, however they tend to pick up static and noise that is not supposed to be there when you are watching movies, or sports, or television. I would buy a better pair if I had tried these out first.. Very annoying and distracting for headphones of this expense. I have had gamer headphones that were much cheaper and far superior to these.Read more

  4. Raife

    There’s an unusually small selection of good Radio Frequency headphones for home entertainment systems, but this over the ear feature is way better than my Sennheiser foam padded RF set, and seems to be a better build quality than my RIF6 headphones, where the covering over the ear pads disintegrated in 2 years. All three are still working, but this is the best of the three. Great range on all three through several walls as I walk around my house. WAY better than bluetooth, which seems to me more like a 10′ range with no walls blocking the signal.Read more

  5. R. Ketchum

    While priced higher than the generic units, This Sony Wireless Headset is well worth the few extra bucks. It is well made and carefully packaged. While I have yet to run the batteries dead, (NmH), it has lasted thru a few 12 – 16 hour marathon video sessions. Sound is excellent, suggest turn the headset volume down to 2 or 3 (out of 10) and adjust the loudness with your TV or stereo volume controls, for best sound quality. As far as range, it reaches everywhere in my apartment and even allowed me to continue listening while walking to the mailbox, about 50 yards. It comes with a 3.5mm stereo lead, about 6 foot, and a few 3.5mm to RCA adapters in case they are needed. Power is supplied thru a small wall mount transformer that supplies the base/charger with DC power, and the transformer is supplied with a U.S. adapter (flat blades) already plugged onto the Euro style ( round prongs ) plug. Headphones are light weight and full coverage, with on/off, volume, frequency choice, and frequency search controls.Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    The range was not the 150 foot indicated although that may be due to the load bearing walls in my apartment which limit transmission to about 25 feet through two load bearing concrete walls. I bought these headphones to listen to CNBC in the morning (we are six hours behind Wall Street) while I do the morning chores since my three blue tooth headsets dropped the signal about 20 feet away.While these radio frequency headphones were a little better than bluetooth, the charging station died in a little over two months (and conveniently outside the automatic return period), so I’m out the money and am back to using my old blue tooth devices.Read more

  7. john

    I have had problems with this product since I purchased them. I didn’t utilize these headphones that much at firstand the problem was sporadic and not so severe. Therefore I didn’t notify the seller. Now they are unusable and I am being told I am too late for any support. I called a week ago when the problem wasn’t as severe and was told to call back if the problem reoccurred. Now?Read more

  8. Sunnie

    Originally gave this supplier 1star because it was delivered minus the Y cable as noted below. The supplier sent me the missing Y cable and as promised I changed to 5 star.This 1 star rating is because the item was delivered without the Y cable and to connect to cable box we had to go buy one. The Sony wireless headphones are excellent. Have purchased several pair over the years. This appears to be a newer model than the previous ones we bought with more adjustments available to the sound.Read more

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