0C18C5XN6I2495 Elac debut 2. Zero sub3010 400 watt powered subwoofer, black

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  • advanced bluetooth manage
  • automobile eq
  • custom driver
  • bash amplifier
  • braced mdf cabinet

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product description

do you like bass? Superior bluetooth control and auto eq will let you operate the sub3010 from your cellphone. A ten-inch bass motive force, powered by using a 400-watt bash amplifier and greater with the aid of a 10-inch passive radiator, creates super low frequencies and a stunning sense of realism.


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8 reviews for 0C18C5XN6I2495 Elac debut 2. Zero sub3010 400 watt powered subwoofer, black

  1. Audiophilereviewer

    I bought this speaker from amazon. Before you guys consider purchasing this speaker do note the following:-You need an mobile app to use this subwoofer for calibration. And there is a known issue that is ongoing right now that the application and subwoofer are not connecting properly.ELAC send a firmware update that is intended to solve this problem, however, once again there is a well known ongoing problem that the update steps doesn’t work.Without the initial set up with the mobile phone, this subwoofer is effectively useless. To make matters worse, support is only 9-5 on weekdays meaning that you need to take leave in order to get support via phone. All these issues seem very amateurish for a company of this stature. Unless addressed, I WILL NOT recommend this product.Read more

  2. Justin T

    I’ve got a very large living room and while I put together an amazing group of speakers, the room was empty without a sub. This dropped down to below $300 and I bought it IMMEDIATELY, and could not have been happier with my purchase. This sub is worth every bit of the $400+ retail cost and I absolutely love it. I’ve had zero problems connecting to it via bluetooth from my Android (HTC U12+), and night mode works actually pretty great!Overall, it can absolutely do every range of boom you want, and it just straight up sounds clean and fills the gap the speakers just can’t cover. I love it!You NEED a subwoofer shielded cable to use this. Cheap RCAs will leave it buzzing and wasting power and lifetime.Read more

  3. Juan Gomez

    I’ve been slowly building an ELAC Home Theater as it was finally time to upgrade my sub. This SUB3010 is an amazing complement to my Debut F5.2 towers and just make the whole soundstage bigger and more cohesive than with my previous sub. For me is not about power but more about great soundstage where you can almost feel the instrument separation on a track or be able to place off screen elements in a movie. This subs helps the whole ELAC system achieve that and I didn’t know how much I was missing with my other sub.As other reviewers have already stated, placing and calibration are key. Haven’t gotten to the perfect placement yet, but I’m having fun playing with it and trying to notice differences when making changes in placement/calibrationRead more

  4. mjp

    Bought this to replace a 12″ powered Polk sub whose amp burned up (for a second time). Went with ELAC because I use the original ELAC Debut F6 speakers, so the ELAC sub is a nice companion fit. I was worried that a 10″ sub would sound weak after a years with a 12″.But it doesn’t. The ELAC is far and away a superior sound experience. The Polk was sloppy in comparison. I wasn’t thrilled about the new ELAC bluetooth EQ controls, but once it was set I didn’t have to mess with it again, so it wasn’t a big deal. Overall, a real improvement over the old Polk. And for only $289.98 – half of the $579.98 retail price – what a steal.Read more

  5. Ed Severance

    Elac’s reputation for building amazing audio equipment is undeniable. Which is why after a ton of research I purchased Elac Debut Reference 2 speakers. And it made a lot of sense when considering a subwoofer, to also include Elac.I do not regret my purchase of this Elac SB3010 subwoofer. It fits perfectly with my Elac speakers and IOTAVX amps and Pro-Ject Debut turntable and add’s exactly what I was hoping for in terms of a subwoofer sound.What I am not crazy about is the app. I even wrote Elac asking why there wasn’t an up-to-date instruction pdf or manual of how to properly understand and use the app. For a company that creates amazing sound products to be so far behind with a complete app instruction manual is a major mistake on their part.Read more

  6. TomZ

    I was looking to upgrade from a budget 10″ sub to get more low bass out of action movies and for music listening. Space and placement options limited my choices to a small box size. On reading reviews mentioning the Sub 3010 with its passive radiator and how they can have decent low bass with that small footprint I need, I decided to pull the trigger and get one during the recent sale. Setup next to the right front speaker it gives exactly what I was looking for in bass response. Low enough to get the most of movies sound tracks and nicely weight bass for music listening.Edit: Moved the sub to the left front corner and bought a second like new 3010 to stack on the first. Stuck the old 10″ sub which is tight and musical down to 40Hz in the diagonal corner near the listening position and after some level and phase matching all is good!Read more

  7. Kells.

    Hits deep. Gets low. Good sub. It’s not a SVS but it gets down. For the price it’s hard to beat. I really enjoy the sound a passive radiator coupled with an active sub sounds. I listen to everything from rap, to some country and everything I between. I also use this sub for home theater as well. If you really want loud this might not be for you, or maybe step up to the 12”. Don’t get me wrong it’s loud but if you want MEGA loud check the 12” or maybe an SVS sub. I have the 10” model.Read more

  8. #1 customer

    This is a great sub, the crossover cutoff is limited to 150Hz and bellow, so make sure your main speakers will reach there. The 10” is a nice size I don’t feel I am missing much when listening to music. If you want to rattle your house when listening to movies this will not go as low as a larger woofer. It’s nice to be able to make adjustments from your listening position, this makes setup time a breeze. The most important part of setup is positioning! Try to align all your driver magnets in a straight line and equal distance from your ear and away from the wall. I noticed a substantial incoherence with only a 3” misalignment. The only thing that really need adjustment is the gain to match your speakers. It’s on the first page of the app at the bottom once your connected to the speaker. Stereo input is also a nice touch. You can roughly achieve 80% of the sound quality with one sub. This sub needs a lot of breaking time because of It’s passive radiator. It will not be completely in tune till that happens. Probably 100hours of use. Then the response will become faster and it will play lower. Another nice feature is you can further tune it by the height of the vent against the floor. So play with it and have fun. It’s a great Sub!Read more

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