0C18C4XZNO9146 Raspiaudio audio dac hat sound card (audio+speaker+mic) for raspberry pi 0/a+ / b+ / pi three : pi 4 model b/better nice than usb

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  • make certain this suits
  • by way of coming into your version number.
  • onboard microphone, may be detached for higher performance (cable protected)
  • 2x5w stereo amplification 2 onboard speaker blanketed
  • extention screw terminal for outside audio system (2 to eight ohm)
  • dac i2s 24-bit audio with studio sampling quality with line out stereo three. 5mm jack
  • no soldering required ! Pre-soldered lengthy woman header 2×20

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product description

brilliant if you need a noisy amplification to attach outside audio system ! The two built-in speaker sound supringly loud for their size, best for projects in which you do not want any more cable and feature area constaints. We introduced a high sensitivity microphone. It may be used for all voice assignment such as google voice assistant, alexa and open supply alternatives. This is the loudest onboard audio system available on the market with an excellent 5w stereo that could additionally be connected to outside audio system (no longer blanketed) way to the terminal screws.

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2.56, x, 1.18, x, 0.39, inches

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April, 19, 2018

8 reviews for 0C18C4XZNO9146 Raspiaudio audio dac hat sound card (audio+speaker+mic) for raspberry pi 0/a+ / b+ / pi three : pi 4 model b/better nice than usb

  1. CTX

    I bought this to use with a DIY home assistant project (Home Assistant + Rhasspy). I tried installing on both a Raspberry Pi 4B and a Raspberry Pi Zero. In both cases, the output audio (text-to-speech) is fine. It’s loud and clear enough to be heard and understood across a large family room. Unfortunately, I can ALSO hear a constant clicking noise from the speakers when it’s sitting idle. This happens on both the Pi4 and Pi Zero and in different rooms, so it’s clearly something funky with the board.The mic/recording… completely worthless. I’ve tried adjusting the gain to no avail. Unless I’m 6 inches away and speaking loudly, directly at it, it barely picks up anything. Playback of recorded audio is barely audible, and the speech-to-text can’t accurately transcribe much of anything… unless I’m shouting right into the microphone. So… yeah… this is going back.Read more

  2. Amazon Customer

    This is a neat little device! Easy to chop the mic off and extend it with the provided cable. Additionally, don’t let the video on raspiaudio.com fool you, the microphone is actually pretty high quality. He’s recording in the video with default settings on arecord which is unsigned 8 bit.Try recording with arecord -f S16_LE -d10 -r44100 myrecording.wav for signed 16 bit little endian 44.1 kHz audio (CD quality).The speakers are fine too! Was easily able to hook up two 5 watt 8 ohm speakers no problem. I do wish there was a barebones version of this board however without the button, LED, and onboard speakers, ie just the mic and audio outRead more

  3. Amazon Customer

    I have purchased several such boards in the past, and I would rank this as the best. Before installing the board on my Raspberry Pi Zero (which is running a full version of Raspberry Pi OS with desktop), I did a sudo apt update, a sudo apt full-upgrade, and then a reboot. From their website, I followed these instructions in the terminal window:sudo wget -O – mic.raspiaudio.com | sudo bashrebootsudo wget -O – test.raspiaudio.com | sudo bash.When you run the last command, it will ask you to press the middle yellow button. It then said very loudly “Front Left” and “Front Right”. The microphone records this and plays it back as well. The quality of the speakers are excellent and the microphone was pretty good. The playback from the microphone was not bad. Plenty of volume — I was asked to turn it down when I was testing it.To ensure there was plenty of room on between my heatsink and the bottom connectors for external speakers, I added a riser (stacking header). You can buy those cheaply here on Amazon.I would recommend this over most other hat’s I’ve seen. I tried the Pimoroni Speaker pHat, and never could get that to work after messing with it for almost a full day. At least their uninstall worked. Unlike that product, this RaspiAudio Audio DAC Hat was a breeze to install. I fully recommend it!Read more


    Pros:- Easy to use!1. Plug the board onto the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ hat pin header2. Install the required software:sudo wget -O – script.raspiaudio.com | bash3. After rebooting, test sound output:sudo speaker-test -l5 -c2 -t wav4. Optionally install sound software of your choice (for example):apt-get updateapt-get install -y espeakespeak “Hello world”Cons:- The board covers my Raspberry Pi 3 B+ main CPU fan :(Read more

  5. Young C.

    Noticed the design defect immediately after saw it. It has pins sticking out to the bottom, directly against the metal cooler. That’s a crazy design to short-circuit your board. I should have returned it immediately.I still bold enough to try to use it by a very carefully install, but the worse thing is yet to come. There is a button on top which you will use it for test, after clicked the button, my raspberry pi starts to malfunction and eventually fried :(I guess the pins did touch the cooler when I pressed and it short-circuited my pi.Not to say the bad quality of the mic I found from the one time test and not easy to find installing instructions, I just lost my pi, be aware!Read more

  6. philip w shadwell

    When I first plugged it in the Pi and did all the instructions to do from the Raspiaudio website it didn’t work. I then contacted the seller and immediately received an answer back to check a few things and it turned out it was my Raspian image that was the problem, after re-imaging the SD card it worked like a charm. The only real issue I had with it was the pins used when moving the mic off the board was right where a heat sink was located on the Pi. I just cut off the fin on the heat sink that was in the way and problem solvedRead more

  7. 5

    Flawless. A lot of thought and care went into this– effortless to install and configure. I especially appreciate the detachable mic and included wire. I plant to have it running 24/7 intercepting would-be solicitors at my front door. We’ll see how long it lasts in the elements. AWESOME PIECE OF KITRead more

  8. Dan Jespersen

    Pretty happy with it, except that the mic connector interferes with cpu heatsink if the heatsink isn’t oriented in parallel with the connector, or if you plan to actually use the connector regardless of heatsink orientation. What a shame! Support thus far has been a bit pokey too. But the mic seems sensitive enough and the speakers are louder than expected.Read more

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