0C18ATGGKD7465 Divoom tivoo portable retro bluetooth speaker – pixel art diy container, rgb programmable 16×16 led, help android & ios; tf/sd card & aux 3. 9x3x3. 2 inches (white)

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  • ♪ divoom compact unfashionable bluetooth speakers – the tivoo bluetooth speaker best takes a area of 3. 9 x three. 2 x 3. 2 inches; 6 watts of energy gives you tremendously loud volume, best put in office, dorm room, condo, backyard, garage, campfire, seaside, whatever you need it to do
  • ♪ loud sound – with an acoustic more desirable design, 360°audio direction w/bass port;small volume bass dynamic reimbursement, achievable 75 signal-to-noise ratio, high constancy and noise reduction impact, grants the greatest audio in such compact frame
  • ♪ pixel art introduction display – clean toaccess to over one thousand+ designer in our app network and get suggestion to create first rate pixel artwork layout at your finger suggestions. We also prepare numerous pixel artwork creation equipment for you in divoom app, you are free to spark your imagination with this clever pixel kit
  • ♪ retro fashion fashion – it makes use of square layout,no longer handiest blends modern-day technology with retro conventional aesthetics,additionally combining the brand new virtual audio tech with retro unky tv shape look, allow we sense like returned into the golden age of tune in unfashionable, playing a relaxing second in nowadays’s busy life
  • ♪ construct- in accessible every day gear – build-in beneficial each day capabilities. Just join our divoom application, and you can get quick notifications from social medias, like twitter and instigram. Free to check the led display screen of time, climate, thermometers
  • i need to use this as my primary alarm clock in my bedroom. Can i have it plugged in complete-time? Thru the usb energy?
  • i need to use this as my primary alarm clock in my bedroom. Can i have it plugged in full-time? Thru the usb energy?

  • what the exclusive among this one and the one hundred dollar one ?
  • what the unique between this one and the one hundred dollar one ?

  • can you set the alarm to play track from the sd card?
  • are you able to set the alarm to play song from the sd card?

  • why are the other coloration choices no longer available? Will they be at some point?
  • why are the opposite color alternatives not available? Will they be sooner or later?


    Black, Red, White

    7 reviews for 0C18ATGGKD7465 Divoom tivoo portable retro bluetooth speaker – pixel art diy container, rgb programmable 16×16 led, help android & ios; tf/sd card & aux 3. 9x3x3. 2 inches (white)

    1. Ryan Vargas

      This is a pretty good little speaker. I also enjoy all of the choices for display art. My son loves Mario, so I added a picture to show the detail. There are other, more detailed pictures that are amazing, it is fun to explore. It is also possible to create your own artwork, which is also fun. It is fairly simple to navigate and explore all of the features such as weather, calendar, and games. The games are a bit burdensome to play, but they are a neat feature. You have to control with the knobs, which takes some getting used to. My son and I also enjoy the magic 8 ball feature, it could be even better if they made it possible to customize the responses. There is also a noise meter, which my son loved yelling into to see how high he could get it. The addition of a little scoreboard was cool too! As for music, I usually listen to my music on my phone, but they do have quite a collection of stations to choose from. I love the appearance of an old tv set, however I find it difficult to spin the knobs, they could have been made with netter grip rather than being smooth. All in all, it is a great speaker with tons of fun little perks. I would say the price is a bit steep, but not by much. I recommend giving this product a try as my son and I have had a lot of fun with it!Read more

    2. DAMIAN R

      Ambient music with a fun, whimsical 16×16 display. This speaker does not disappoint, it really delivers! It’s capable of sound much louder and deeper than I need, so I barely even crack the volume. Battery life is good, but I keep the display on all day so I leave it plugged in. The app is a little quirky and takes some figuring out, but I had the speaker up, paired, and synched with the app with no instruction. I work in a very techie, nerdy office and everyone that has passed by my door was impressed with my little retro TV, most people don’t even realize it’s a Bluetooth speaker; it does a great job of creating non-directional sound. You could literally put it anywhere in a room and it will sound good. This was a good find!Read more

    3. Ryan M

      Fantastic little device! I’m not sure what I expected, but it wasn’t this! The display is vivid and fun, with a retro feel. The animations look great and the content is highly customizable. On top of that, it’s actually a really good Bluetooth speaker! Was seriously surprised by the sound quality and the bass that this thing puts out! The app is a little funky and janky, but it works and isn’t required once you finish customizing everything. All in all, I’m super pleased with the purchase and it’s currently my favorite new little gadget.Read more

    4. Matthew S.

      I have owned a Divoom Timebox for almost 4 years now, and I love everything about it. It is still working in perfect condition. It have been next to my bed as my alarm clock ever since.I purchase this one to put in the living room. My first impressions was the fancy high quality boxing that it came it. The unboxing was a whole other experience. The packaging protection almost felt like i was unboxing a TV. The Speaker itself was very well made with high quality materials. The dials to change the animation and the volume felt very vintage. I wish they were a little bigger and my big hands couldn’t really get a good grip on them, compared to my Timebox’s buttons being on top of the speaker.All of their ports are covered which is a plus. You are still able to press the power button through the port covering. The LED’s and the pixels are definitely way better than my timebox.Overall, I think this is a very well built speaker considering it’s size.This also makes for a great gift as the whole process offered me a different experience from unboxing to installing the app and using different animation.Read more

    5. Dan

      I had purchased the Divoom Timebox Mini in the past and now this one. They are pretty similar in quality. It feels sturdy and well put together. The Tivoo has added features and way more graphics it can handle. The controls are a little gimmicky. The front of the device has three controls. One is volume, one selecting audio source, and a selector of channels is very cool. If you love pixel art, this is for you. The audio quality is very good for a mini speaker as well. I love what this thing can do.Read more

    6. eric carney

      We’ll see how long the battery lasts? Others on here had problems. Love this thing. So cute and sounds great. The app for android is actually easy to figure out. Bluetooth must be paired within the app. That’s a negative but the app is needed for the radio function and controlling the built in mp3 player/tf card. Hope it lasts because I love this thing!Read more

    7. heather mckeon

      This is the CUTEST LIL THING EVA!!! It also has really great sound for how small it is. My boyfriend and my daughter both have higher end speakers they paid $200 plus for and my little speaker sounds better than either of theirs. The personalization capabilities is off the charts with this speakers screen. I can’t even start to explain the amount of things you can do with it. Basically there is something for everyone. All the pixel animations and pictures are free and shared via the app. And if thats not enough you can even make your own. There’s an alarm, a clock, it shows the weather, and even auto animations for whatever Holiday is coming up. All around its a great little item and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!! It’s super fun watching all of the little animations come up. There are so many I haven’t even begun to get through them all. I love this speaker. So if you’re on the fence, whether its the price or fear the sound quality won’t live up to your expectations, fear not! Because this speaker is GREAT!Read more

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