0C18AONQKE7563 Benq trevolo 2 wireless bluetooth transportable electrostatic speaker, duo mode, usb dac, 12 hrs gambling time

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  • make sure this suits
  • by using entering your version wide variety.
  • electrostatic technology: listen all of the information for your song with electrostatic speaker technology
  • dual woofers and twin amplifiers: revel in a wealthy and expressive bass overall performance with re-engineered woofer
  • excessive satisfactory transmission: crisp and clear sound transmission via aptx bluetooth, usb and analog line in and line out
  • duo mode: experience realistic sound (stereo mode) or maximize your auditory experience (birthday celebration mode)
  • durable leisure: 12 hours gambling time for longer listening enjoyment

product description

trevolo 2 trevolo, the primary hello-stop bluetooth audio with electrostatic diaphragm generation received many international prizes in 2016 with its extremely natural acoustics. Even as preserving the identical form factor, trevolo 2 has evolved to bring extra dynamic volume and all-round acoustic clarity. With bass evolution and optimized acoustics modes, trevolo 2 leads you to a world of mobile audio amazement.

acoustically great benq trevolo 2

re-engineered bass device

trevolo 2 is designed to offer a balanced expression within the middle, excessive and occasional frequency degrees. It has solid bass overall performance and quantity that demonstrate ample electricity with out supplanting the musical theme at higher extent. – 5db boom quantity – upgraded dual bass radiator

evolved generation takes track fly better

trevolo 2 electrostatic panels have a re-designed grid structure to similarly reduce the slightest stage of vibration, offering a 50% discount in distortion.

a skinny-frame metallic mesh with spherical openings of higher aperture ratio is used to offer more direct sound transmission and to improve the sound output efficiency by 30%.

the round surprise absorption pad on the the front give up lifts the equipment up to a right perspective and decreases the touch place by way of ninety eight. 3% to create a greater stereo sound area impact and enhance clarity.

double the enjoyment with duo mode

trevolo 2 is geared up to help a pairing of two units to provide flexibility to create exceptional musical experiences.


Black / treVolo S, White / treVolo S, treVolo 2

6 reviews for 0C18AONQKE7563 Benq trevolo 2 wireless bluetooth transportable electrostatic speaker, duo mode, usb dac, 12 hrs gambling time

  1. Cynthia

    Very satisfied with this speaker. Beautifully finished and compact, with superb sound. Although they seem to have fixed the problem of inadequate bass that plagued the earlier models, I don’t think this speaker is ideal for music featuring heavy bass. Best for classical music, for which it offers a full range of crisp, natural soundTwo slight drawbacks — although the maximum volume is more than adequate, this speaker will not “blast you out of the house” at max volume. And it does not turn off automatically when left unused for some time.All in all, though, very impressed!Read more

  2. G. Wood

    I got only one of these at first (so not stereo). It stopped working after two weeks, and I returned it for a quick replacement. But the sound was good enough that I took the chance and ordered a 2nd as well so that I can have stereo by using them on either side of my desk. The bass is produced by two conventional drivers, and the upper midrange and treble by the electrostatic “wings”.The electrostatic panels have much lower distortion than any other small speaker. This solution is not as clean as a full electrostatic, such as $14,000 Quad 2912 speakers, because the bass drivers must be used for the lower midrange, then crossed over to the electrostatic panels. These speakers sound great with acoustic instruments such as guitar and violin. We compared side by side with Bose, and the difference in detail is quite striking. You can set the tonal balance of the speakers; so if you like more bass, you can have it.To set up the speakers for stereo, you use an app on your phone. Once set, they stay that way–whether connecting by bluetooth, 3.5 mm or USB.Read more

  3. Jonas P. Wei

    With quarantine lifestyle becoming the new normal, I was just spending so much time in the home office. My Martin Logan set up was not getting enough use for the obvious reason….well….I’m not sitting in my home theater all day!I watched so many reviews on youtube of so many reviewers never hearing electrostatics previously, or otherwise having no clue what they were talking about. There are 2 kinds of people this portable speaker is marketed for:1) Electrostatic addicts transitioning from large speakers to a portable PC sized speaker2) Electrostatic addicts transitioning from very small (perhaps they are saving up) to a monster panelIt’s really that simple. Just disregard all of youtube and other Amazon reviews IMO. If you are an electrostatic addict that loves detailed sound looking for a PC sized speaker you can carry in a bag, this it it. You don’t have to fuss around with tube amps, or any amps for that matter…it’s all here. Sit down in your office and plant this speaker towards your ears, utilize the micro-USB / built-in DAC, turn on Tidal, optimize settings, stop moving around, and stop complaining about the lack of bass because it’s an electrostatic. Or take this speaker to another room and you essentially have electrostatic sound anywhere you go without wearing headphones. If heavily colored sound doesn’t give you a headache, go buy a JBL clip or comparable fast food style Bluetooth speaker.I decided to go with S size for right now simply because it’s the smallest solution. I am a little apprehensive or undecided about going to the 2s due to cost and larger size. The only downside I can think of is the missing bass output for a subwoofer on the S model. It’s a reason I am thinking of upgrading to the 2.Lastly, I am not a fan of the Trevolo 2 wooden stands they sell for $50 each. The most important thing is the height and direction of the speaker. The sound waves shooting out don’t care if the stand is made of red oak or a metal paint can,…I am currently using the box that came with my speaker as a stand and it’s a good height for my desk.Read more

  4. Gerald W. Arcuri

    I listen almost exclusively to classical music. I bought the Trevolo because the BOSE bluetooth speaker I often use has muddled lows and almost no highs. The Trevolo does reproduce the dynamic range of classical instruments much better than the BOSS, but it really has no volume to fill even a normal sized living room. It would be fine in a small office setting. It is absolutely superb with classical, acoustic guitar, but surprisingly, cannot handle cello or voices all that well. It is well-made. The operator’s manual is dismal. All in all, a disappointment. Needs work.Read more

  5. Zhiyao Yang

    One of the best portable electrostatic Bluetooth speakers. It uses real electrostatic drivers rather than some hype with electret which does not require an energizer. The sound is very neutral with plenty of bass. Good imaging and body of sound. It takes the full advantage of electrostatic drivers to produce many details and smooth vocals. Very good for a simple desktop setup. The Duo Mode is very impressive. With the app, you can use them in a pair conveniently. Only one thing to complain about is it would be better if has a longer battery life. 12 hrs is not that much.Read more

  6. SB

    We bought this speaker configuration looking for a compact unit to render classical music or jazz in the background during meals in our dining room. Therefore we were looking for a unit that could sound relatively good at low volumes. For this purpose, it does not disappoint.We knew going in that electrostatic speakers will never move air or make windows rattle. At volumes that don’t interfere with table talk, the Trevolo S covers treble and mid-range really well and bass better than expected. Solo instruments are crisp. Some ensembles get a little murky, but not bad overall. I wouldn’t recommend it for a cello or tuba concerto.Read more

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