0C18AA6K29O433 Sony xb10 transportable wi-fi speaker with bluetooth, black (2017 version) (renewed)

(8 customer reviews)


  • feel the energy of more bass
  • join and flow song without difficulty with bluetooth and nfc
  • upload an additional speaker for stereo sound
  • water-proof design for fear-free listening interior or out

product description

experience the power of extra bass connect and movement track without difficulty with bluetooth and nfc upload a further speaker for stereo sound water-proof design for worry-free listening interior or out pay attention all day with up 16 hours of battery life choose it up and play with the small, lightweight design


Black, Blue

8 reviews for 0C18AA6K29O433 Sony xb10 transportable wi-fi speaker with bluetooth, black (2017 version) (renewed)

  1. Ben

    Received the speaker. Box was not in great shape, but appears to be original. Pulled speaker out of box, and it looks like it took a small tumble down the side of a dirt/rock hill….black outer covering is dinged up and dirty. Battery doesn’t hold a charge for long. I wonder if it was even looked at or tested.Read more

  2. graffiti

    It’s really not a bad speaker. It has decent sound except for the fact that it really doesn’t have much going for it in the volume department. The real dislike is the auto shut-off. Ok, not a bad feature to shut it off while on battery when nothing is connected but that should have an override option at least while it’s plugged in. So, I’m always having to turn it on when I want to use it on my laptop. Again, not a bad speaker but there are way better values for your money,Read more

  3. C. M Turner

    I bought one on a trip to the Philippines to play in my hotel room, and fell in love. When I got back, I sold my Beats Pill which cost 4x as much, and bought another Sony for my office. The Beats Pill sound was muddy, the Sony is much more crisp and clear. Probably not as much base, but stll a reasonable amount. Battery life is great, it looks cool, and the small size doesn’t take up a much space.Read more

  4. Hippie Mama

    Great compact little speaker, easy to connect with Bluetooth and NFC. The sound quality is very good for such a small speaker, great bass and stays cker at higher volume. The speaker is portable and has a small loop to hang it up. Battery life is good, use it a few times a week for a bit and haven’t had to charge yet.Read more

  5. _steev_o_

    I absolutely LOVE this little speaker. It has incredible sound and range. I used it every day and charge it maybe once a week. It’s barely the size of my fist but packs a punch! Even buying refurbished I’ve had no problems. I on;y wish there was the ability to also skip tracks on the speaker.Read more

  6. RareBear

    Sound was fair, Volume is okay, small size is nice, USB cord is too short. This speaker worked for 2 days then the sound became garbled intermittently and it started disconnecting itself. Had to power cycle the speakertp re-establish connection. I returned it for a refund.Read more

  7. Luis Saborio Martinez

    Ya habia comprado uno y todo muy bien pero el segundo que compre al desempacarlo y al observarlo con detalle me entero de que se encuentra con pequeñas laseraciones al probarlo trabaja bien pero el vendedor debe de tener cuidado ya que en mi caso compre un articulo nuevo y a como se muestra en la reseña dice Nuevo pues eso es lo que espero.Y que satisfaga la experiencia de calidad.Read more

  8. Amazon Customer

    Perfect size and sound!! To new to rate the battery life. I love all my Sony speakers!!!This is not the upgrade but I couldn’t be happierRead more

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