0C18A2I85OU736 Creative pebble 2. 0 usb-powered desktop audio system with a long way-subject drivers and passive radiators for pcs and laptops (black)

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  • make certain this fits
  • by way of coming into your version quantity.
  • unmarried usb cable for computers revel in a hassle-loose audio experience with a single usb cable without the want for a electricity adapter
  • far-subject custom-tuned a ways-discipline motive force answer with rear dealing with passive radiators for exquisite audio and greater bass duplicate
  • 45° accelerated drivers more suitable audio projection and an immersive private listening revel in
  • modern and elegant aesthetics ideal for any modern-day homes, offices and workspaces.
  • clean get entry to volume control effectively positioned the front-dealing with controls for fast changes
  • frequency response a hundred hz (hertz) ~ 17 khz (kilohertz)

product description

innovative pebble 2. Zero speaker usb (black)


2.0 USB-A Speaker (White), 2.0 USB-C Speaker (Black), 2.0 USB-C Speaker with Bluetooth 5.0 (Black), 2.1 USB-A Speaker (Black), 30W PD Adapter, Black

7 reviews for 0C18A2I85OU736 Creative pebble 2. 0 usb-powered desktop audio system with a long way-subject drivers and passive radiators for pcs and laptops (black)

  1. Erma Jane Davis

    They are only USB-powered speakers. Perhaps I am looking for a unicorn, but I wanted USB speakers (as in USB-only) speakers like I have USB headphones (as in USB-only) headphones. I don’t want speakers that I need to plug in the stupid 3.5mm plug. In fact, I do not want anything that has a 3.5mm plug. Do not buy these if you are expecting USB-only speakers.Read more

  2. Wesley

    These speakers came recommended on a couple blogs, but I was skeptical of anything USB powered, and was nearly certain I’d want something with a subwoofer. After giving it some thought, I decided these speakers were cheap enough and portable, so I could easily put them to use somewhere else, if they didn’t live up to my unreasonable standards for word processing background music and the occasional webinar.These speakers are remarkably well balanced – and provide an incredible amount of clarity at their softest (which is much quieter than other speakers at this price point) and loudest (no distortion, granted, I haven’t had much reason to test their upper limits). The bass is perfect at close proximity. It sounds much more treble at a distance, but the speakers are obviously oriented to serve one pair of ears sitting near the source – and they do that marvelously.Read more

  3. Hawkmoon 269

    These Pebble speakers are tremendous. I’m no audiophile but I know enough that these speakers produce great sound. And at the price point offered you can’t go wrong with them. There is no distortion at loud settings and the bass is actually quite good. The overall quality of sound highlights both high and low midpoints very well. I mainly use them to listen to YouTube music videos but also us them continuously for all purposes. The only negative that I have read is that it may be hard to use these speakers if you are traveling. And there is no protective “screen” over the speakers themselves. But these are minor points. For one, they are not meant to be used for traveling, they are desktop speakers. And with proper handling the speakers protective “screen” being missing is not an issue if you are careful with them.Overall, these Pebble speakers are awesome and highly recommended!Read more

  4. Fernando

    I’m a teacher, I bought this to use in my classroom for projecting videos to my students since the PC that I have in there doesnt really has much volume. I thought I would want to listen to music as well after school while I prepate the class for next day. I must say that the speakers are a little bigger than I thought they would be. Materials seem alright and volume is quite good, I put in on half and its more than enought. Messing with volume setting on the PC plus the integrated one I reckon is more than I need.I highly recommend it for a $20 speakers. Cant really compare much but I am happy with them. I bought them on black.Sound Quality on music id say is nice, the voice is clear and there’s good bass. Of course it’s not like listening to my headphones or JBL speakers at home but the sounf is satisfying i’d say. I feel it could still improve on detail, but maybe im asking too much. Im giving 4 for this, but is really a 4.7 or so.Read more

  5. MattK

    I needed some office speakers, and given I can’t crank it up to 11 in the workplace, did not want an expensive pair. Gave these a shot because they are USB powered (no wall-wart), have a dedicated volume knob, and look a bit nicer than the average “PC speakers”.Highs are a bit over accentuated, unsurprising for the size, lows are reasonable and as expected – these are not woofers. My only disappointment is that while USB powered they still need the audio signal from my MacBook Pro’s headphone jack. I was hoping for a one plug connection for quick connect/disconnect. If I find that this is a limitation with the laptop I will update this review.Overall I’m satisfied with these at the price point and will keep them.Read more

  6. Gemma Jean Kim

    Beats out all the competitors in the price range. I saw a review citing it as the best cheap speaker over others that cost a fair bit more, so I decided to give it a try when it was restocked.I’m very glad I did. I saved money, got an unexpectedly well-performing sound system, as well as an aesthetically pleasing one.For small rooms, the volume is more than loud enough just below medium capacity. If you turn the volume up more than that, it can go up really loud. Like make your neighbors pissed off loud.Sound is rich enough that I can enjoy music as well as audiobooks. Mid to high range is quite good. Of course given there’s no subwoofer, the bass isn’t spectacular, but that’s to be expected.The speakers look like the Zen garden pebbles they’re named after and are very nice to look at. I got the white ones, which have rose gold accents in the center and look classy. They’re also fairly small, which is great considering how small my desk is.Read more

  7. scribe

    I ordered these speakers for my pc because the built-in speakers on my monitor were extremely low. I do not use them for anything other than system sounds or pulling up the occassional youtube video. For other activities, such as gaming I use headphones.Pros:Sound quality to price. These speakers are probably some of the best sounding for the price.The design is nice. They are not very tall so they can go in front of the monitor and not cause any issues.Cons:They lose sound quality and crackle at higher volume. Again, these are good for most simple uses, but they are not going to replace your home theater system.Read more

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