0C189T8XL6N385 Artiste wi-fi tv headphones over ear headsets – virtual stereo headsets with 2. 4ghz rf transmitter, charging dock, 100ft wireless variety and rechargeable 20 hour battery, black

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  • make sure this suits
  • with the aid of coming into your model number.
  • can watch tv with out blasting the volume, perfect for watching television at a valid degree a lot better than the ones within the room who can hear quality at a much lower, everyday quantity. Or you can turn the television sound to 0 and manipulate your personal volume even as someone in the equal room reads or sleep
  • simply flip it on and concentrate right now, no pairing, plug one twine into the returned of the television and in seconds it’s up and strolling with the normal sound still coming from the tv and in his adjustable headphones
  • virtually works even at one hundred foot away from transmitter, you could cross downstairs to switch wash, to the kitchen to get lunch and again to the television and by no means miss a component
  • the car charging station is remarkable and the headset is always fully charged, charge the telephones by means of seating into base and in some hours, you’re geared up to listen, maintains about 16 hours of rate
  • the bundle include essential cables for smooth get right of entry to to all styles of audio gadgets

from the producer

for safety of transmitter and strength saving, the transmitter will be switched to face-by mode mechanically if there’s no audio signal for about five minutes, led may be off. If the audio sign returns, the transmitter can be robotically switched on with led glows in blue. Turn on the headphone once more to pay attention to the tune.

the headphone might be switched off robotically if there may be no signal from the transmitter for about 5 mins.

have to study before purchase

1. Adh300 works with tv/cable container has either rca audio out (red/white ports categorised ‘audio out’ or 6. 3mm/3. 5mm headphones audio out);

2. In case your tv has none of those two ports however simplest an optical digital audio out, you will need a digital to analog converter.

  • really no audio lag
  • remarkable battery overall performance up to 20 hours
  • steaming hi-fi stereo more bass crisp treble
  • stronger signal penetrates the wall for a strong connection
  • no sound leakage disturbs your households
  • wi-fi transmission range as much as 100ft
  • no want pairing, artiste virtual headphones use 2. 4ghz uhf radio for up to 100ft of variety without a line of sight required.

    artiste headphones can be used with clever cellphone, pill, laptop, or pc wirelessly or as stressed out headphones using blanketed stereo audio cable.

    our headset features the capability to apply a couple of headsets with simply 1 transmitter. You may regulate the volume of your headphone with no interference with different headphones.

    with artiste wireless rf tv headphone you can return your family a candy dream whilst experience the television shows or aggressive sports activities! Or listening to your favorite track with out distortion and disconnection!

    product description

    artiste adh300 rf charging dock transmitter wi-fi over-ear television headphones without mic and no quantity manipulate, black


    Black, Gold

    5 reviews for 0C189T8XL6N385 Artiste wi-fi tv headphones over ear headsets – virtual stereo headsets with 2. 4ghz rf transmitter, charging dock, 100ft wireless variety and rechargeable 20 hour battery, black

    1. RSJonesDXB

      UPDATE: 4-14-20 Keeping them at 4 starts because they are nice headphones, just not for my old folks! Going to have to return both pairs I bought for a different style. My elderly parents just can’t get past the awkward volume controls and that fact it doesn’t have mute option. I ordered them both a different pair with a raised scroll volume control They are both much happier and can control the volume during commercials easier because don’t have to try to locate a inset volume button to turn it down, they just scroll down and up so overall its easier for them to operate without taking them off to control the volume. Nice headphones but just tired of listening to them complain about stupid buttons……..In quarantine with them now 45 days, so whatever I can do to make my life less stressful, I gotta do it…Self preservation. :)Bought these for my (almost) deaf 82 year old father. They are truly an amazing product. I almost cried because when he finally got them set up and put them on, he looked at me with wide, bright eyes and yelled loudly….”Shan, I can hear it…Oh my gosh it so clear..Honey, I can hear what he is saying on TV..” The look on his face was priceless and worth every penny I spent! After that, I ordered a 2nd pair for my mom who was a bit jealous of “dads new ears.”I imagine that these are used for many age groups, but my review will include 2 things I immediately see needs a change, especially to aide the elderly.1. A MUTE button option. The commercials are so loud we have to take this headset on and off during these numerous, annoying commercials. Who wouldn’t want a mute button option, especially when someone wants to talk to you, a simple button would help with this problem.2. The volume control is hard to locate and adjust and should be a raised scroll button, not a flush click type. With someone who has dexterity issues or even arthritis having a more simple scroll volume control would be much easier to for them to locate and use.So far the battery isn’t really lasting as long as it states it does and the Green charge light doesn’t go off after 7+ hrs of charging, but so far, so good. I hope it stays this way for them, but will update my review after a few more months of use.Read more

    2. Robert Kay

      Easy to set up. For TV listening, all you need comes in the box. For the price, I am happy with the sound quality of these headphones. To be fair, I have only used them thus far for TV listening. For my head, the headphone ear cups are more comfortable around my ears than the Sennheiser RS120’s headphones which I briefly had before returning to a different on-line vendor. However, if you have larger than average ears you could have an issue fitting them comfortably into these ear cups.Read more

    3. joseph h.

      When we watched movies and tv shows we had trouble making out what people were saying lot of times. So I began watching movies on my laptop with headphones so I wouldn’t miss anything. I thought, wouldn’t it be awesome if they made wireless headsets for our 65 inch tv? Um, turns out they do. After reading reviews I decided to try this set. The price was very fair, easy to plug in and charge, and wireless. I bought 2 pair so I can watch with other family members. They offer a second pair without a charging station that can be synced together. The first time I put them on I was shocked. Not only could I hear everything being said clearly, but it sounded like I was standing in the same room as the actors. Not only does it pick up voices and music, but also the little sound effects, like a glass scrapping the counter, little sound effects that you don’t hear or even know were there. I felt so immersed. I wondered how I ever lived without these. We have had them for a couple months and no problems whatsoever. I love them. Best buy I have made in a long time. Only qualm is you can only charge one headset at a time, and you can’t charge one if the other is in use. It make it hard to keep them both fully charge at all times. But we have never run out of battery power, even after 6-8 hours of using. We never watch movies or our favorite shows without them.Read more

    4. RC

      Very easy setup (I have a Samsung Smart TV). I found that the headset was able to fit comfortably on my large head and found that the sound quality was excellent, actually better than a pair of wired headphones that I was using prior to purchasing the Artiste wireless TV headset. Big thumbs up :-)Read more

    5. Shelly B

      I sadly could not get these to work. I contacted the company via email for the free adapter for smart TV they mention in the instructions I might need. It gave an email and they immediately responded with a coupon code for it on Amazon which made it only 9 Cents. Unfortunately, the optical port pushed into the unit and I had to open it to connect it. The top of the unit box had to remain off to keep the optical part in. The part would bend back every time I’d try and put the plug in with the cover on. There was nothing to hold it securely in place.I was able to get everything hooked up enough for the 2 lights on the headphones to light up. This is suppose to be an indicator that everything is communicating. However, even setting my sound through the TV as suggested, I could not get sound to the headphones. I do have a sound bar and maybe this particular headset won’t work if a sound bar is connected. Yet, my previous headphones worked on my smart TV with no adapter and with my sound bar connected, so I’m not sure where the problem is. I tried watching any video tutorial I could find, but there’s nothing out there for trouble shooting. Every video I found showed me I was connecting it correctly and the headsets light indicated that I was too… But, again, there was no sound. I’d seen other reviews saying they could not figure it out and I am pretty well versed in installing anything that has to do with audio visual. I thought surely I’d be able to do it. I was wrong. I finally figured one part or the other was defective. Since the adapter was only a few cents, I opted to just return the headphones. I guess I’ll try and find the kind I had before as I know they’ll work. Really disappointed these wouldn’t work.Read more

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