0C1898R0UX0700 Video infant monitor 2 cameras, large vertical display, consolation-designed hand held, 1000ft range, comfortable wi-fi era, automobile night time imaginative and prescient cam, temperaure alert.

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  • make sure this suits
  • through coming into your model range.
  • digital 2. 4ghz technology helping high records price transmission. Just like what you see and listen at camera aspect without any video records compression loss.
  • handheld discern unit with coloration 2. 8″ tft-lcd.
  • 2-way speak. Determine could sing or speak returned to the digicam unit.
  • -way speak. Discern can communicate returned to the digital camera.
  • night time mild gives the infant a warm surroundings in dark bedroom.

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product description

the monitoring system is consisted of greater-massive excessive resolution tft-lcd screen (2. Eight inch) and two cameras. One of the maximum effective flagship gadgets in your treasured and dearest.

screen is constructed with 2. Eight-inch excessive resolution tft-liquid crystal display screen (64k colorings) and human-engineered outside. Quick cuts are allotted on each facet a good way to your fastest operation, just like a handheld gaming tool. Is absolutely same resolution as popular portable gaming screen. Mother and father are constantly playing their existence with first-class imaginative and prescient enjoy.

we don’t forget your comfort earlier than building the tracking gadget. One-key-speedy-operation is continually our precedence. You don’t want to spend too much time on understanding this expert tool until similarly features. Shortcuts might also cowl pinnacle capabilities you would like to revel in. Manipulate your video/audio, talk cringe to the camera very effortlessly.

it is important to have 4 cameras in four rooms, and axvue may be extended to as much as four cameras. Cameras are paired earlier than the monitoring device involves you. Transfer for your preferred camera whilst they are paired to the screen simultaneously. The screen may also transfer to each digital camera periodically (10s), robotically, by using enabling auto-test alternative on your hand held.

light ray may range plenty of houses when transmitting through forms of media and system, air, glass, water, optical-to-electrical converting, and so forth. We make certain the mild ray is nicely received to the cmos sensor, which is built-inside the camera. An anti-reflective covered lens should avoid treasured’ light statistics lost too much. Meanwhile, processor within the digicam makes optical reimbursement, convalescing the real picture transmitting to display.­­

see in the dark – night imaginative and prescient helps you to see up to 30’ in absolute darkness using 6 infrared (ir) leds.

it is very challenging for the digicam’s kernel, the cmos, to handle with the complicated, vulnerable and noisy mild. High iso capability, the sensitivity a sensor feels the light, is substantially enhancing the light amassing at darkish surroundings, compensating with noise reduced algorithm, your video is almost lower back.

there are many ways to increase working range. Tuning up higher electromagnetic strength is not viable for the frequency protection, as we’re so careful of your precious. The tool is working upon new virtual wi-fi technology, which helps the information transmittance comparison and correction set of rules (software of the software program) to ensure your degrees enjoy. Comparison set of rules is to ensure no wrong facts receipt, while correction algorithm is to make the damaged information package deal recovered.

the reveal may additionally turn screen off to sleep to shop its personal electricity, however snooze. But, digital camera is always listening and looking what is happening at your precious. It could hear a unexpected voice, like crying or shouting, and then ship a sign to the reveal to awaken.

the vox has three stage of sensitivity, low-medium-excessive, which are additionally corresponding to the sound degree to trigger this feature.

don’t need going on your precious regularly for the room temperature, it is always proven on your monitor display screen. Indicated variety is going blinking when temperature turning out of everyday range. Fahrenheit and celsius devices are to be had (press and keep video on/off for 3 seconds).

axvue is a global leading logo turning in highest nice and great performance video child monitor, we specialised in baby’s protection over 10 years. The emblem is constructed along with your agree with on account that we’re satisfied to take care of the infant with you. Comply with our public society to learn the new born with us.


model e662 video baby display (“the product”) is the most handy infant’s safety device for you. It comes with one 2. Eight” transportable lcd display screen, two modern-day designed cameras. The product is constructed with stereo, kick-standing, sound-activating lighting fixtures bar, colour-various temperature digits show, two-manner verbal exchange (discern might also communicate from reveal to the camera), video on crying, 2x zoom in/out and many others. Figure can test infant’s condition without difficulty by way of the usage of axvue video child video display units.

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6.4, x, 3.6, x, 4, inches

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1.45, pounds



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1, AAA, batteries, required., (included)

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6 reviews for 0C1898R0UX0700 Video infant monitor 2 cameras, large vertical display, consolation-designed hand held, 1000ft range, comfortable wi-fi era, automobile night time imaginative and prescient cam, temperaure alert.

  1. Austin

    Let me start by saying I am a baby monitor snob and super picky about my monitors. I wanted a video monitor for my parents house so I didn’t have to tote mine on a plane and risk damaging it. I tried this Axvue monitor and was SO impressed! For the price, you get two cameras and a parent unit with awesome night vision. Our cameras always stay on night vision because we have blackout curtains in both rooms. The image is just as clear as my higher end monitor I use at home. As far as the battery life goes, it lasts through nap times but I did plug it in at night which I do at night anyways with my more expensive monitor. It also switches between cameras and has pretty much all the features of my higher end monitor! Setting it up was a little frustrating at first because I was trying to connect the wrong camera first, but once it was set up we were good to go! I’m definitely getting another set to keep at my in-laws’ house. All I would say is read all the specs before you buy so you know what you’re getting. For example, you cannot move the cameras from the parent unit, you have to set them up where you want them which was fine with me. Yes, it has a talk back feature which I like to use with my 3 year old. I cannot recommend this monitor enough!Read more

  2. Ann Clark

    update: I have had the monitor for almost a year and I have LOVED it. The screen stopped working a few days ago, and they were very willing to send me a new monitor. I appreciate that kind of customer service so much! Thanks!I have had a run of bad luck with baby monitors. BUT this baby monitor which is more than half the price of my other monitors is already working so much better than my others. I’ll tell you why I already like it so much.-it’s SO EASY to set up. Seriously. Some monitors take hours. This took minutes.-It comes with TWO camera units. I have two rooms that I have toddlers and babies in, and it’s so nice to not have to buy a second camera unit.-The monitor switches every 8 seconds from one camera unit to the other. I am most excited about this feature i think!-There’s a microphone to talk to your little one through the monitor to. How handy!-The picture is clear. i was expecting less quality because it was less money, but quite the opposite actually.-It shows the temperate of the room!I could keep going, but these are my favorite features so far. I will do an updated review when I have had the monitor for a longer time. I am REALLY hoping it doesn’t burn out on me like so many others baby monitors have.Thanks AXVUE for offering such a fairly priced monitor!Read more

  3. st349

    Update: It has been a little over a year and the battery only lasts a half hour before having to plug it in. Even when we plug it in, it no longer stays on. We are bummed and need to purchase another monitor. It was great while it lasted, just didn’t last very long.I wanted an inexpensive monitor for my almost 3 year old and 3 month old. The 3 month old has an expensive monitor in his nursery, but I needed an additional camera while he is sleeping in our room for a few months. I honestly wasn’t expecting much, given the price, but I was so pleasantly surprised. It does “feel” a little cheap, but the video and sound quality are great. The features all work well, and I was really happy with the range. Our fancy monitor doesn’t reach our outdoor patio and picks up lots of interference from cellphones, but this monitor reaches way past the patio and doesn’t lose signal ever! The battery lasts for the evening, but I keep it plugged in during the night. Very happy with this purchase!Read more

  4. Kortni

    This is a joke of a product. We’ve had this monitor for a little less than a month now, and the receiver screen monitor we have in our room loses connection from the monitor in the kids room almost all night long, so we can’t see or hear the kids, just a blue screen that says no connection. It’s worthless and absolutely ridiculous. And if it is working, it makes awful and LOUD clicking noises and static sounds and I have to constantly check the kids to make sure it’s not something they’re doing. And it never is. It’s always the crappy monitor. Awful product and a waste of money.Read more

  5. Christy D

    I’ve never owned a monitor with 2 camera feature and it does not disappoint! The picture is clear, it’s easy to use, and has a talk back feature. You can set up the monitor to rotate between cameras every 8 sec. The video can also be turned off and monitor just audio. The battery life is excellent in comparison to all other monitors we’ve owned. I read all the reviews prior to purchasing and noticed a lot of people said the video didn’t work. There was a troubleshooting section for just that in the instructions, so I wouldn’t be apprehensive to buy based on those reviews. This monitor is excellent!Read more

  6. tm

    This is a good video monitor for the price. It has a clear picture in both normal & night vision, I like that it shows the room temp as well, and has 2 cameras. That being said I do have a couple complaints; the viewing range is very small, I’m not sure if that can be fixed by adding more cameras to a room but I’d hoped that wouldn’t be necessary . The battery life stinks when it’s not plugged in! I put my littles down for a nap & took the monitor into another room & it was down to one bar in less than an hour! I usually keep it plugged in sitting on kitchen counter. Also the screen goes black when it’s not plugged in after a few minutes of viewing & doesn’t turn itself back on , even with the lights going all the way to red ( which is when the kids making noise or crying) it’s easy enough to press the OK button to bring the picture back but I didn’t know it didn’t turn itself back on, not a fan of that. Overall it’s not a bad system for the price.Read more

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