0C187R398ZM202 Harman kardon attraction voice-activated home speaker with alexa, black

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  • make certain this fits
  • with the aid of getting into your model wide variety.
  • effective, 360 diploma harman kardon sound
  • powered via amazon alexa voice carrier
  • a ways area voice reputation
  • wi-fi bluetooth streaming
  • 360 degree lighting fixtures and elegant design

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8.5, x, 8.5, x, 10.8, inches

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6.94, pounds



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1, A, batteries, required.

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4.2, out, of, 5, stars, 111, ratings, 4.2, out, of, 5, stars

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#2, 342, in, Portable, Bluetooth, Speakers, #19, 319, in, MP3, &, MP4, Player, Accessories

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November, 23, 2017


Harman, Kardon

6 reviews for 0C187R398ZM202 Harman kardon attraction voice-activated home speaker with alexa, black

  1. Giancarlo Teoli

    Edit….March 10 2018. I’ve had enough. I got tired of the LED turning red on the top ring. It needed a hard reset way too often. HK support was polite but not very helpful. I returned it and will wait for the next generation to come out. The Amazon version in Echo Plus is vastly more reliable and faster.Pros: It will play very loud w little distortion. It has a very cool design and isn’t too large. The volume buttons have no tactile feedback but work very well and easily. It has bluetooth. Not important for me, but apparently for some that’s a deal breakerCons: It is lacking in the midrange. My Echo plus sounds better but with a little less bass. The array of listening microphones leaves a lot to be desired. Alexa seems to ignore me half the time compared to the Echo plus. The Allure is slow to respond and drops out occasionlly.Overall I’m going to keep this version of Alexa. She will be relegated to her own room and not used as often as her other devices. I’m on the hunt for Alexas best version. If I could combine the Sonos 3 (Sonos 5 is too much $) sound and Echo plus tech that would be the best I think. The sound of the Sonos is available to be tested at stores like Best Buy. But there are a lot of complaints from online reviews that people are disappointed with the Sonos App and Proprietary rules. Thus I put my faith in HK. Harman Kardon designs quality equipment and I bought this without worry. Its a $200 speaker with Apparently a tone deaf Alexa. Its not as sweet sounding as the Sonos but it packs a bass punch for its size. An equalizer option to punch up the midrange would be nice too. Maybe the next version will improve on the field array of microphones. That’s the biggest disappointment for me. The other disappointment is the lack of being able to group the Allure and being able to play multiple rooms of music. I really wanted to fill my first floor with music from the Allure and Echo Plus.That’s why its going to third place in my home. I need an Alexa that hears me at least 90% of the time and sounds really good without being too bossy about what its told to do like Sonos.I’ll be patient and wait for someone to come up with the next version. The next year will see a lot of improvements.Read more

  2. Julian Rivera

    When it arrived, I just turned it on and paired it with a device, it worked for 5 mins and then died… the speaker doesn’t emit any sound, just remains silent all the time. Of course I’ve tried many options to make it work, like hard reset, set up with HK Alexa app, pair manually with a bluetooth device, but none worked. I reviewed the box and noticed it that this item was not new, so I received an used and defective device.- Sound quality: during the 5 mins that it worked, I noticed the speaker lacks the mid and high range sounds, but has a good bass.- Is friendly? Has a quick start guide, but lacks an user manual, the app fails constantly and the touch buttons just don’t respond- Value / benefit: don’t waste your money, go and get a different option like Sonos- Design: beautiful and unique design that would worth it if it could emit any soundRead more

  3. Owen

    Good speaker, but if you have any questions or problems that you want to ask customer service, the Amazon Alexa team will often refer to Harman Kardon due to the fact Amazon did not manufacture the device. And if you ask Harman Kardon, they will tell you that any question with regarding Alexa should be addressed by AmazonRead more

  4. mikejkelley

    So very close, so very far away…pros: Excellent sound and style. Really excellent sound for the size, tech and price.cons: App is crap (seriously, check the reviews first), you cannot use it to control the sound system as an Alexa alternative. To my knowledge, there doesn’t exist an HK Allure app that doubles as remote control. Which might be fine but…Alexa goes silent about once a day. She’ll still take orders but won’t respond which simply isn’t acceptable when you need a response such as the time, confirmation of an alarm setting, etc.,…No clear path to firmware updates and only a hard reset will make her responsive again. Once-a-day HRs are not acceptable.It’s a shame because it really does look and sound excellent. And I came to enjoy, even rely on the Alexa feature, more than I thought I would. But it’s going back.//update: I got the portable version and the sound is no where near as big, but the Alexa feature seems more reliable and it’s portable, so I think I’m going to keep that one.Read more

  5. eddie Martinez

    This is a nice speaker, however, I’m disappointed in Alexa i was hoping this could replace my Echo dot in the living room but the voice command is not good it goes in and out and the response is rather slow and lagging. You would think Harmon Kardon would be more cautious of this as this design was meant for Alexa, The echo dot response is impeccable compared to this. If you want a good speaker from Harmon Kardon its a great choice but if you want Alexa i recommend you go with a Amazon device. I wish Amazon or harmon kardon could compensate with a upgrade to fix this issue. I’m contemplating returning this speaker.Read more

  6. Albuqmari

    When it works it sounds great, I use it as Alexa, but after 4 and a half months it doesn’t work properly. It is frustrating, specially when you are in a middle of a party and it just won’t work anymore. The HK app is terrible, doesn’t give you enough feedback of what is going wrong. I’ve sent an email to Harman Kardon and to my surprise all I’ve got was instructions on how to reset it. I have other Alexa enabled devices and they all work fine. If ou plan on using this mainly as Alexa, don’t waist your money as I did. Edited…HK replies my email on Jan 5th 2019 saying they would exchange my device but gave a return label link that doesn’t work. Won’t answer my new emails requesting a new link. It is a joke.Read more

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