0C187Q3WTAI817 2 channel stereo audio amplifier receiver mini hi-fi class d incorporated amp 2. 0ch for domestic speakers 100w x 2 with bass and treble control tpa3116(with strength supply) – fosi audio tb10a

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  • be aware: please select the fosi audio save to location the order. Perfectly suited on your laptop or a smaller area in your private home or office, digital amplifier is easy to hook up with your audio machine and not using a software program to install or settings to alternate;
  • 100w max electricity output x 2(four ohms, 20 hz – 20 khz, zero. 04% thd), comes with 24v energy deliver, can drive 200watts(8 ohm), 300watts(four ohm) audio system;
  • easy compact design but practical and powerful; no pop, no audible noise, lifeless silent while nothing is gambling through it;
  • domestic small hello-fi integrated amplifier, sturdy, light-weight, aluminum enclosed amp makes it best for projects and diy;
  • what you get: tb10a amplifier x1, power adapter x1, ac wire x1, consumer manual x1, 18-month worldwide warranty, and 24-hour brief customer service.

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product description

fosi audio changed into based with a simple aim: construct products that sound terrific and make people need to pay attention to music each day. We design, manufacture, and promote many hello-fi audio merchandise at the marketplace. We pursue your best music journey. Revel in hi-fi music with fosi audio audio products now!

  • fosi audio legitimate internet site: www. Fosiaudio. Com
  • fb web page: fosi audio
  • technical guide: www. Fosiaudioshop. Com
  • 2. Zero channel simple powerful stereo amplifier

  • electricity adapter: 24v/four. 5a
  • dc input range: 12-24v
  • terminating impedance: 2 ohm – eight ohm
  • max power output: 100w x 2
  • thd ≤ zero. 04%
  • frequency range: 20hz – 20khz (±1 db)
  • snr ≥ 98db
  • input sensitivity ≤ 280mv
  • enter mode: rca
  • 2 channel electricity amp: bt10a, bt20a, tb10a, v1. 0g, tda7498e, zk-1002, zk-502t…
  • 2. 1 channel power amp: bt30a, bt30d, bl20c, zk-tb21
  • dac: this fall, q5, da2120a, da2120c, hd3, k3, e10
  • subwoofer amp: tp-01, tp-02, m02, m03
  • phono preamp: box x2, field x1; tube preamp: p1
  • tube headphone amplifier: t20, p2
  • others: 5654 tube, strength adapter, brush, audio cables, gh5000 gaming headset
  • revel in hello-fi music with subsequent-generation stereo amp for unequalled sound best. Progressed channel balance, lower noise floor, and universal a purer sound. Decreased distortion and elevated dynamic range. Easy and amazing energy output.

    the high-performance texas units tpa3116d2 chip offers song with rousing highs and deep lows. Even at excessive volumes, there’s less than zero. 04% harmonic distortion resulting in incredible readability.

    fosi audio tb10a curved edges and sleek controls intensify its unibody layout. With in reality useful features, and thoughtfully designed premium enclosures. A new era: splendid layout, advanced operation.

    perfect if you select separate passive speakers and preamps to your audio setup. A hundred watt in line with channel energy output can force maximum home passive audio system to create surprising sound. Clean to suit your audio gadget with rca enter,

    the antique version or other emblem amplifiers sparks flying whilst energy supply plugin, it’s risky. With a built-in power protection circuit, there aren’t any sparks flying whilst you plug the strength adapter into the amplifier. Safe for use!

    unlike other amplifiers come with a cheap 12v strength deliver. Fosi audio tb10a equip with the energy-green and solid power deliver which got authoritative certification via many protection tests, can get an outstanding sound.

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    4.25, x, 3.54, x, 1.38, inches

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    1.94, pounds


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    October, 22, 2017

    6 reviews for 0C187Q3WTAI817 2 channel stereo audio amplifier receiver mini hi-fi class d incorporated amp 2. 0ch for domestic speakers 100w x 2 with bass and treble control tpa3116(with strength supply) – fosi audio tb10a

    1. ReaderHal

      This little amp sounds good. The TP3116 chip is an audio enthusiast favorite. Take the power claims with a grain of salt. It acts like a good 15-to-twenty watt class A/B for the most part. Using it with some BIC speakers rated 90db sensitivity, in my garage, where I can play them loud enough to preclude normal conversation. Sounds best at low-to-medium SPLs, and it’s best is pretty darn good.Sounds better with my Debut B6, but that’s for another room. It isn’t worth the trouble to me to connect it up to my Klipsch Fortes or Monitor Audio Silver 6s. Been there, done that, with prior chip amps. If you want to power larger speakers like those, even very sensitive models, inexpensive class d doesn’t measure up. Not enough oomph, but are great for most decently efficient bookshelf speakers.Many will appreciate having the bass and treble controls. At low levels a bit of boost in the bottom sounds just right.Read more

    2. Eric C Toczek

      Bought this little guy for our sun room. Wanted something that was small and unobtrusive, but that had decent quality sound and could be loud enough to get good sound into the backyard. This Amplifier fit the bill and much more.As you can see from the pictures, the overall footprint of the device is nice and small, what you can’t tell from the pictures is how great it sounds. Using the roku or amazon dot as an audio source, and powering a pair of Polk Atrium4 outdoor speakers. This amplifier is able to easily power those speakers to provide more than enough volume to fill the sunroom and our backyard, with the volume not even maxed out.Great Amplifier if you’re looking for small and unobtrusive with a ton of sound!Read more

    3. Jason Bottjen

      I use this to drive my whole home audio system with 4 stations. The unit works great and runs cool. Silent when not in use, so can be left on all the time – which is what I needed.One thing I did notice, though, is that if I turn the bass setting past half way the sound cuts out entirely and the power light goes out – I guess it draws too much power/voltage at the loads I use it at. Not a big deal for my application.One other note is that the power adapter makes a heck of a spark when plugging into to the wall or unit. It doesn’t seem to be shorted or anything though, and works fine once connected. Just a little unsettling.Read more

    4. Michael L.

      I’m using this amp to power two Wavecrest HVL-1 speakers (8 ohms, 86dB @ 1 watt/meter) on my computer desk. The amp is plenty powerful for near field use and it looks compact and slick. The noise floor is very low and I can only hear the faint static noise with the volume knob turned all the way up, and my ear against the speaker. With my setup, I consider having the volume knob at 1/3 as “cinematic,” and 1/2 as “blasting it.” Your mileage will vary depending on your speaker specs and audio source.Read more

    5. carlos castenada

      just received this amp and hooked it up to my 8 ohm Bose bookshelf speakers. i’m an audiophile and very critical of aural quality. this tiny little amp is very impressive. imaging and clarity is much better than the big 1990s Onkyo amp i was using. its a little hot in the 12K to 15K range, but that’s easily fixed with some minor eq adjust. volume is impressive. I’m using it as a near-field (about 3 feet away from me ears), and its plenty loud at only 25%. 50% tears my head off. Includes banana plug posts (don’t need the plug. Can insert your bare wire through the post). Runs cool to the touch and is dead quiet when you’re not putting any signal into it. layout is weird – treble, bass, volume. Usually its bass, treble, volume. I was cranking the bass when I thought it was treble which was disorienting. Easily fixed by reading the label! Next I’ll hook up my krk monitors and see how it sounds. no doubt better than Bose. The application is my shower! I’m tired of showering four times week without my tunes. You know. Mamamoo, red velvet, lovelyz, wjsn, gugudan, pristin, elris, 4minute, girls generation, apink, fx, etc. all those great kpop bands. Where all the action is these days in pop music.Read more

    6. Kaiser Soze

      I had read good reviews of this little amplifier, but for me it just didn’t work. My sense was that distortion was audible at most any volume level, and that it isn’t powerful enough to be much good for anything. Since this is a Class D amp, and since inexpensive Class D amps have high output impedance in series with the speakers, I suspect that the reason it didn’t sound good to me was that the frequency response of the speakers was affected by the high output impedance. For anyone not familiar with this, it is a well-known phenomenon. The output voltage of the amp is split between the speaker and the impedance in series with the speaker (the output impedance) in a ratio matching the ratio of the two impedances. Thus, at or near the woofer’s resonance, where its impedance is typically five to ten times greater than the speaker’s nominal impedance, the speaker’s share of the amplifier’s output voltage will by much greater than what it is nominally, at other frequencies. The same thing happens at the tweeter’s resonance, which is typically somewhere in the midrange for most tweeters. It also interferes with the speaker crossover’s ability to attenuate the woofer output at higher frequency where the woofer is supposed to let the tweeter take over. Thus, cheap Class D amplifiers suffer a significant flaw: speakers with flat frequency responses are turned into speakers with decidedly inferior frequency responses. Between this effect and the higher-than-expected power compression (non-linear distortion), I just didn’t find this little Class D amplifier good for much. That’s not to suggest that Class D amplifiers are all inferior. Some of the best amps money can buy are Class D amplifiers, but they are the exotic Class D amps that are expensive. The reason they work is that someone figured out how to correct the problem with the high output impedance. Perhaps the trick is to use such a high switching frequency that only a very mild low-pass filter is needed to suppress the high-frequency artifacts. However exactly they did, it is apparent that high-quality, expensive Class D amplifiers are excellent by any measure, whereas these cheap little Class D amplifiers seem to be, uh, I suppose “junk” might be the appropriate word.Read more

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