0C187GMAHWL559 Aiaiai tma-2 modular wi-fi 2 preset

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    1, Lithium, ion, batteries, required., (included)

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    6 reviews for 0C187GMAHWL559 Aiaiai tma-2 modular wi-fi 2 preset

    1. freedumbs

      I was interested in the TMA-2 series headphone for a while, but was a bit put off at the price. The modular aspect of the headphone was pretty foreign to me as well so I had my doubts.After a few weeks, my option has changed. The parts all come individually wrapped, which was a relief since I was buying expensive headphones from Amazon and not direct from the manufacturer.Once they are put together, I began to see the possibilities. Want to plug in instead of Bluetooth? You can do that. Interested in a cloth ear pad? Grab a replacement part and change it up. Looking for a different sound profile? Pick up a a different driver. Tons of options!The instructions note that the drives take a little time to break in, I haven’t really noticed any change over my usage so far.Battery life seems fine, I’ve only had to charge a couple times because some of my usage is plugged in. One thing to note: There are likely firmware updates that need to be applied, I had a weird click on some app audio until they were updated. I couldn’t use a newer USB-C cable, only the included cable would work. (Maybe a USB 2.0 thing?)The headphones have been used for tv / movies on a tablet, plugged in to a laptop for music listening and creation, and plugged into a gaming system.All in all these should last a long time, are versatile, and sound very good if not great. I am happy with my purchase, and it has replaced an open back pair of Grado SR-80 headphones as well as a pair of Sony MDR-XB950BTs.Read more

    2. Maite Straube

      Excellent sound and comfortRead more

    3. RagingTyphoon

      In response to the 1 star review posted below, it’s nonsense.This is a fantastic headset.I actually bought the headband by itself but I have 3 different speaker units, S01, S02, and S04.I have the E02s, E04s, E05s, and the E06s as earcups. This is modular heaven!They all sound wonderful with the S04s obviously being the best one.The headband is comfortable and is very light weight. The design is super clean and the build quality is fantastic.I have dropped these bad boys multiple times and I will tell you they survive abuse. The battery life is absolutely amazing, the thing lasts for 2-3 days with heavy use. USB-C is a nice touch and I’m happy the company chose this over Micro USB.The 1 star reviewer commented on how you can’t charge and use the headphones at the same time…It is very pointless to make such a comment since nearly every bluetooth headphone out there, you can’t charge and listen at the same time.What you can do is by an audio cable and the headphones become wired… I don’t understand the logic and it really bothered me.Read more

    4. DragonStew

      Had the ATH-M50x from audio technica before, they are completely blasted AWAY by these puppies, the bass, the details are all just perfectly on point.They are also interchangeable with a wireless headband or other earpads or even other speakers, that means if they break, it’s easy to replace.Overall, they are the best of all for the price, they sound like 600-800 euro HeadphonesRead more

    5. xMishka

      I got these because I needed an extra set of headphones for work. They are a disappointment compared to my ATH-M50X’s. The audio quality is just not the same. They are also not as comfortable. I upgraded to the S04 drivers and the audio quality is still terrible. H05 bluetooth headband? Still terrible audio quality and uncomfortably stiff. The charging port is also in a terrible location so you cannot charge and use at the same time. I would not recommend these to anyone in any configuration unless you like shallow tinny sound with no mids and no highs.Pros:- Modular- Lots of configuration options and accessoriesCons:- Terrible audio quality in any configuration (I have tried S02, S03, S04, H02, H05). They sound like they are missing mids and highs. Very flat and tinny.- Uncomfortable: all the headbands are still and uncomfortable to wear for longer than an hour)- They feel flimsy due to the way the headbands and speaker modules are designed. There is one springy pin that holds the speaker onto the headband which seems like a huge wear/failure point.- H05 headband’s charging port is on the inside of the headband so you cannot use the headphones while charging. A lot of headphones you cannot use while charging anyways, even if you can access the charging port, which is super lame.Read more

    6. P. CRAMER

      Not worth the price, not even if you hear better than everyone else. Go to a store and listen to them, youll see or hear, these are NO JOY!Read more

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