0C187EG67AC324 Gemini sound as-15togo wi-fi seasoned dj battery powered portable pa loudspeaker w/ 2000w elegance ab amplifier, 15″ inch woofer, bluetooth, sd, usb, microphone enter, guitar enter, trolley manage, mic set

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  • ensure this suits
  • by means of getting into your version range.
  • experience that effective stereo sound anywhere with the gemini as-15togo transportable bluetooth pa loudspeaker, proposing a compact layout and an 15-inch woofer powered by means of 1500-watt magnificence ab amplifier for low distortion, excessive-output sound with a couple of connectivity inputs and expert incorporated audio mixer.
  • feature integrated bluetooth capability providing you easy streaming of audio from compatible devices which includes your phone, tablet, computer, computer.
  • supplies empeccable sound pushed via 1500 watts of pure magnificence ab power amplifier for a full spectrum sound for conferences, church buildings, avenue performances or just home entertainment.
  • perfect portable speaker system for leisure at the go together with integrated durable rechargeable battery, together with the carry manage and rolling wheels.
  • constructed to withstand each display with a difficult build and durable cupboard protector to ensure the celebration goes on irrespective of the enviroment.

from the producer

impeccable sound every time, anywhere

pushed by using 1,500 watts of natural magnificence ab electricity amplifier, the as-15togo speaker is supposed to supply pristine bass with complete-spectrum sound. An all-in-one flexible solution for conferences, houses of worship, street performers, visiting musicians, and many others.

designed for the street

not anything fits the fun and convenience of a transportable speaker. The as-15togo is fantastic for taking over the street as its lengthy battery life makes it thru any birthday party.

wi-fi play became in no way this easy

stream song without being glued for your speaker device. It can join via bluetooth or you can play both from a usb stick or sd card.

non-prevent innovative go with the flow

grasp volume manage, bass, treble, echo and lots of greater. A whole set of controls to present you the plenty-wanted flexibility even as appearing.



8 reviews for 0C187EG67AC324 Gemini sound as-15togo wi-fi seasoned dj battery powered portable pa loudspeaker w/ 2000w elegance ab amplifier, 15″ inch woofer, bluetooth, sd, usb, microphone enter, guitar enter, trolley manage, mic set

  1. April

    Ive read nearly all reviews b4 i bought this and heres what i got. it was packaged well. It came with a %75 charge,so thats cool works well. Has the volume you’d expect given the 300w rms and 10″ spealer.loud enough for an outside audience of about 70 ppl give or take. More volume range if its inside with walls reflecting sound. The sound is great. Im singing and playing acoustic guitar though it. You could use electric gtr but id be sparing with the amount of distortion. Think blues/classic rock not metal. The mic i use is a $40 dollar headset mic and it sounds clear. Really good. If you want to play music off your phone through it,please understand, typical midrange priced bluetooth device speakers dont come with a compression driver/tweeter. Some reviews have said bad sound with music playing . well most full on pa systems are running through a well adapt mixer board for that application. Maybe down load an eq app for your iphone/droid idk. And lastly,if you turn any unit like this past 3 oclock on the volume knob,you’ll get scratchy sounds and distortion. Thats on par with most sound equipment especially battery operated ones. Like i said not a bose or jbl. I knew that when i bought it but worth every dollar of price.Read more

  2. Early Bird

    It’s compact, fairly lightweight, and works as advertised. This is the 8-inch model, the smallest of the available sizes. It’s perfect for a small room or restaurant, but won’t be great for outdoor use. The sound is crisp and clear and the two EQ knobs let you adjust the speaker to best fit the sound you’re running through it. I haven’t tested the Bluetooth, USB or MicroSD inputs but am happy to have them. After using the speaker to make announcements for an hour or so, the battery indicator did not show any drop in power.Two reasons for the three-star review:1) There are not separate volume controls for the microphone and guitar input. If I were to take this out to an open mic or performance gig, I would want the ability to control those volumes separately. Note that there ARE separate volume controls for the “line in” input.2) The unit shipped with the wrong power adapter. Despite being marked for sale in North America, the power adapter included in the box was most definitely European. I called Gemini and they had no replacements available, and Amazon would only accept a complete return of the item. Fortunately I had an international power adapter kit and was able to get it to charge. Gemini says they should have the correct power supply in-stock in 30-60 days. Good thing I had the adapter kit.I had trouble finding a good photo of the back panel so I’m attaching one here. Also shown next to a standard Bic lighter for scale.Read more

  3. Daniel

    I mainly use it with my bass for small rooms for ministry. Mostly I needed something a little better than my practice amp to keep up with the acoustic which it can do easily at half volume. It gives a clear sound even in bass and controls aren’t very scratchy like a couple I have used before. Battery seems to be holding well. It’s lighter than my practice amp, but the wheels do tend to fish-tail if the ground isn’t super smooth, so often I just pick it up. For something like Karaoke, know that it does not have any real effects so you might have to add pedal effects. I wish the mic and the instrument had different volumes on the inputs.Read more

  4. Jason

    Product came with battery holder broken as i plugged the power it would not charge. Go to make a trip to hardware store and find some brackets. SoSound 5starsBass 3 starsThe bass issue i guess could be improved.Overral i give 3 stars. Even finding a bunch of broken pieces inside my product.After 2 hours i was able to fully inspect the box and found major crack on the plastic , check the mic to see if was ok…well it wasnt ……i expect a lot more from amazon the least to let us know these minor things……bummer but since the speaker its all i want to use i guess its alrite but NO 5 STARS!!!!Read more

  5. Justin McCauley

    Nice speaker. I use it for my work speaker and it puts out a good bit of sound, even in a large production factory. The sound quality is very good when compairing to speakers if similar price. Nice lows and clear highs. The battery life is great and will get me through an 8 hour shift, at medium volume, with life to spare. I’m very pleased with this purchase.Read more

  6. Goose Frabba

    It’s a cool concept and it works okay. There’s a humming noise when it’s plugged in. The sound quality isn’t super good, and the wheels broke the first time I took it out. It’s functional.Read more

  7. Fly free butterfly!

    Had 2 units both had trouble with tuning the radio and 1 would not charge battery but sounded ok and the other charged battery but had a muffled and distorted sound. Called manufacture and they said it could be damage during shipping. Shipping boxes did have a lot of damage during shipping.Read more

  8. Barbara Luebbehusen

    I love this product but I am very disappointed because I purchased it just over a year ago and it has quit started smoking like it burned up.will not work anymore.spent a long time saving up for it and now no longer worksRead more

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