0C186U06ZR9613 808 canz plus bluetooth wireless speaker – transportable bluetooth speaker machine with better bass and dynamic sound (wireless bluetooth speaker – black)

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  • ensure this suits
  • through getting into your model range.
  • revel in music wirelessly from your cellphone or tablet with bluetooth
  • powerful bass reaction from a compact layout that’s easy to take with you
  • lightweight long lasting aluminum housing that fits anywhere you go, with built-in mic for palms-unfastened calls
  • play track wirelessly up to 6 hours from the integrated lithium-ion battery.
  • aux enter to enjoy tune from mp3 players and different wired sources

product description

808 canz plus wi-fi bluetooth speakers deliver big sound in a touch package deal, imparting the punchiest sound around thru bluetooth wireless or a line-in connection. Canz plus speakers feature a mic for making fingers-loose calls and a rechargeable battery providing up to six hours of playtime from a single price


Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Black, Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Blue

8 reviews for 0C186U06ZR9613 808 canz plus bluetooth wireless speaker – transportable bluetooth speaker machine with better bass and dynamic sound (wireless bluetooth speaker – black)

  1. royalwing

    I bought this speaker at the end of JUne this year. Loved it until it stopped charging. So since it has a year warranty I spent the $11 to send it to be repaired. The turn around was really good. But then like 3 days after getting it back, the issue was back but worse. Before I could prop it up against something to charge it, but after it stopped charging a second time nothing worked.When I contacted the manufacturer their answer was to send it back in again. Another $11 that I would have to pay…again. At that point something else should have happened. I would’ve been pleased if they paid for the second return shipping for the same issue, but it wasn’t offered.I just threw the thing in the trash. I’ll buy a different brand speaker and will never buy another 808 speaker again. All because of the horrible customer service.Read more

  2. J. Parker

    I have an original canz that I like a lot and thought I’d try an upgrade. I use it while I’m in the shower so I’m turning it on and off every day. It sounds good like the original one but it makes stupid loud noises when you turn it on and off so it can sound like a cool robot or something. Its very loud. You have to hold the power button down for four seconds to turn it off which sounds like nothing but when you are used to the hard switch of the original model, it becomes a nuisance. It gets a second star because it still sounds good. Get the original one. It’s less annoying.Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    I loved my own Canz so much I bought one for work too! So easy to set it up to your phone and the sound is FANTASTIC! I was amazed what great sound cane from such a little size. I use it to play Pandora, Spotify or any of my favorite music stations. I also love it’s portability. Once it’s charged, you just unplug it and put it anywhere! I’ve taken it on trips, picnics and even outside while I’m working on the yard! This is one my favorite “finds”!Read more

  4. Lady K

    This is my second 808, the first one I had for years but I dropped it a couple times and killed it. This one is the Canz Plus and its great, the other was good but the bass is really boomin’ in this one. One note, you may want to put it near something sturdy; the first one shook off the edge(while playing) of the counter and broke, I super glued it together and it kept working until a dropped it again. When paired with my iPhone the sound is loud and clear enough to listen in the shower, I can pair it to my laptop or desktop with no problem. It Also works well when playing in an audience. I am not a gadget person but I do like this and recommend the product.Read more

  5. S.

    I purchased this Canz blutooth speaker when one I recieved as a gift 5years ago finally died. I thought I was repurchasing the same item, but some changes they have made have been down-grades…. the biggest thing I find annoying is that every time a sound ends, when it starts back up it comes in softly and grows. While this is, in theory, great to avoid sudden loud sounds when you recieve a text etc, it reslly stinks when listening to a podcast or audiobook. Every time the audio is paused and restarted the volume increases in such a way that you miss some of what was said. Also, the battery life is far less and a stange voice tells you when there is a low battery. Once you hear it you had better run and find the cord because you have approximately two minutes to plug that bad boy in before it shuts down completely.The sound quality is fine.Probably the best thing about it is its size and the amount of base it gives off which can very…. entertaining…😉Read more

  6. Eddie

    What a powerful little speaker work just as good as the Bose for less by the way this is my 3rd one my wife, and son took the other 2Read more

  7. Ann Nash

    I received my 2nd 808 Canz speaker on 4/5/19. The first Canz speaker was a Christmas gift from my sister. It was red and I had it for 5 years until stolen from my work desk. I was very disappointed. I need to hear music in ears to drown out the quietness in my office. I purchased another brand speaker as a replacement and was not happy with that sound or the battery life. So I purchased my 2nd 808 Canz speaker. I really love this speak as it has BIG(loud) sound for such a small speaker and the bass is powerful . I just wish the volume could be controlled from the speaker instead of controlling it from the device. That is my only complaint. I can’t talk about the battery life yet as I only had it for less than 1 hour.Read more

  8. Zach

    This thing is freakin awesome! Fantastic sound from such a small device. Great bass, good battery life. 4/5 stars becasue when you turn it on and off & it connects to a BT source, there’s sound effects that are pretty obnoxious because you can’t turn them off or lower their volume. But that is literally the ONLY drawback to this speaker.Read more

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