0C18699L7QC443 Amazon basics 14-gauge audio speaker twine cable – ninety nine. 9% oxygen-loose copper, 2 hundred toes

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  • by way of entering your model wide variety.
  • 200 toes of 14-gauge speaker wire for connecting audio system to an a/v receiver or amplifier
  • ninety nine. Nine% oxygen-loose copper (ofc); delivers superb undistorted indicators to and from audio gadget
  • coloration-coded (pink and black) for clear polarity; durable but flexible white insulated outside jacket
  • subsidized by using an amazon basics constrained 1-12 months warranty
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100-Foot, 200-Foot


Single, Wire Cable + Banana Plugs, Wire Cable + Speaker Connector


12-Gauge, 14-Gauge

6 reviews for 0C18699L7QC443 Amazon basics 14-gauge audio speaker twine cable – ninety nine. 9% oxygen-loose copper, 2 hundred toes

  1. Rusty

    AmazonBasics Speaker Wire – 12-Gauge, 99.9% Oxygen-Free Copper, 100 FeetKudos, you actually read the reviews ! One of the reasons I selected this cable is that it matches the incoming coax cable for my internet modem. I had a couple of rear surround speakers to mount high on my walls and I wanted it to look professional. I ran it alongside the existing cable and it looks great. My receiver puts out 100 watts on ever channel and I needed the conductor size for both the wattage and the long runs I’m making to do this installation. I have a preference for the oxygen-free cable, the conductance is superior to the others and lasts lots longer. Oxidized cable turns green and if you do happen to see that you should cut the cable back to the good conductor area or rip it out altogether. As my wise old Dad used to say “Son, if you can’t find time to do it right the first time, how in the Hell are you going to find time to do it over, and get it right?” I miss that old Man……RustyRead more

  2. brandon

    Product looks to be of decent quality, but nowhere on the reel or marked on the cable does it say anything, but the footage. Buyer beware. I would not run this wire in wall or attic, or even conceal it, because of no rating. What if you had a house fire and found out this cable was the cause. Would you ins co cover the loss? All cable MADE IN USA must have some sort of rating on the outside sheath stating temp, voltage, fire rating.Read more

  3. Andy Handyman

    There is nothing printed on this product to indicate any rating, but it is supposed to if it’s being installed in walls.This will not pass electrical inspection… which in my case, since I’m adding on an addition using professional contractors, inspections are required.It seems like a good quality product, and I’m certain I would not have any issues with this wire/cable.But now I really don’t know if I want to take the chance.It was clearly advertised as CL2 rated, which is the approved rating to pass inspections.So, it is ridiculous that the supposed CL2 rating is not printed anywhere on the product (the actual wire or the spool)!BTW… this is a product of China, but that should not be any reason why it’s advertised CL2 rating is not printed on the product itself.How was this missed? Come on Amazon!Read more

  4. RonnyS21

    After installing the cable the inspector who inspected the house noticed that this cable (amazon basic 14gauge cable) has no marks on the cable, so he asked me to show him the cable package to verify that it is certified for use inside the wall, the product packaging also does not have certification information for use on the wall. I contacted Amazon and they assured me that they do not have certification for the cable, that means that the cable don’t comply with what is necessary to be used on the wall. so I had to buy another cable and throw this away. Don’t buy this cable if you will use it inside the wall or in your attic.Read more

  5. David Rosenberg

    I’ve always had issues in my house with interference coming from a radio tower that’s close by. I’ve bought surge protectors with RF filters and a Blue Jeans subwoofer isolation transformer to eliminate noise in my subwoofer. I had by main tower and center speakers bi-wired (since they support that and are 6 ohm). I had them wired with an older stock of 14 guage speaker wire and Dynex wire I bought from Best Buy. I also have 4 surrounds (that can be either dipole or bipole at 8 ohm), that have single pairs of posts, and they were all wired with various runs of length to go (longest one being 40 feet, which goes around the molding of my room). Well my right back surround speaker (the one closest to the radio tower) began having static with 7.1 audio tracks. I tried exchanging speakers and the same position was exhibiting static, so I knew there was interference. I looked up the difference with 99.9% O2 free and CL2 rated wire. Even though I wasn’t going to run it under my floors (which would be beyond a major hassle), I decided having the larger diameter white insulation would be good (it’s not too conspicuous since it runs with my white wall molding). The quality of this Amazon brand wiring is very good (I’m sure the same as Mediabridge). I decided 14 gauge was good for my application, and it does turn out that this 14 gauge is larger diameter then my old wiring (I use the 12 gauge setting on my wire stripper, because 14 would cut some strands). This proves that not all “14 gauge” is the same, and with this Amazon wire, you’re getting more then what you pay for. I decided to simplify my mains and have some of this copper wire connect the pair of binding posts (since it’s much better quality then the jumpers that came with the speakers). It used to be I bi-wired to get some better detail in my towers, but I do think this wire’s quality makes it unnecessary. All the speakers do seem to have some more loudness and there’s no static (think the quality and maybe the red and black wires twisting around each other helps with interference). The only other feature I haven’t brought up is that the outer jacket does have markings for every foot….so it is nice that you can easily figure each run of speaker.Read more

  6. Mr O

    Exceptional value for in wall rated actual copper speaker wire. This is NOT cheap CCA. Not much else to say. It just works as it should.Read more

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