0C1867DZXXE149 Bose quietcomfort 35 ii wi-fi bluetooth headphones, noise-cancelling, with alexa voice manipulate – black

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  • three stages of worldwide-elegance noise cancellation for better listening revel in in any surroundings
  • alexa-enabled for voice get right of entry to to song, facts, and greater
  • noise-rejecting dual-microphone gadget for clean sound and voice choose-up
  • balanced audio overall performance at any extent
  • problem-unfastened bluetooth pairing, personalized settings, get admission to to destiny updates, and more through the bose connect app. Usb cable: 12 inch
  • bose ar enabled — an progressive, audio-most effective model of augmented truth
  • for iphone, ipad, and android customers, make sure your product’s firmware is up to date via the bose join app. Then you can access a showcase of bose ar improved apps with links to down load them.

from the manufacturer

famend noise cancelling headphones

clear away the distractions of the arena, and focus on what subjects most. Go deeper into your music, work, and passions — and not using a noise within the manner. Plus with amazon alexa, you may revel in leisure, get facts, and control your day. Just ask.

qc35 series ii

one app. Whole manage.

use the bose join app to regulate the extent of noise cancellation, permit music sharing, control bluetooth connections, and get entry to software program updates.

alexa. Anywhere. With the push of a button.

a few icebreakers… alexa, play ’90s pop. Alexa, flip up the extent. Alexa, what’s the weather? Alexa, add milk to my shopping list. Alexa, how overdue is starbucks open? Alexa, lock the doors.

let’s get started out.

  • down load the bose connect app for product setup and pair your tool
  • pick out alexa as digital assistant
  • download the amazon alexa app to create a free account
  • hit the movement button & ask away
  • evaluate bose headphones

    quietcomfort 35 ii

    noise cancelling 700

    quietcomfort earbuds

    recreation earbuds

    quality controls 35 ii gaming headset

    product description

    what happens while you clear away the noisy distractions of the world? Concentration goes to the next stage. You get deeper into your tune, your work, or some thing you want to cognizance on. That’s the electricity of bose quietcomfort 35 wireless headphones ii. Placed them on and get in the direction of what you’re most captivated with. And that’s just the start. Quietcomfort 35 wi-fi headphones ii are actually enabled with bose ar — an progressive, audio-handiest tackle augmented fact. Embedded on your headphones is a multi-directional motion sensor. One which bose ar can utilize to provide contextual audio based totally on where you’re. Unlock bose ar thru a firmware update thru the bose join app. They’re alexa-enabled, too, so that you can experience leisure, get statistics, and control your day — all with out searching at your telephone. Regulate your stage of noise cancelling among three settings using the movement button or the bose connect app. Quantity-optimized eq offers you balanced audio performance at any extent, and a noise-rejecting twin-microphone gadget affords clearer calls, even in noisy environments. And with clean bluetooth pairing, 20 hours of battery life, and a durable, at ease fit — you may preserve the track or the quiet going all day long. Covered: quietcomfort 35 ii, sporting case, charging cable, audio cable for enjoying tune without battery strength. Bose ar availability and functionality varies. Bose ar better apps are presently to be had for iphone and ipad customers best. Apps for android devices are in development.


    Black, Silver

    4 reviews for 0C1867DZXXE149 Bose quietcomfort 35 ii wi-fi bluetooth headphones, noise-cancelling, with alexa voice manipulate – black

    1. James B.

      I give it five stars. My wife hates them she would give it 1. I put them on and that’s it. I can’t hear her any more.Read more

    2. Amy

      I purchased these and the Sony WH1000XM2 to compare the two. Cnet says they both have a “9” for sound quality. I would agree, they both sound excellent. The Bose won the test for its noise cancellation, performance talking to people on the phone, comfort on my head, and sound processing.Phone performance:I compared how the Bose and the Sony sounded when recording and playing back my voice with a fan running in the background. The Bose sounded like I was holding an old fashioned handset and talking in a quiet room – intimate and zero background noise. The Sony sounded like I was on speaker phone, and I could hear some background noise. (As a control I also recorded using neither and it sounded like I was on speaker but also I could hear more background noise.) This feature is important to me since I spend a lot of time on the phone and prefer my clients to not hear any background noise.Sound qualityThe Bose and Sony both have excellent sound quality for playing music. I personally prefer the sound the Sony produces. The Sony iphone app lets you choose your levels on an equalizer, and I like that. However, the Bose hears what type of music you’re playing and automatically optimizes the sound, and it does a really good job. While I would prefer to be able to set the levels if I so choose, I also appreciate that Bose is making it all easy for me, so I can truly listen to my music on random and not have to fuss with levels. The Bose iphone app doesn’t do very much at all. It does let you “find your headset” similar to the “find my phone” app, and it will apply firmware. (I’m hoping Bose will add an equalizer into its app in the future.)Noise cancellationThe Sony occasionally made me aware that noise cancellation was going on (with a whitenoise effect). The Bose on the other hand just stops the noise. There is no delay, no white noise, just quiet and your music.ControlsThe Bose controls are intuitive to find and to use. I like that the on-off control is a switch to flip on and off (rather than a button to find). Also, you can use this button to switch between devices, for example between your phone and ipad and your TV amplifier. The right earcup has three small buttons in a row together, and they control a lot of things. Volume, pause, and skip, rewind, answer/decline calls, etc. The left earcup only has the google assistant button, which I programmed to instead control the amount of noise cancellation (high, low, off). Song playback sounds much better with noise cancellation on high, and I don’t think that has to do with noise (I was in a quiet environment); the bass sounds enhanced with noise cancellation on for some reason. (In comparison, the Sony lets you swipe the earcup itself to control volume, pause, play, skip, etc. This seems great in theory, but in practice if I bumped the earcup adjusting my glasses or whatever, the music would pause. I found the Sony to be somewhat buggy in that regard. It would stop playing at times and I had to pick up my phone to get the music re-started, which is annoying.) I found the Bose controls to be more intuitive and consistent. Also, when you switch them on a voice tells you how much battery you have left, which is handy.ComfortThe Bose QuietComfort truly is comfortable. The earcups are soft, there is not a lot of clamping, and the top band is padded so it’s less annoying on the top of the head. (In comparison, the Sony do have more clamping which was uncomfortable over glasses.) I am a pilot and wear a similar headset, so I’m familiar with how headphones feel after a few hours. On-ear are not going to be as comfortable for long term wear as earbuds would be, but I was wiling to make that trade-off to get superior sound quality.StyleThe Bose are more streamlined to my head. the Sony are bulky and look geeky.ConclusionEven though the Sony produces superior sound, the litany of other features (superior noise cancellation, intuitive controls, comfort, style, & phone performance) won me over to the Bose.Read more

    3. Wayne Ngo

      I received these with firmware 2.0.1 which worked phenomenally with my Mac and iPhone. ANC was nice and bluetooth stable. Unfortunately, the google assistant app decided to update my firmware to 2.5.1 by it self!! Seriously Google? Ask me for permission first.Afterwards, ANC got noticeably worse. I played various background noise on my speakers and there was no difference between low and high ANC. Bluetooth skipped every 2 seconds if both Mac and iPhone were connected whereas it worked seamlessly before. Symptoms didn’t go away after updating to the 3.1.8 firmware via Bose’s website. These are getting returned.If you get these headphones, DO NOT update them – please. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.Notes:-I did the Bose reset and re-paired multiple times. No dice.-This ANC issue happened on the original QC 35 too-google assistant initiated update WITHOUT prompting “yes or no”. This happened when opening the app.Read more

    4. John S

      These are amazing and Bose is great! I purchased these headphones for their noise-cancellation abilities. I am an application developer and wear them at work because I am easily distracted. I don’t even listen to music with them… they just cancel just about all background noise, including random chatter from the annoying marketing department. I also use them for WebEx and Skype calls with clients. The built-in microphone is great and the noise-cancellation is helpful during those calls as well. Battery life is extremely good. I can go an entire week without having to charge the headset. It comes with an 1/8″ cable that will allow you to listen to music even when the batteries are dead. An added feature is that the bluetooth feature will allow you to connect to and hear audio from two sources at the same time. This is great if you want to connect to your iPhone and laptop at the same time.After a month of use, the headphones button would no longer work to pair to a new device. It would still power on and off, just the pairing didn’t function. Bose support was difficult to deal with. At first the support technician didn’t think there was anything wrong with the headset. After a frustrating conversation, he relented and sent me instructions for sending them back to the manufacturer. This would mean that I would be without my precious headphones for at least two weeks. The next day prior to dropping the headphones at UPS I came across The Bose Store at Tysons Corner Mall. I had the headphones with me so I decided to speak to one of the employees there. After a very brief conversation, and even though I purchased these through Amazon, he walks over to a display, gets me a brand new set of headphones and proceeds to exchange my defective ones for the new set. No other questions asked. He just said “We like to take care of our customers”. I wish customer support would have been as easy to deal with… but, things worked out.Read more

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