0C1863DUXDY574 Rockville rhb70 home theater compact powered speaker gadget w bluetooth/usb/fm

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  • rockville rhb70 compact all in one home theater speaker with four” subwoofer and (2) 3″ audio system constructed in.
  • constructed in high powered amplifier with tremendous sound great. 2. 1 channel design with (2) 3″ audio system for highs and a 4″ subwoofer for mids and lows.
  • built in bluetooth to circulation track from any smartphone, tablet, or different bluetooth device. Makes use of pinnacle quality bluetooth chip with better statistics charge and 35 foot variety.
  • built in usb input to play lower back songs saved on a thumb power (up to 32gb). Built in sd memory card slot allows playback of audio stored on a reminiscence card (up to 32gb).
  • rca aux enter permits easy connection of a computer, computer, television, phone, tablet, or every other audio device.
  • led show to view quantity, tune details, fm channels and other info. Handy virtual controls on the front panel.
  • faraway control with direct tune selection. Absolutely wooden enclosure for natural sound. Cherry timber enclosure end.
  • frequency reaction: 40hz – 20 khz. Channel separation: ≥ 50db ( 1 khz ). Output energy: 25 watts rms, 50 watts program strength, 100 watts top electricity.
  • enter voltage required —110v ac. Unit dimensions (inches): four. Seventy three” w x 9. Sixty five” h x 10. Sixty four” d. Unit weight: 5. Forty three lbs.
  • shipping dimensions in inches (with packing fabric):6. 62″ w x 12. 41″ h x 11. 62″ d. Transport weight: 6. 31 lbs

2.1 Channel – External Sub, All-In-One Tower, All-In-One Tower Beige, All-In-One – Integrated Sub

8 reviews for 0C1863DUXDY574 Rockville rhb70 home theater compact powered speaker gadget w bluetooth/usb/fm

  1. S Burgin

    I put on a Haunted House every year and use lots of sounds effects. I was looking for, although didn’t think it realistic, for an all in one speaker that had great base and would play mp3’s from USB. Found it. I must say, the sound this little guy puts out is pretty incredible for the size and especially the price. This will fill the sound in a room for a particular scene I’m planning for this years haunted house. It gets loud, really no noticeable distortion and the little sub fills the room with deep base. I will most likely buy another one of these bad boys.***Tip for playing audio files from USB. I kept having issues where it would not play/recognize music files from my Mac. What I finally figured out is your files must be true mp3 files. Although, the files would play on my Mac that I just dragged from a CD, they wouldn’t play. Even after changing the extension to mp3. Once I imported the CD and exported as MP3’s, I copying to USB and it works fantastic. The remote is not the greatest, but it does work and it has a control panel on front in case remote ever went bad. This was a no-brainer decision. Awesome!!!Read more

  2. JJ

    When I first received this speaker it was great. I have had it for almost 3 months and now it doesn’t work the same. The bass is gone and the volume is much lower. I have passed the return window so I am stuck with it. :-(Read more

  3. Fin Jen

    power was everything I was hoping for. But one of the main reasons I bought this speaker aside from the power was the usb and sd card reader slots. They did not work from minute one. My return so far appears to be handled, but now I’m out the cost of returning the item, which is substantial, and I have nothing in return for it. The seller did not even offer to replace the speaker. It seemed to me like the seller was not surprised and offered no support other than the return shipping label. I will be more wary in the future ordering on Amazon as a result of this purchase.Read more

  4. Frances Christman

    This cheap little thing put hundreds of dollars worth of audio components to shame. It’s excellent for what it is. However it’s not 2.1 audio, it’s mono. You’re buying only one speaker, and even if I bought another I don’t see any way to make one play the right channel and the other the left channel to get stereo, except with the RCA inputs. So it’s mono playback for FM, bluetooth, USB and SD card. In case you wonder how to save an FM station as a preset, when pressing the “scan” button all the detected stations are saved automatically.Read more

  5. Randy Lee

    I have purchased 8 of these in total. 7 as Christmas gifts. Let me make this clear – the sound is clear, crisp, soft, accurate and outstanding bass response. I’m fairly blown away by this little self-powered subwoofer sound system. The sub is a bass ported design. The two front-firing speakers are clean and have excellent dispersion pattern. Very balanced and lovely sound. My main stereo system is a $20K system. This little guy is my “go-to” for quick Bluetooth connection to Pandora and Viola~ wonderful sound in seconds. The cabinet is attractive without being garish. I also use it outside by the pool. Plenty of volume. No, your not going to shake glassware playing Van Halen and full volume. It’s not that kind of speaker. This unit produces beautiful, balanced music without the need of bass/mid/treble/sub controls. It’s just plain simple and delightful to use. I highly recommend it.Read more

  6. David

    Update: had this for two months. It started clicking off, then just stopped working. Really sad because I loved the speaker. Everything was great except for quality. I got this in yesterday. Looks awesome, very stylish. Love that u can hard wire it to your TV or use Bluetooth. Watched a movie and it sounded great. Played music from my cell phone on the Bluetooth sounds great. The bass is awesome for such a small component. I read some complaints because it’s not cordless, but I find it easy to take around the house and not have to worry about the battery dying. At $32, it’s a great deal, and we’ll exceeded my expectations. I also love that it has a radio.Read more

  7. RobE

    This inexpensive speaker system is an incredible value for what you get in sound improvement for any TV or small device that doesn’t have good built in speakers. So far I’ve used it with my Sony TV, my Sirius portable receiver and an old IPOD nano that has a lot of music on it. The thought the Sony TV sound was good until I hooked this great speaker up! What an improvement! It exceeded my expectations in every way and is even better than claimed in the Video description (that is so entertaining to watch) Do yourself a favor and don’t spend more than you have to for great sound!Read more

  8. William

    Only button on remote control that worked was the “off” button. Front controls on speaker itself were hit or miss. Sometimes they would operate, and then would not operate. Mode control hard to use. Easy to by-pass the mode you wanted to employ. Good sound when finally got it to operate in the mode I wanted to use. Returned it for refund. Not worth the hassle.Read more

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