0C1862LYNGG809 Electro-voice elx200-18sp 18″ 1200w powered subwoofer

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  • quicksmartdsp capabilities satisfactory-in-elegance processing. Clean setup via three presets, sub/pinnacle machine-in shape, five person-programmable presets, visible tracking of limiter popularity, input degree control and meters, and grasp quantity control to optimize advantage structure, all through lcd.
  • excessive-efficiency 1200 w class-d strength amplifier offers as much as 132 db height spl utilizing ultraefficient, excessive-sensitivity transducer designed and engineered by way of ev.
  • perfect for transportable and established applications. Professional-grade hardware: integrated m20 threaded pole mount plate and -take care of design for smooth lifting.
  • electro-voice elx200-18sp

    elx200-18sp capabilities high-efficiency class-d energy amplifiers (up to 1200 w) with included quicksmartdsp, and delivers up to 132 db spl using transducers designed and engineered by using ev (18-inch evs-18l woofer). Powered subwoofer fashions allow clean setup thru three presets (track, live, club), sub/top system-match crossovers, 3-band eq, five consumer-programmable presets (shop and recollect settings), visual tracking of limiter fame, input stage control and meters, and master extent control to make sure top of the line gain shape. Elx200 powered fashions are perfect for portable and mounted packages, with light-weight and compact 15-mm timber enclosures, included m20 threaded pole polemount plate, and two-cope with design for smooth lifting.

    the brand new quicksmart mobile wi-fi manipulate and tracking utility, the usage of bluetooth low power (btle) era, allows intuitive machine manipulate, configuration and monitoring of up to six powered elx200 loudspeakers concurrently. Acquire alerts when your device is being overdriven, and control your system whilst in the front of your speakers, now not behind. Bluetooth is available in choose international locations.

  • ev quicksmart cellular application: speedy and wirelessly configure, manage and screen up to 6 elx200 loudspeakers simultaneously, and acquire instant notification at some point of vital performance situations. Bluetooth is available in pick nations.
  • elx powered loudspeakers

    the elx200 series gives professional electro-voice audio nice, precision manage, and strong, ev-engineered additives in an extremely-light-weight bundle – a honestly potent combo of performance and portability.

    get the easy readability of the ev sound inside the proper size to fit your needs: with 10-inch, 12-inch, and 15-inch -way models, and 12-inch and 18-inch subwoofers to be had in each powered and passive variations, elx200 is a flexible, feature-rich choice for djs, cellular entertainers, bands, and musicians.




    ELX200-12SP, ELX200-18SP

    8 reviews for 0C1862LYNGG809 Electro-voice elx200-18sp 18″ 1200w powered subwoofer

    1. Chuck Wagon

      I did not believe the hype but the Electro-Voice 200 – 18sp subwoofer is the real deal.Please see the attached picture. PICTURE explained: on the left is the Electro-Voice 200- 18 inch Subwoofer (EL SUB). On the right is a Peavey 15 inch Triflex Subwoofer. Although not a direct comparison, the EL Sub blows away the competition. I now know what deep bass is all about. Also, shout out and big thanks to the Digitaldjgear Team. They came through in all seller department requirements, i. e., from giving me a great price to also properly packaging the El Sub correctly with no damages. You couldn’t ask for a better seller to buyer experience.P. S. SPEAKING of packaging, why remove a review star or two– if a package arrives damaged. That’s not the fault of the merchant.Read more

    2. Tiger Prints

      At the start of my PA journey, the first gig I MC’d at had me plugging in the ouputs on my tiny mixer into a stereo receiver to use the built-in small speakers of the venue. Being able to influence everyone in attendance was so much fun, I wanted to do it again and again.At the next gig, someone lent me two different brand PA speakers. One of them was completely broken and didn’t function, the other was on the fritz and barely worked. Basically, it was my same small mixer setup going straight to one 12″ speaker. Sounded like crap, and wasn’t even close to being loud enough.The shortcomings of that event motivated me to buy a pair of my own PA speakers. After a lot of research, I still had no idea what to get. With my price range, I went to a Guitar Center to hear their selection. The clerk played some speakers for me but of course the better sounding ones were too expensive. He then showed me two used EV ZLX-12P speakers that were discounted. Still a bit out of my price range, but I grabbed them anyways because he said they were better than the new ones that costed the same. With the DSP on the back with levels readout and simple adjustability, I can definitely say I liked these speakers a lot. They worked much better than expected at the next event, and I started to wonder what they would sound like with a sub after a friend suggested I get one.Once again, after a lot of research that was mostly in the EV line, I came upon this 18″ sub and just went for it. With only a mixer feeding all three speakers, it sounded so much fuller and this was before any tweaking was done. There was no going back now!Our next event let me use the full 2.1 setup, and I really tried to push it with volume. It handled everything great, although it sounded a little top heavy with the two mains and one sub. I did turn the sub up 2db higher than the mains to help counter this.Using the same exact setup at home, I continued to explore the settings to tweak it out more. The sound was great, and after getting a DBX DriveRack PA2, the equalization and deeper tweaking made it sound quite incredible (to me, of course).Our next event is going to require me to split my two mains, which forced me into buying a second sub to have a main and sub at two different locations to provide even sound. The sub arrived last night and I immediately set it up at home to get the driverack to power the 2.2 setup. WOW what a difference two subs makes. The sound is so much fuller now, and very well balanced. It’s no longer top heavy either and really kicks butt. The PA2 rack unit lets me turn it up much louder than I can stand at home, and I can’t wait for the event this Saturday in the very large venue to open up the setup and blast it.The bluetooth connectivity is awesome as well, since I can group the subs in the app and do some basic controls. Mainly switching between music and club mode, depending on the song. I plan on experimenting with some subharmonic settings on the PA2 to get more out of the subs, and possibly upgrading the 12″ mains to 15″ EV ELX line speakers that also have the bluetooth capability.I’m still very new to all of this but it’s been so much fun thus far. I am glad I am in the EV line of products, and don’t see a reason to switch brands yet. All in all, these subs rock.Read more

    3. M. Castle

      Love Love LOVE this sub!! It is sleek looking and EZ-PZ to move around. The sound is fantastic – I have had it paired with two different speaker sets (JBL EON 10s and RCF-525’s) in different venues and the sound was awesome. So happy to not have to crank up the mains with this sub providing the ‘punch’ that rocks a dancefloor. Although I’m able to lift it in and out of my SUV, I do use a furniture dolly to transport it when on-site at a gig. I also purchased the accompanying cover to keep it looking nice and not all scuffed. As for a mounting pole, I did need to purchase one with an M20 mount.Read more

    4. Wingnut

      Much like one other verified buyer of this item, we too received a damaged and clearly repackaged item, which is completely unacceptable at this high price point. Upon delivery, the external cardboard box showed no visible or significant signs of damage, yet when we opened it, there were several dents in the wood along the rear edges of the enclosure, and the absence of a power cord. More importantly, the circular, heavyweight magnetic assembly, which is glued to the back of the 18″ driver using epoxy, had become detached in shipment, and was bouncing around loosely, inside the enclosure, damaging the backside of the paper speaker element itself. Absolutely outrageous! Damaged, repackaged or refurbished items should NOT be sold as “new”! To do so, is unlawful, period!Read more

    5. Jeffrey W. Gesler

      Well worth the money. This took the place of 2 subs in a rather large nightclub.Read more

    6. Max McQuillen

      It arrived today as promised. This item was a repack. It had the wrong manual and no power cord. I was disappointed. I have not hooked it up yet to test. As a repack it should have been priced at least $100.00 less. If it doesn’t work, it will be returned but this will most likely be the last pro audio equipment I purchase here.Read more

    7. Elijah Armstead

      Been DJing events now for 10 years and decided to add an additional 18inch sub to my setup. I researched and compared 7 of the top name brand subs in the 500-900 price range, and this thing blows them away as the loudest and most light weight. At under 70 pounds it makes a huge difference in transporting to gigs, my other 18inch sub is 92lbs and now a pain in the ass in comparison. Thinking about buying another just for that reason!Read more

    8. Francesca

      This product arrived damaged and apparently you cannot return it. Something big I missed!Read more

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