0C185DK8H68384 4 inches heavy responsibility waterproof boat marine field outdoor audio system floor installed for skid steer atv utv rzr golfing cart tractor powersports boat truck jeep

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$53.30 $43.56

  • 2-way 4″ marine grade hifi complete range stereo pod audio system with 1″ pei dome tweeter
  • compact and powerful: maximum managing one hundred watts(a pair) , frequency response eighty – 20,000hz , impedance 4 ohms
  • marine grade waterproof creation:ip66, ideal for marine, boat, utv, atv, truck, golf cart, powersport, motorcycle, motorbike, rv, automobile & off-road cars
  • small 4″ length for easy set up wherein constrained space to be had; product dimensions 4. 4″(112mm) (w) x four. Four”(112mm) (h) x4″(102mm) (d)
  • what you get: a pair of self-contained pod speakers with mounting brackets


8 reviews for 0C185DK8H68384 4 inches heavy responsibility waterproof boat marine field outdoor audio system floor installed for skid steer atv utv rzr golfing cart tractor powersports boat truck jeep

  1. Brett O

    These were the smallest “marine” rated speakers I could find on Amazon. I paired four of them with a 4 channel Pyle marine amp, and installed them into the corners of the roof on my Club Car Villager golf cart. They provide PLENTY of sound for that purpose. Honestly, I would have sacrificed some sound quality for even smaller speakers. We didn’t want to rock the house, we just wanted to add some music to our ride and didn’t want to cut holes in the body to surface mount them.Read more

  2. MPDMcG

    These are perfect for my Jeep, even with the top and doors off.Read more

  3. Corey Lee Hennings

    Edit- The seller shipped me new speakers without me asking, purely in response to this review. That is a solid action to resolve the issue. I had installed new ones by that point, so I am not able to comment on the quality again – but the service jumped their stars.I installed these in my Jeep and within 6 uses the left channel speaker blew out and is not useless.Not worth the money – spend a bit more and get a trusted brand….I am sorry I went the cheap route on this purchase, I should have went Kenwood throughout the Jeep as trusted Car Speaker brand. Even prior to blowing, the sound quality was not good in my opinionRead more

  4. Jerry

    These speakers worked very well as outdoor speakers for our porch. I know others might use them for their golf carts or ATVs, but they work just as well as some compact/discreet outdoor speakers! The waterproof design is great and leaves me worry free in case there is a change of weather overnight and I forget to bring our nice non-water resistant bluetooth speakers inside.Pretty decent quality sound too for such small / reasonably priced speakers.Read more

  5. Jeff mcclendon

    I purchased this product because it advertised as being bluetooth. Not bluetooth at all. Dont know the quality yet because I haven’t hooked them up. May just return them.Read more

  6. Amazon Customer

    One of the speakers stoped working after six weeks.The case is glued together no way to open the case and examine the speaker or internal wiring.Read more

  7. Amazon Customer

    Abysmal sound quality. I wasn’t expecting them to sound great by any means but they sound horrible. The only thing I can equate them to is the old paper whizzer cone speakers used back in the 80’s in the cheapest of factory car stereos. The slightest amount of low frequencies and they distort even at very low volumes. I’m not not talking rap music bass here; just normal instrument based music. Most tiny generic $20 bluetooth speakers sound fuller and richer than these speakers, AND they will player cleaner louder.Read more

  8. ERC3

    All I can say about these speakers is they do add noise to a quiet vehicle. I just wanted to be able to listen to the radio in my old vintage car and that’s what I got. They sound horrible, but what can you expect for ~$25? Bring the volume up more than 25% and they go into total distortion. (And no, it’s not the radio.) The only good part of them is I didn’t have to cut the package shelf to install them which makes them easy to eliminate when I find something better.Read more

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