0C1853SNWR9853 Toshiba ty-asw91 micro element speaker system: wi-fi bluetooth speaker sound gadget with fm, usb & cd, aux input, led show and remote manipulate

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  • make certain this suits
  • through getting into your model wide variety.
  • top class audio audio system: external amplifier offers professional bass and loud surround sound first-rate
  • multimedia participant: connect with bluetooth, usb or aux, listen to fm radio or play tune on cd or mp3. Make sure the space among this unit and the tool is within 10m
  • compact and portable: private system is small sufficient for a bookshelf or for transporting to a party
  • remote manipulate covered: set comes with a handy far off to easily alternate streaming function from afar
  • smooth layout: toshiba’s home audio system has a fashionable, minimalist black design with an led show

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from the manufacturer

toshiba ty-asw91

in spite of its compact length, this stereo system comes packed with loads of present day technology that lets in it to play audio from resources which include bluetooth gadgets, cds, and usb flash drives. Its smooth, minimalist look also seamlessly integrates on shelves and inner entertainment facilities.

bluetooth lets you move wireless track from an enabled mobile device, leaving you loose to mingle with visitors, smooth the residence, or do yoga—all with out interrupting the track. Furthermore, bluetooth plays your preferred songs over the gadget’s speakers, filling the room with richer sound than most smartphones, tablets, or laptops can.

whilst the playlist on your smartphone ends, keep the tune going by switching to the built-in radio or popping for your preferred cd out of your private collection. The stereo can also play audio files saved on usb gadgets together with flash drives, and connects to non-bluetooth audio assets with its auxiliary enter (auxiliary cable required, no longer covered).

  • bluetooth-well matched
  • integrated fm
  • usb and aux enter
  • power output: 15wx 2
  • compatible with cd/mp3/cd-r/cd-rw
  • playback characteristic
  • led show
  • dimensions: a hundred and eighty x 116 x 245mm
  • about toshiba

    toshiba manufactures a sweeping variety of products, consisting of tvs, medical imaging system, industrial motors, and hdtvs which are seen to ghosts. Even though its manufacturing has turn out to be more and more different, its corporate philosophy remains easy—toshiba views itself as responsible for supporting to create a safer, better world through innovation and era. To this cease, the company has released its toshiba organization environmental vision 2050, which has the number one aim of making the employer 10 instances greater eco-efficient through the 12 months 2050.

    Product Dimensions

    7.1, x, 9.6, x, 4.6, inches

    Item Weight

    9, pounds



    Item model number



    2, AA, batteries, required.

    Customer Reviews

    4.4, out, of, 5, stars, 460, ratings, 4.4, out, of, 5, stars

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    #8, 119, in, Electronics, (See, Top, 100, in, Electronics), #200, in, Home, Theater, Audio

    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


    Date First Available

    March, 17, 2017



    8 reviews for 0C1853SNWR9853 Toshiba ty-asw91 micro element speaker system: wi-fi bluetooth speaker sound gadget with fm, usb & cd, aux input, led show and remote manipulate

    1. Amazon Customer

      I have been on the hunt for a small stereo for my son’s room. The criteria were good sound quality, CD player, Bluetooth (optional) and small form factor. Since boom boxes aren’t really a thing anymore a shelf or micro system seemed like a good choice. In the price range of this stereo, most competing products had very poor sound quality. I had tried a Toshiba boom box and the sound was so awful, I immediately boxed it back up and had a return processed in 20 min. Yuck.This device (for the price mind you) passes the good sound quality test. Many similar devices have harsh midrange sound, and either tinny highs or nonexistent highs. Bass is hit or miss on many, usually a miss, but it’s tough to get balanced sound out of something this inexpensive. While the sound is good, it’s not great; I believe this has a lot to do with the speaker construction. First off, the cabinets are very thin and light–no surprise at this price point. They look as anonymous as possible and honestly they look rather cheap up close. There is a single driver in the cabinet, looks to be about 5.5″ which must do the job of all sound reproduction. While the covers are not removable, it’s pretty easy to see through the mesh with a bright light. What appears to be missing is a bass vent which seemed odd because the bass did not sound muffled or dampened; in fact, bass response is quite good despite the cheap look and feel of the speaker. However, there is a bass port hidden behind the mesh which means it’s in the front of the speaker. Maybe not a problem, there’s nothing saying that a small speaker can’t have the bass vent in the front (although usually small speakers have them in the rear). What is a problem is that at medium volume, the air pressure vibrates the mesh which rattles against the grille frame. It’s not TERRIBLE but there is indeed a slight buzz that is indeed audible. Additionally, the speakers themselves don’t look like they belong with the stereo; for a similar volume cabinet, they could have been designed to match the size and shape of the stereo unit itself. I suppose these are the details lost when operating on a budget. Mids are reasonably well represented but sometimes have that paper cone effect where some frequencies can be a little harsh; highs are acceptable. There are four EQ modes, jazz, pop, rock, and classical; if you’ve used a stereo of this sort, you’ll be familiar with how the modes change the sound (that is, set it to jazz and never touch it again).The CD player (however unpopular those are these days) performs adequately; I had purchased a similar Samsung stereo that has an extremely loud CD player mechanism. It’s so loud that I had to place some thin foam under the cabinet as one could hear the motor sounds at moderate volumes–very irritating. This unit does not suffer the same issue of a noisy CD mechanism, but it’s not the quietest I’ve ever heard. With the volume set at 5, the CD player will be louder than the music it’s playing. Bluetooth is unremarkable, it connects easily and has a good range of about 20 feet through some walls before cutting.The one feature that I found conspicuously absent is a sleep timer. Even the cheapest of the cheap typically include this feature and I’m quite surprised there is nothing here. Given that this will be used in a bedroom, I’m partially tempted to return it and keep searching, but I’m not sure if I feel like packing up yet another stereo to go back.In all, it gets three stars for better than expected sound quality in this price bracket, but loses out on two for the cheap speaker design/build and the lack of a sleep timer.Read more

    2. DianadyNnh

      What a disappointment. Unit arrived @ 1pm and I was shocked to see how small it was and I feel the picture is deceiving, but decided I could live with that. I inserted my new CD I was anxious to hear. The machine scooped up my cd, swallowed it, but refused to spit it out. I fought with it for an hour trying to get my cd back but it was gone…never to be seen again. This I could not live with.I gave up trying to get the cd back or even hearing it play. Needless to say this little machine with it’s cd eating insert is NOT well made and I cannot recommend it to anyone. Sorry Toshiba you really disappointed me this time.Read more

    3. Amazon Customer

      I got this as a gift for my mother. As she’s gotten older, I wanted a stereo system that was compact and fairly simple to use. After setting it up, I was happy I had gotten this for her. The controls are pretty straightforward, although the tuner setup/controls are a bit more complicated than I thought they should be. No AM band on it, but other than the news station, it’s no biggie (helps that they simulcast the news station on FM band) Also, has good tone quality. Good sound and decent volume, but don’t expect to knock the plaster off the walls. CD player works great with this system, too. I didn’t get a chance to try the BT feature or use a flash drive with audio on it, but I’m guessing it should work just fine – right now, I’d say go by what others have said about these features, or wait 6 months when I go see her again and try these features out.Read more

    4. Nuss

      For $100, it is a good little CD stereo player. Just right to be able to play CDs in our living room area.For the budget-minded, a very good purchase. Surprisingly good sound coming from the bookshelf-sized speakers.Only negative is that the 36″ long speaker wires are simply too short if you put the CD-player on a table, and then want to place the speakers on the floor with any separation. Audiophiles that might complain about lack of bass, but they should remember this little guy is only $100!Read more

    5. Barbara Goode

      The CD player is not working on the system I receivedWe tried over a dozen different cd’s and the player just says “no disc”. I’m going to have to return it. Very disappointingRead more

    6. R. M. Simmons

      Sounds decent. However, the CD player did not work out of the box.Read more

    7. K. A. Rogers

      The CD player makes noise while it plays. I thought at first it would only be “noisy” while it “read” the CD prior to playing. But it is consistent. The speakers are terrific. And the FM radio works without a problem. Haven’t tried the USB yet. I’ll be trying that out soon. I bought this for my office and have been pretty satisfied – other than the noise the CD player makes.Read more

    8. housegecko

      I purchased this for my father. I would bring over CDs and play them for him when I visited. He is elderly. The first couple of times it played ok. Not great, but good enough sound. The ninth time I did this, the CD was not playing well skipping etc. I had just played it in my home and it was fine, so I ejected the CD, looked it over for any problems and when I found none, I placed it carefully in the tray and used the remote to close. It skipped again, so I ejected. No CD in tray. Where is it? Who knows. This is a piece of junk. do not waste good money on it. I can’t return it so it is now a radio.–and not a good one at that!Read more

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