0C1850RNEEY755 Knz goduo transportable bluetooth actual wi-fi audio system with magnetic connectable base, l/r stereo sound and bass, water and shock resistant, 18 hr playtime, built-in mic, protective wearing case (gray)

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  • spatially separated left and proper channels boost the delivery of real stereo consequences. Cast off the speakers out of your case and separate the magnetic bases to play track from specific angles, or go away your speakers connected like a conventional speaker.
  • each wireless bluetooth speaker is louder than most transportable speakers available on the market, offering 5 watts of optimized output each. The built-in subwoofer in each speaker enhances bass and creates an wonderful song enjoy.
  • our audio system are equipped with twin driving force generation, having a further driver on each side certainly complements sound best and gives you a more vibrant, vivid and full sound from low-give up to high-cease.
  • being ipx5 licensed, our audio system are built with a water-proof housing and sealed in a unibody casing so your purchase won’t be broken by using a touch of water, rain or snow and are durable sufficient to live to tell the tale harsh environments and weather conditions.
  • our hanging ring design and covered carabineer allow the speaker to be carried with consolation while on the move. With the magnetic base, you could connect your audio system to any magnetic surface including your vehicle, golf cart, fridge, pull-up bar and greater!

product description

the maximum versatile speaker available on the market

each speaker is magnetized and may be connected to any steel and iron surfaces inclusive of cabinets, tables, your fridge door, and a lot more.

unique mechanical layout, fantastic polycarbonate shell and metal base make goduo speakers strong and dependable for outside sports. the sporting cowl offers moreprotection from surprise and scratching, which makes knz goduo speakers the perfect companion for existence at the cross.

knz goduo speakers are easy to modify for an most advantageous surrounding audio experience and ultimate convenience. The spatially separated left and right channels raise the delivery of real stereo effects.

knz goduo audio system, along with their carrying case, are designed to in shape into a bicycle’s water bottle holder. With built-in excessive-capability battery, goduo can effortlessly last the entire day-ride with severe usage without recharging.

with a striking ring layout, the audio system can be carried with consolation, easily attached to a backpack, or mounted with a carabiner.

as the brainchild of our industry-main clothier, the cost-delivered retail package makes goduo a perfect gift choice.


Clear with Black Case, Clear with Red Case, Gray, Smoke

5 reviews for 0C1850RNEEY755 Knz goduo transportable bluetooth actual wi-fi audio system with magnetic connectable base, l/r stereo sound and bass, water and shock resistant, 18 hr playtime, built-in mic, protective wearing case (gray)

  1. Dan Dunay

    Well defined audio, especially the all-important mid-range. Highs are clear and just enough bass to give a little punch to the music. Be advised that your best sound will come after a few hours of use.Love how versatile and durable the speakers are. They are well protected and more water resistant in their rubberized case. When out of the case, I stick them on the microwave, refrigerator, or flat surface.They have a few unusual tricks. Not only can you physically separate them for wireless Bluetooth stereo, you can do the same thing with auxiliary input! Plug in the aux cable to one of the speakers and the other one will play the other channel when separated. Nice trick.On my Android phone, the speaker battery level shows up in the top status bar. See photo below.These are true 2-way speakers. The woofer at the base of the speaker is active, meaning it is powered and receives low frequencies only. This makes the bass very satisfying for a small speaker. You can feel the bass on whatever surface the speakers are placed.The base is both magnetized and rubberized. It sticks to metal, but won’t scratch delicate surfaces. The soft loop at the top makes it easy to pick up. The carabiner makes it easy to hang.Read more

  2. Guy-who-buys-things

    EDIT: 5/5/18So I’ve only had these for about a month or so and at first they we’re great and I loved them. Now, I’m not so impressed. The sound sometimes fades out in one speaker and gets static-y. Both speakers do this though which leads me to believe its a connection issue between the two speakers. Also while I’m listening to music or podcasts the speakers will randomly go through the connection sequence: “Left channel connected. Right channel connected. Blueooth connected.” Its REALLY annoying when your listening experience is interrupted like that. And on top of all that, sometimes the speakers just cut out for a few seconds. Also annoying especially when listening to a podcast. They’re still good speakers when they work, but maybe hold off until the company fine tunes the connectivity between the two speakers, as I suspect thats the problem.Original: I was hesitant to spend almost $100 on bluetooth speakers because they’re usually all unimpressive.THESE ARE DIFFERENT! THE BASS IS REEEAAAALLLL!!!These just came in today and I was excited to try them out. Dre, Ghostface, Kendrick, Nas, Kanye, all these types of beats HIT on these speakers, I love it! I got these mostly for the magnetic feature so I can put them on my forklift at work. Each speaker is about the size of my fist.Read more

  3. Jacob

    The KNZ GoDuo Speakers are incredible! I recently heard about these speakers after my friend showed me their kickstarter campaign and I was really excited about the versatility of the product as I love taking my music everywhere I go. When I got the speakers on Amazon and tried them out, they were everything I hoped they were and more! I’ve taken them to the beach and the sound quality was still amazing! They even got wet and there was no problem at all. The connectivity was effortless, the portability is endless and the battery last all day! I honestly have no complaints about these speakers and I’ve used them every day since I bought them. I would 100% recommend these speakers to anyone, check out my quick video and see for yourself!Read more

  4. Gregory Rush

    For years I’ve purchased many Bluetooth speakers. I was in search of that perfect speaker that could not only be loud enough to hear over my bikes engine, But have some great quality. I just found that and more! Right out of the box I was very impressed! These little guys had a decent weight, Much nicer looking than the picture, And paired easily. The sound quality, Wow! I couldn’t believe the Awesome variety of sounds you get by merely moving the two cones around. Great Highs, Rockin Bass, These little guys are ready to compeat with the larger expensive speakers I own. Just the sleek design, Plus the magnets make these guys perfect size easy to transport. GoDuo are a must have! At this price, This is a steal. I’ve been showing these guys off to my friends, And about to order another set for myself. I highly recommend! When I found out that owning a Samsung S8 that I could sync 4 speakers, I took advantage of it. WOW! If you think that just 2 of these amazing speakers sound great, You should hear 4!! I am more than impressed by my Go Duo speakers. I love,love, love these speakers. These little guys are absolutely incredible!!Read more

  5. Sean

    I REALLY wanted to like these more, but they’re just proving to be a ROYAL pain in the butt. Love the sound quality, love the magnets, love the look but …I often have to “Power Off … Power On … Right channel connected .. Left channel connected” two or three times before I actually get audio coming out both speakers over Bluetooth. Even having the AUX cable connected often screws up the left/right pairing, depending on volume and there can be a nasty feedback noise on some devices.What’s worse, though is that there’s a solid 50-200ms latency when playing out both speakers.That delay would probably be just fine for playing music off a phone, but makes them really annoying for Youtube videos when the sound is not sync’d. Attached them to a keyboard for my daughter’s piano lessons and the lag was an even bigger problem. Unusable.When it does come through, the sound is wonderfully bright and loud … but the sound just plays way too late. :(Read more

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