0C184XNQEN8219 wi-fi headphones 13 40mm neodymium drivers clean clarity)

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  • thirteen hour bluetooth playtime: preserve your song trouble-loose by means of wirelessly linking your bluetooth enabled device and streaming from as much as 30 toes away. With as much as thirteen hours bluetooth playtime of thoughts-blowing sound that’ll leave you with good vibes all day lengthy.
  • song to-cross: built for anybody who loves to rock n’ roll, the easy-sliding metal modifications and feather-mild build are ready to hit the road. The luxurious circular ear cups rotate eighty ranges and fold up in the palm of your hand, so you can bring them wherever life takes you.
  • comfy suit: the lush round cups healthy flawlessly in your ears and provide a comfy listening enjoy you can use all day. The smooth adjustable headscarf allows you to get the precise healthy. The scarf is likewise product of plush leather cloth to so it’s at ease to wear all day.
  • take manipulate: those headphones have button controls proper at the headset, so you can manage the extent, pass tracks, and solution calls all without doing away with your smartphone. There’s additionally on an onboard microphone that permits for crystal clean communique at some stage in calls.
  • two 12 months guarantee/30 day guarantee: we are so positive you’ll be satisfied together with your purchase that we offer a “30-day cash-back assure” to ensure consumer pleasure of our jlab products. Also included with our products is a 2-12 months restricted guarantee to make sure you are covered for up to 2 years in case any issues with our product rise up.



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5 reviews for 0C184XNQEN8219 wi-fi headphones 13 40mm neodymium drivers clean clarity)

  1. William Winkle

    The most under-rated American made headphone, NO JOKE! I bought these headphones from Cost-Co in June, as they were on sale for $8.88 during the summer, I was very surprised at the price, as when I grabbed the headphones off the sale stand, they felt very sturdy, soft and quality-made. I tried them out as soon as I got out of Cost-Co and although it is kind of a stupid idea, I put on the headphones as I drove 2.5 miles home.It’s legal here in Michigan, but it’s discouraged since it blocks your hearing. Anyways, The 40mm drivers sure showed their quality, I was listening to my rap music with awesome bass and had it cranked up to the max volume, NO DISTORTION what-so-ever! I took good care of the headphones after that experience, I’ve had the headphones for about 11 months, I used them every day, when I played games on my Xbox and PC, and on my drives to and from work, and when I was lounging around after work, listening to music in my leisure time. After 11 months, only NOW is the left headphone starting to wear out. But both sides still sound great as of today. I just looked at the 1 star reviews and was laughing my butt off, because I seen that people were using the headphones without any care what-so-ever, and of course, broke them within a couple months and blamed the headphones for their stupidity xD.P.S. Besides myself being an avid memer, rap listener, and video gamer, I’m also an avid vaper. So please don’t mind my vape in the pic. xDRead more

  2. ColdWarTom

    These are fantastic headphones for the price. They’re sturdier than they appear. This model is made mostly of very rigid rubber, strong metal wire and some pretty typical thin plastic around the foam parts. This plastic and foam may need a little TLC to keep these in good shape but I can’t complain AT ALL. Take care of this and you’ll be thrilled with the build quality and sound. The battery lasts for AGES, the style appeals to me quite a lot, and the fit and feel are really very comfortable, but the very best thing about these headphones is the very crisp, clean and powerful sound! The controls are mounted conveniently of the bottom and rear of the left speaker enclosure. They tell you the battery percentage and tell you whether they’re connected when you turn them on and they even say goodbye when you turn them off. There’s volume control on the headset. These sound way better than I expected and provide a very wide dynamic range. When it’s called for, the bass is even very respectable. I already plan to buy more of these because it’s just so hard to find a brand that you can trust, that works well and actually priced this reasonably. 5 stars!Read more

  3. Q Productions

    I bought these because my wires get caught on my case while deejaying. I already have a pair of JLab headphones that sound absolutely incredible for the price of $20 at wal-mart. So I decided to see what these can do. After the first day, could not pair them to my iPhone ever again. They’re so-so at best compared to their wired version which sounds 100 times better than my Sony’s and I paid $200 for them. Very disappointed but for the price it’s no big deal.Read more

  4. Julie

    I take the bus downtown to work, and like to muffle the sounds of ambient conversations, bus and other city noises. I also like listening to music and audiobooks to boost my spirits and occupy my mind. In-ear headphones are uncomfortable and typically fall out of my small ears. Over-ear headphones muffle better and have better sound quality, but are bulkier and heavier to wear and store. These on-ear headphones muffle enough so I am not so irritated by the environmental sounds, and provide acceptable sound quality for my music and audiobooks, especially for the price! They work fine for hearing phone conversations, but I have not had success with a mike on these phones –not sure there is one– so I just hold my phone to my mouth to talk. I like the way they look–the muted gray does not attract too much attention, but the subtle purple trim on the inside of the headband and earphone cups makes me happy when I look at them. They also fit better around my neck when I don’t have them on my ears, and take up less storage space in my locker or commute bag. I appreciate the modest price. I figure people can pay as much or as little as they want for a product that will meet their needs, and I prefer to pay less.Read more

  5. JR Jones

    I had originally ordered the Bluetooth version of the headphones, but twice Amazon sent the wired version. I noticed that the box had a barcode sticker on the box for the Bluetooth version, yet the headphones they sent were the wired version. After returning both pairs, I decided to order directly from the JLab site, thinking that I would be sent the correct headphones if I took Amazon out of the loop. No! Apparently JLab’s orders are fulfilled by Amazon, so here was my THIRD pair of wired headphones when I should’ve received Bluetooth.Wait, you’re saying. Why the five-star review then?After I received the third pair of wired headphones, I took to Twitter. I tweeted both JLab and Amazon about the issue, and shortly thereafter was contacted by the VP of Operations at JLab who took personal control of my case and had a new Bluetooth pair sent to me from JLab directly. Today I received them and they’re great! Lightweight, comfortable, paired with my phone immediately, and awesome range. Great product, and great customer service from JLab!(The issue, apparently, is that Amazon was putting the Bluetooth barcodes on the wired headphones. Hopefully that situation will be resolved soon.)Read more

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