0C183MO0TSK280 Altec lansing transportable bluetooth speaker – ip67 water-resistant outside speaker with 30-foot range and 6-hour battery – floating shockproof wi-fi speaker for seashore, shower, home and vehicle (blue)

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  • carry the celebration anywhere you go with the mini h2o portable speaker with the aid of altec lansing. Our transportable wireless bluetooth speaker is perfect for interesting poolside, within the dorm, or maybe even as tenting inside the middle of nowhere.
  • ip67 water resistant in addition to sand-proof and impact-resistant, the mini h2o can be used as a bath speaker or taken to the beach for sunbathing. It additionally floats so you can absorb canoeing with out worry if it is going overboard.
  • 6-hour battery lifestyles continues the good instances rolling. It additionally has an onboard microphone for crystal-clean, fingers-free communique. Include the whole circle of relatives in vacation smartphone calls to the grandparents.
  • 30-foot range gives you room to roam the house together with your cellphone or pill, with out dropping connectivity. Trendy bluetooth 3. 0 technology makes syncing with your streaming tool short and easy.
  • compact and journey-pleasant at simply 4” x 1” x 2”, the altec lansing mini h2o wi-fi speaker boasts an integrated carabiner loop so you can clip it for your backpack, beltloop or tent pole for smooth carry everywhere you go.

product description

concentrate longer

an electricity-sipping lithium-ion battery can provide up to 6 hours of music, podcasts and audio books on a single rate. The mini h2o bluetooth speaker comes with its own usb charging cable, auxiliary cable and quick-begin manual to get you off the sofa and into the groove.

a style accessory

unlike other bluetooth audio system that are limited to black or gray hues, the mini h2o complements your character. It’s far available on your preference of 6 vibrant colors: aqua blue; blue; deep purple; teal; black; and funky gray. Fit it to your room decor or give it as a present inside the recipient’s favorite shade. Its fashion-ahead style is positive to satisfaction.

  • bluetooth three. 0 generation
  • compact & portable
  • handy syncing
  • 6-hour play time
  • weatherproof
  • hands-loose talk
  • 30-foot range
  • vocal sync confirmation
  • the music needn’t prevent while you leave domestic. With the altec lansing mini h2o portable bluetooth speaker you may entertain visitors exterior at the patio or serenade your love with romantic tunes in the course of a picnic within the park. Light-weight and providing vocal syncing confirmation for smooth use, this clever wi-fi speaker could be music on your ears.

    a rugged impact-resistant outside defends our waterproof speaker towards windstorms, pool splashes and rainstorms so you can take it anywhere with peace of mind. Its ip67 rating suggests that it is able to face up to submersion up to three feet deep for 30 minutes without harm. Because it floats, the mini h2o is ideal in your fishing boat or kayak.

    the altec lansing wi-fi speaker functions an superb 30-foot variety so that you can challenge faraway from it without losing connectivity. Place it within the living room to play cocktail celebration track and keep your smartphone in the kitchen with you in case visitors name to mention they’re going for walks past due. The mini h2o transportable bluetooth speaker cuts the wire on amusement.


    Black, Blue, Cool Grey, Red, Teal

    6 reviews for 0C183MO0TSK280 Altec lansing transportable bluetooth speaker – ip67 water-resistant outside speaker with 30-foot range and 6-hour battery – floating shockproof wi-fi speaker for seashore, shower, home and vehicle (blue)

    1. RandomReviewer

      I have actually owned several of these little fellas, and they have worked well. I got my first Mini H20 in 2016 for black Friday and it was still kicking when I last saw it (it disappeared). UPDATE: Found it: it STILL kickin’!! The red unit posted is that model: keep in mind it’s looking like that after nearly 4 years of far-from-plush life. The teal one is the one I bought from Amazon.So here are my experiences throughout the 3+ years or so I was able to use these speakers:First, the sound quality is very good considering the speaker is so small. It’s powerful enough to be heard over shower water and good detail could be heard too. It’s very clear even at it’s higher volumes, probably the clearest sounding speaker of it’s size I ever heard. Adequate bass for the size too. I purchased a Baby Boom from Altec Lansing the year after and it actually didn’t sound as good as the H20 Mini that I originally got (it seemed to focus more on bass and sounded duller and more easily distorted as a result).The speaker could go about 10-16 feet before interference would usually start to occur for me. I don’t have very many open or uncluttered spaces available to me, though, so your distance may be greater if you do.The battery life was around 5 hours or so on average for me. I typically played it at about 60%-70% volume if I didn’t have to worry about disturbing or waking anyone. There were many times I left it on on accident with no music, and in those cases it would still play even if it was more than 5 hours.I threw this speaker in my backpack or tote most, and they got thrown around a lot with a bunch of other items. After some time, the grill on the front of the speaker ended up bending and somehow got punched through. The speaker kept playing anyway. After more time, the grill came off entirely.The rubber/silicone material on the outside got looser and looser with time. It never quite came off, but I could definitely see the black plastic of the device on the sides, where it wasn’t even clinging anymore. I’m sure if it were desired, I could have pulled that off entirely as well.The speaker was dropped, put in countless showers, put in sand, and I even clipped it to my belt loop once and then rode my motorcycle at speed with it. It never stopped working, and the battery was always able to charge consistently.My little sister got a grey one of these in 2017. She hasn’t put it through nearly as much as abuse; it still works in addition to looking fresh and pristine.At the time of this typing, I hadn’t been able to pair 2 of these speakers together because I never had two of the same generation to use at the same time.Overall, if you can find these discounted, I think they are a great buy that’s worth the money. These are robust little speakers that play better and louder than your typical smartphone speaker (better than anything for $20 for that matter) and will even save your phone’s battery power since you can avoid using its onboard speaker. I highly recommend it and will even be giving one as a gift this year for the holidays.Hope this review was helpful!Read more

    2. Ian Carpenter

      I’ve purchased another one of these in-store and loved it – floats on water and sounds great. I was super disappointed when I received this one. There was a chunk chipped out of the plastic around it, that made the life jacket not cover properly. Not only did it look bad, but water was leaking under the cover so it did not float. I ordered a replacement and received the wrong version and color. This has been a huge disappointment. Debating if it’s worth buying on Amazon instead of just going to get one in-store elsewhere.Read more

    3. Steven

      Its a good little speaker for listening to podcasts and whatnot. I don’t think its in stereo. I believe its a single speaker running both right and left channel together in mono, with a passive radiator next to it. This mono speaker setup with passive radiator is quite common for small bluetooth speakers. If the ad for the product does not say specifically that it is a stereo speaker, then you know it is not a stereo speaker. The hexagonal shape is a bit too awkward to slip into your pocket. The front grill/mesh is only of medium duty so if you were to accidentally push on it with a sharp object it will dent or dimple and stay that way. It will crank up volume well for its size without buzz or distortion. I think its a good product, time will tell, price is right, buy with confidence.In photo Altec Lansing Mini H2O is on left, an AEC BT209 is on the right. The Mini H2O has better volume and more bass, BT209 slips into pocket easily … both are mono (not stereo) speakers, both come with a micro USB charging cable not a charger.Read more

    4. K. Thornton

      I ordered one, the back was bulged out like when a battery expands and I returned it. I then ordered 2 for the stereo pairing. Both have the same bulge. Upon examination it is caused by poor assembly: the battery appears fine, but there was a glob of silicon under the battery that looked as if it had spilled over from the waterproofing and was keeping the battery from seating properly. End result is the back case doesn’t quite fit right and I’m a bit skeptical if it is still waterproofed. Even after removing the excess silicon and seating the battery properly, the case is still bowed out.The sound is AMAZING for such a small package. They’ve used two speakers, presumably one to fill in the lows. It by no means thumps, but watching movies and playing games sounds very good. Getting the stereo pairing set-up was a bit tricky, and once it was set up it sounded out of sync occasionally. I mostly use these to have sound come from the monitor a video is on instead of my main computer.Read more

    5. Edward Brause

      I have purchased two of these units in the last 5 months. Both have broken.Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me I suppose.The first until worked fine. The sound quality was fine. Battery life was what you’d expect from a unit this size. And yet over time it became more and more difficult to get the unit to charge – I would have to fiddle with the cable until it started charging. Then one day the charging port just detached and rattled around inside the unit.Because I otherwise liked the unit (I deliver mail and stream the radio from my phone) I ordered another one on Mar 22, 2019.It is now Apr 13, 2019 and the speakers cut in and out as if they’ve somehow blown. It’s not hooked up to a home stereo system pumping out the jams so I’m not quite sure how this has happened.I’m going to try and return this one. Based on these issues I WOULD NOT suggest this as an option for anyone to purchase.Read more

    6. sarah

      I have taken this to the beach, camping, back yard BBQs, and the kids used it on the trampoline. it has pretty good sound though if you walk ten feet or so away you really can’t hear it. but in a way it’s nice so you don’t bother other people on the beach whal your jamming and sun tanning. it is waterproof as in if you splash it’s good. overall its fun to have especially when your hiking or on the beach just chilling and you can have it close to your person or on a table.Read more

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