0C183D53Y4I383 Skar audio sk65m 6. 5″ 2-way marine complete range 320 watt coaxial audio system, pair (white)

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  • 6. Five” 2-way coaxial full range marine grade audio system, pair
  • height energy rms electricity: a hundred and sixty watts (pair)
  • top class microfiber composite mineral filled mid-woofer cone with butyl surround
  • 1″ marine grade silk dome tweeter mounted on pinnacle of mid-range for balanced sound
  • impedance: four ohms response: fifty seven hz – 20, 000 hz
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from the producer

  • mounting depth: 3. 25″
  • cutout diameter: 5. Seventy five”
  • bolt hollow circle diameter: 6. 10″
  • magnet cowl: five. 30″
  • ordinary top: four. 25″
  • out of doors diameter: 7. 00″
  • 6. Five” marine grade 2-way component speaker
  • sold as a pair
  • top electricity 160 watts (each)
  • rms power: a hundred and sixty watts (pair) eighty watts (every)
  • impedance: four ohm
  • 1. 2″ sv voice coil
  • frequency reaction: 57 hz – 20 khz
  • sensitivity: 88 db
  • product description

    the skar audio sk65m 2-manner, 6. Five inch, marine full-range coaxial speaker machine is best for upgrading the sound for your boat, utv, 4-wheeler, or bike. Bought as a pair, those 6. Five inch marine speakers are capable of a few critical electricity output, with a conservative max electricity rating of 320 watts for the pair. This means each person out at the water or trails will hear you coming from a distance, with severe sound clarity. Now not best do those speakers get loud and sound terrific at the same time as doing so, they may be built to resist the cruelest of marine environments. In case you are searching out marine speakers a good way to withstand the take a look at of time, appearance no further, the sk65m’s are precisely what you need. The sk65m’s function a completely unique and seamless 2-way design – in which the especially efficient silk dome, marine grade tweeter, sits atop the mid-variety speaker, for flawlessly balanced and clear sound reproduction. Moreover, the marine housing that encompasses this two way layout now not handiest serves to higher guard the audio system, however additionally lets in the mid-variety portion of the speaker to broaden more correct and dynamic, complete-variety sound. Offered as a pair – includes 2 audio system. Speaker coloration: white. Sensitivity: 88 db, four ohm impedance, 1. 2″ sv voice coil, frequency reaction: fifty seven hz-20 khz. Speaker mounting intensity: three. 25″, cutout diameter: 5. 75″, outdoor diameter: 7. 00″, max strength: 320 watts (160 watts in step with speaker), rms energy: a hundred and sixty watts (80 watts per speaker).


    6.5 Inch – Black, 6.5 Inch – White, 8 Inch – Black, 8 Inch – White

    8 reviews for 0C183D53Y4I383 Skar audio sk65m 6. 5″ 2-way marine complete range 320 watt coaxial audio system, pair (white)

    1. Owen Wilson

      I’m a marine installer by trade. Die hard JL Audio guy just like the rest of them. I have to admit that I am quite impressed. These speakers are well made and sound great. I have not installed them in a boat yet but I have them installed in a box on my work bench for test purposes and I’m blown away by the sound quality considering the price. Currently powering them by a JL 200/2 and they are crisp and pack a punch. You absolutely need to amplify these speakers to do them justice. I’m anxious to see how well they hold up in the actual marine environment. My customer didn’t want to spend JL Audio money so I promised him that I’d see what we can put together on a budget. I don’t think there’s any competition in this price range. He’s going to be blown away!Read more

    2. Julian Bryan

      These speakers are amazing sound quality for the money. They really are on par with other brands costing 2-3 times as much. I installed in a 23’ Pursuit with a cheap Pyle two channel 200 watt marine amp driving them from a Boss gauge style receiver and using a Rockville water resistant powered 10” sub mounted on the bulkhead in the cabin. The sound is amazing with bass that hits hard, clean highs and a full mid range vocal stage. I bought 85hz bass blockers, but these speakers didn’t need them, and honestly unless you really want to turn your boat into a floating sand bar club, most people would be happy with 2-4 of these and no sub. Overall extremely impressed and I have $380 in a system that sounds like I spent $2000. Did I neglect to mention, I used to install car audio and build custom speakers back in the day…so I have a pretty good idea what good sound should be, and I couldn’t be happier with these.Read more

    3. Jake W.

      I dont normally write reviews on anything I buy but. I’m so impressed with the quality and sound of these speakers i had to say something. If I had to compare them to any brand as far as build and sound quality they are right inline with JL. Best $100 i have spent in a long time. Very clean, loud and full. Thanks Skar Audio for a great product.Read more

    4. Karl Egts

      Bought these to go onto my motorcycle, they were too big for the opening, but plugged one in an turned on the tunes, and at that moment went “yup’ I am cutting my fairing to fit them!Read more

    5. Royden Daikawa

      I had JL 6.5’s that became JL 7.7 and then JL 8.8’s I had a few issues with the JL’s and my friend had these SKAR’s on his boat. So I took a listen and I was impressed. I dont think that they are warm sounding as the JL’s however their mid base in the 125hz to 250hz range is a lot more punchy. I have a set of 12’s that run my low end they are crossed over at 85hz. If I am running them hard for hours they do not seem to over heat my amps where when I would run the JL’s for hours I would either over heat the voice coils or overheat the amp. I am running Rockford Punch amps now and have 4 8″ SKARS on a Rockford P600x4 I am still running JL 6.5″ on part of my center console they fit perfect and run well when crossed over at 250hz. I still love the JL’s however I feel that the SKAR 8″ are better they also fit the same holes with very little modification. There is one change that I did make from the JL’s to the SKAR’s I put a 3/4″ starboard backing plate behind the speakers to give better stiffness to the area though I do not think this would have changed the overheating issues but there is a possibility. JL would not warranty them… SKAR 169.00 JL 599.00 thats about all that needs to be said.Read more

    6. Kindle Customer

      Pros: they sound AMAZING. They are able to put out some serious volume and remain crystal clear. I am powering them with a Skar 500 watt amp.Cons: They do not fit into a factory hole. You will have to make the hole a little biggerRead more

    7. L. D. MacGyver

      I’m an audiophile & your basic music & sound snob. I recently bought a Bluetooth speaker on Amazon after reading many superlative reviews… and I went… meh… doesn’t sound nearly as good as the reviews. So I took ANOTHER risk on these speakers, again, based on reviews. I lucked out, cuz these pups CRANK!! I’m absolutely blown away by the sound quality of these speakers. I’m running them on rear channel of a (only) 90 watt Soundstream amp from 1987, no bs. Front is 30watt, rear channel is 60watt. This is an extremely clean sounding amp. I went to my stereo guys for a more powerful amp & they told me to just run what I had cuz the amp has such a clean signal. My point is that it might make quite a difference to have a quality amp rather than a powerful one. And it doesn’t hurt that the speakers have their own cabinet inside the RV with clothing inside which might be helping the bass response. These speakers easily sound like 3x the money for which they sell. Can’t wait to hit my surf spot & “bump the jams” like the cool kids say. If ppl at the beach rave about them I’ll amend this review & sweeten it even more. Even if they turn to junk in 18mos they’re worth replacing. But the materials seem very good, & I’m going to MacGyver a pair of mini “awnings” to keep the sun & rain from directly beating on them, so I’m anticipating at least a few years of use. The grid on front is good quality stainless steel cuz a neodymium magnet isn’t drawn to them. Trust me, you’ll be extremely impressed for $100.Read more

    8. steve dearmore

      I only post when I am impressed or disappointed and I am EXTREMELY impressed with these speakers. Everyone said they were clear when loud and I took a gamble to check them out for myself and have to say they were not wrong.I am only pushing them with 75watts and they are loud and clear. Enough low end to be happy with ( I used freq crossover to protect them). I would recommend and purchase againRead more

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