0C18320RYEH271 Hivi – diy three. 1a – 3. 1 bookshelf speakers – close to-area audio system – diy speaker package – pair – black

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  • 3. 1 excessive-fidelity machine – this package makes use of many of the same additives that are in our a great deal more highly-priced high-give up systems.
  • machine type – three manner 4th order vented cupboard with a move brace. Cabinets are built of ¾” mdf. They may be painted or laminated with furnished simulated black wood vinyl.
  • drivers – long-throw 6. Five’’ kevlar woofer for punchy and powerful bass, 2’’ dmn dome midrange for sweet and smooth sound, and isodynamic ribbon tweeter for high decision and smooth sound.
  • flat frequency response – precise three-way speakers have flat frequency response for regular and brilliant sound duplicate.
  • clean bring together – with all vital components ready, which include speaker shelves, drivers, screws, wires, acoustic dampening cloth, grill covers, crossover, and different associated digital additives. A few equipment required.

product description

hivi diy 3. 1a excessive-fidelity bookshelf audio system let you make conventional speakers with outstanding audio drivers. Only for you! Bundle contents: woofer: l6-4r 2 pcs tweeter: rt1. 3-b isodynamic ribbon tweeter 2 desktops midrange: dmn-b 2 computers crossover: fp-hivi m3 2 sets shelves: 2 desktops grill and frame: 2 computers acoustic cotton stuffing screws: 86 pcs vent tube: 2 and frame: 2 units speaker wire pcb terminal box rubber toes: 8 desktops veneer floor tapes cautioned tools: wood clamps, wooden glue, diagonal pliers, hammer, scissors, solder, soldering iron, allen wrench, go-point screwdriver, brush, and sandpaper


DIY 2.2A, DIY 3.1A

3 reviews for 0C18320RYEH271 Hivi – diy three. 1a – 3. 1 bookshelf speakers – close to-area audio system – diy speaker package – pair – black

  1. Groch

    If you judge these speakers by the listing photo it would be hard for anyone to distinguish these 6.5″ two way speakers from dozens of inexpensive generic bookshelf speakers on Amazon. That would be making a major mistake.The black woodgrain vinyl finish IS just like those cheap speakers, but that’s where the similarity ends. The DIY 2.2A are serious audiophile speakers that compete in sound, component and cabinet quality with high end small monitors from KEF, Monitor Audio and the like that sell for over $800 a pair. No joke. Surprised the heck out of me.Plus, the vinyl does not come pre-attached so you can if you have the time and skills turn these ugly ducklings into…..wait for it… Swans!I have been a committed audiophile all of my life but never constructed a speaker before and these sounded like a fun project. My 1st surprise was when the pair showed up in a huge box that weighed nearly 70 pounds. Everything was extremely well labeled and packed. The 9 page instruction manual, while not in perfect English, is detailed and clear in most respects with lots of photos. Why so heavy? The cabinets are 3/4″ MDF all around and the Woofer is a monster with a cast metal basket and 3″ voice coil. The speakers weigh over 20 pounds each built…compare that to small monitors under $1000 a pair.They are not really bookshelf speakers. The rear port hole and prodigious bass mean they sound best away from a wall on stands. If you want to learn more about how they sound and how to maximize them search for Swans 2.1SE reviews. These are the ugly DIY cousins of those speakers.NOTE: some skills and tools are needed to complete the system. You will need a soldering iron to put together the crossover (really easy), wood glue, some wood clamps really help,screw drivers, and sand paper. I have never built a kit before and these took me about 2 hours each (plus glue drying time) to assemble, not counting final finishing which I have not done yet.* The result is an ugly but sweet, balanced, musical speaker with very powerful bass. They do much better with good quality amplifiers (60 watts per channel or more) and they will show off the quality of your recordings and your connected gear. I am thrilled by the result. Some of the best small speakers I have ever owned. I will enjoy them a bit more and then take the drivers out before finishing the cabinets. I have not decided whether to go for the duckling or swans look. If you have the skills. try these out!*Update 10/04 – I finished the cabinets in white satin lacquer (3 coats of oil based aerosol primer and 2 coats of aerosol lacquer with dry then wet sanding) and they are not so ugly. Photos attached below. The nice thing about painting is that I did not have to be too skillful, just patient. I am pleased with the result.Read more

  2. Taylor W

    Advice on building:-Stuff it with poly fill if you want a little acoustic resistance (makes the box appear larger to the speakers), or line the walls with recycled denim insulation to stop ringing. I did the latter, because I can add a foam plug to the port if I want to later.-Use Shoe Goo to secure parts to the crossover and seal the port in the back.-Get parts for the perfectionist crossover. Search for HiVi 3.1 Revisited Perfectionist Crossover.-If spray painting, aim for Rust-Oleum Professional, as it is higher output and splattered less for me.-Polarity is not marked on the woofer. Test using a AA battery: If the speaker goes out, that’s the correct polarity.Sound: These sound very even. If I had to pick a prominent frequency range, it would be the midrange, though that could also be because the human ear is most sensitive to midrange. Treble is unoffensive, and bass is great.If you play “Why So Serious” from the Batman soundtrack, you can hear the incredible deep notes at the 3:30 mark and they aren’t bad. I plan on getting sub to make the system flat from 20hz on up, but this will suffice for now, and plays very loud without distortion in a medium sized room with double high ceilings. (Acoustically it’s a large room because the left of the TV opens to a dining room and kitchen.)While building I did “strip” one of the screws, so be sure to firmly screw things down so that it crushes the foam and seals things, but don’t go any further.These don’t seem like they would work terrible well for near field monitoring, as you’d have to set them back a decent amount for the sound to blend from the three different drivers. I do like that Hivi/Swan paid attention to detail and made the midrange overlap the tweeter ring to get them as close as possible.If you don’t like the stereo image or think it’s too compressed vertically (EX: If they are up a little too high and you couch is a little too low, they will sound a bit muted because the treble won’t be radiating directly at you from ear level) try positioning the speakers horizontally as shown in the picture to get more height dispersion from the tweeter.From memory, these are obviously in another league compared to things like the Harman Karson Soundsticks, Klipsch Promedia, and even some budget floorstanding JBL towers. What I’d really like to do is compare this ribbon tweeter (which is flat to 32khz) to the beryllium tweeter in the Focal Twin6 in the BYU Idaho recording studio that I loved. I think the Twin6 in that setting had a better soundstage, but I think I’d be pleasantly surprised if I got the HiVi 3.1 on stands in a treated room. Reasoning: The Twin6 sounds so accurate I once mistook a humming solo for my professor humming to himself while at the mixing board. The Swan 3.1 playing “Knee 5” by Philip Glass sounds like a woman’s mouth is literally inside the speaker cabinet when I listened to these nearfield for the final test of the connections.Because these are balanced, they don’t do any genre terrible, though those who like a colored sound will likely need a boomy subwoofer and to turn up the treble: Don’t worry, the ribbon can handle it. For a more “hifi” sound that a lot of people mistake for detail (it’s actually just extra treble in many cases) simply use the original crossover for a gradual +8dB gain with the treble.Sound preference wise, I really like this though I’ll probably EQ it a few dB brighter on the high end because I like that kind of sound in my Audio Technica AD900, and right now this sounds slightly warmer compared to that, maybe closer to an Etymotic which is quite flat to the average human ear. The biggest complaint I have right now is that the sound-stage is far from perfect and I need to get stands to get them a little lower and close, though they are excellent as is, stone fireplace and bad acoustics and all.Definitely worth a project, and they are as nice as you make them. If you finished them in glossy black or white like an SVS Ultra they would probably be worth $1000+. In flat white, I still think they look very nice, though I wish I could get a beveled edge from the top to half way down to help with refraction off the cabinet… Maybe next time with thicker board replacing what is already there.Note: I glued the cloth to the speaker grill assembly and it turned out so bad on the corners that I ripped it all off. That is a project in and of itself, requiring corner clamps, and bending the laws of physics to get a flat piece of stretchy cloth evenly over rounded corners and glued evenly to the back.Read more

  3. Samantha B.

    I have been an avid audio enthusiast for the last 20 years. I have worked for high end audio showrooms demoing $20,000 B&W floor standing speakers daily. I have personally built extensive 6 way custom fiberglass enclosures composing of rounded exteriors, separate compartments for each driver and 12 amp chanels with fully active crossover networks that take hundreds of hours to tune.I built these speakers (taking my time to finish the cabinets…..only to botch the final paint job DOH) in about 8 hours. The cabinet finishing is the longest part of these kits. The crossovers are ez peezy (just follow the picture). Its actually so easy they don’t even include a wiring diagram because the picture is foolproof! (this actually bothers me the most from everything else in the kit)So down to the meat and potatoes. I auditioned these small(subjectively) bookshelf speaker right next to my B&W DM630 floor standing speakers. I listed to everything from passenger and queen, to creed, DR dre and toto. At one point I asked my son if he had started singing to lifehouse……he said no. So I backed the song up and re-listened to the 1st verse of the song. In deed, there was a 2nd voice singing in the background that I had never heard before! (not even the B&Ws had picked this minuscule reverberance up before) Unbelievable !!!These speakers are KOBE beef……no potatoes. Buy and build them NOW.Read more

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