0C182KO5GX7315 Doss soundbox xl 32w bluetooth domestic speakers, 20w louder quantity, dsp generation with 12w subwoofer, wi-fi stereo pairing, audio system for indoor party

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  • by means of getting into your version wide variety.
  • stereo sound: improved with a robust 20w driving force and dsp generation, this bluetooth speaker provides stereo sound with rich bass, tight mids and crystal clear highs. Expansive sound is robust sufficient to fill any room.
  • booming bass: powered by a 12w subwoofer and passive radiators, the sturdy bass booms with less distortion.
  • wireless stereo pairing: get matters booming with celebration, pair two soundbox xl speakers collectively for stereo mode for double the volume or enormous stereo sound.
  • lengthy playtime: the built-in li-ion 2200mah rechargeable battery ensures up to ten hours playtime at 50% extent. Recharge in just 3-4 hours with covered electricity adapter.
  • what you get: doss xl bluetooth speaker, 3. 5 mm audio cable, power adapter,person manual, and 24-hour los angeles neighborhood customer service.

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product description

doss- a team constructed in 1999

with eighteen years of innovation, doss remains aggressive in the audio enterprise as a professional everywhere in the world. We are a nicely-hooked up manufacturer who develops the most modern audio generation as well as owns distinctive tooling. Similarly to creating nation of the artwork audio era, we pleasure ourselves in ensuring consumer enjoy. Our commercial enterprise version allows us to lower on value that allows our top class first-class products to be advertised at an affordable charge.

approximately doss soundbox xl

born for home celebration, doss soundbox xl is built with stronger driving force and subwoofer, which enables outstanding tune reaches every corner within the residence. Its traditional shade and design additionally make it a nicely ornament of everywhere at home. With improved bass of the speaker, you could experience tune of high or low extent which clean enough to delight your ears. Doss soundbox, a speaker is born for domestic existence.

extremely good awesome high-quality

revel in your song with 360 degree stereo sound realized thru dual high overall performance drivers (10w x 2) plus 12w subwoofer, and a uniquely stronger bass.

unmatched playing time

with 2200mah rechargeable li-ion battery, the speaker provides 10 hours playing time at 50% volume, which best to your glad hours.

what’s in the field?

  • doss soundbox xl speaker
  • electricity adapter with strength plug
  • three. 5mm audio cable
  • person guide
  • we run all the time and effort into the engineering, checking out, and development, we would love to carry your top notch moments with superb doss.

    Product Dimensions

    11.8, x, 2.6, x, 5.2, inches

    Item Weight

    3.46, pounds



    Item model number

    SoundBox, XL


    1, Lithium, Polymer, batteries, required.

    Customer Reviews

    4.5, out, of, 5, stars, 4, 812, ratings, 4.5, out, of, 5, stars

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    #2, 195, in, Electronics, (See, Top, 100, in, Electronics), #203, in, Portable, Bluetooth, Speakers

    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


    Date First Available

    June, 21, 2017


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    3 reviews for 0C182KO5GX7315 Doss soundbox xl 32w bluetooth domestic speakers, 20w louder quantity, dsp generation with 12w subwoofer, wi-fi stereo pairing, audio system for indoor party

    1. Kinh Williams

      I’m going to tell you right up front, I’m comparing this Doss speaker to a speaker that *normally* cost more quite a bit more than the SoundBox XL. Why? Well, because like many of the reviews have said, including clavinetjunkie whom I respect tremendously as a product reviewer, this speaker punches above its weight class. It’s true! This speaker *does* compete against much more expensive BT speakers! And had I not scored this JBL Xtreme, on sale for only $128 (refurb – Frys), I probably would be blissfully satisfied with this Doss Soundbox XL for a bargain of a price and never looked back. Frys sells manufactured refurbished JBL speakers often so it’s not like rare deal – Wait a week or two and you’ll see the same advertisement. It took them more than once to get me to finally break down and bite. So without further ado, just how did this $90 Doss Soundbox XL compare to my refurb JBL Xtreme? If you’re interested, read on.Do you like bass? No really – do you like *real* bass that’s normally only produced by an actual subwoofer? The Doss is your speaker. It is downright amazing what this little speaker can do while being relatively so small. There’s a “Test Your Speakers” video on Youtube by “Doctor Mix” and this speaker actually plays sub frequencies at audible levels as low as 20hz! In contrast, the JBL Xtreme doesn’t come in until 60hz (and when it does come in, it comes in over-boosted as if to try and make up for the lack of tones prior)! The Doss is capable of playing distinguishable melodic bass tones in your song that only comes out as a repetitive thump in the JBL Xtreme. Rap songs really show off what the Doss SoundBox XL can do. Sounds like a clear winner is Doss right? Again, Read on.Mids, Highs, “Soundstage”, “Imaging” “Clarity”. All those are, in different ways, related to each other and this is where the JBL Xtreme shows the Doss what it’s like to play with the big boys. I played all my favorite songs, ranging from EDM to Alternative Rock, subjected my wife to blind, speaker A vs Speaker B, back and fourth switch tests and it really was no contest. After switching from the JBL Xtreme, mid-song, back to the Doss, it’s like the “it’s floating in the air” wide imaging/soundstage the JBL Xtreme is putting out has been butterfly-netted and thrown in to a small box. That’s literally the best way I can put it. For example, take a very vocal song with acoustic guitars in the background, like Paramore’s – The Only Exception and switch back and fourth between the two and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.Build, design, and structural quality: Surprisingly, they take up nearly the same amount of space (see pictures), though the JBL is much heavier. They both require proprietary chargers though the JBL’s charger is pushing quite a bit more power allowing you to charge quickly *while playing music*. I know why they rely on proprietary chargers but l wish both could have the option to charge via USB *in addition*. I don’t know why they never offer that – seems like an easy compromise and customers would love it, even if the USB option would be slower. Build quality, the JBL is much sturdier, nicer and looks like it would hold up to general wear better. Being water resistant means you can just rinse it off and not worry about it. The Doss has a much more plastic’y feel but come on, you got to remember it’s only $90 dollars here. Again, I already warned that this wouldn’t be an apples to apples comparison but with everyone agreeing it punches above its weight class against much more expensive speakers, we can’t just only talk about the sound quality when we’re referring to a “portable” bluetooth speaker. Portable means it’s going to get a little beat up and the JBL will fair better, provided your kid doesn’t stick a pencil to its expose bass radiators on the sides. 😉 Also, be careful with the Doss speaker as it produces so much bass, combined with its low weight, it can vibrate and move across the table and possibly fall over an edge and commit suicide. I would add more sticky pads under it and be mindful of where you place it.Sigh… If only I could combine these two speakers. The bass capabilities of the Doss SoundBox XL and the Mid/Highs & soundstage of the JBL Xtreme would be perfect. At the end, I chose the JBL Xtreme. The bass is just as loud as the Doss, but not capable of getting as low however the wide-open soundstage of the JBL Xtreme (superior DSP perhaps) more than makes up for it and just makes music more enjoyable, frankly. Please don’t get me wrong: I don’t think the Doss sounds bad. I don’t think its sound stage / imaging is terrible, I just think the JBL is that much better. In fact, I would say the Doss SoundBox XL is on par with the another speaker I recently fell in love with and reviewed on Amazon against several speakers: the Anker Soundcore Boost (thanks again to clavinetjunkie’s review which pointed me back to Anker to give them another chance). I had to knock off one star though. My Doss SoundBox XL has the same buzzing/rattling sound as a few of the other reviewers had mentioned. I know you can take it apart and fix it but Doss really should resolve that before sending them out. It’s only noticeable when up close to the speaker (less than 10 feet) so it may not bother most.Overall I do recommend this speaker, I just wanted to give my two cents on how well it does against a more expensive speaker, in this case, the JBL Xtreme. Btw, against the JBL Flip 3, 4, charge 2 & 3, no contest – this Doss speaker is way better as far as sound quality. Again, bear in mind, ruggedness/portability is not the SoundBox strong point.Read more

    2. oluv

      To put everything right from the beginning: this speaker is a clone of the Sony SRS-X77 but with an own tuning and without all the Wifi-features, although the driver layout and body is exactly the same as the Sony. The same speaker is also available with Wifi from IdeaUSA although I haven’t heard that and cannot say if it really sounds the samy as the Doss.Funnily the Doss sounds even better than the Sony with its default tuning and it plays deeper bass, but it doesn’t play as loud but is still one of the best bargains you can get below 100$ if you are looking for a serious sounding portable speaker without spending a fortune and don’t need the speaker to be the smallest size. I can tell you that this plays on the same level as a Vifa speaker costing 4-5 times as much, the only difference is, that the Doss Soundbox XL has quite a limited overall volume compared to the more expensive top performers, but the good thing is that it still remains perfectly usable even up to maximum as there is no distortion or any strange dynamics processing that you usually get from many other speakers in this class. The sound becomes a bit thinner above 3/4, but put it closer to a back wall or into a corner and it will sound like a big speaker. As there is no artificial upper-bass boost, it won’t become boomy near a wall but it will rather enhance the deeper bass frequencies, making it sound way bigger than it looks.Battery life is outstanding, I got more than 5 hours at maximum, which is great for a speaker of this class.I must say that from all the portable Bluetooth and wireless speakers I have tested until today (which were close to 300) this is the one which impressed me most regarding price/value factor. You really get the maximum and best performance you can expect for that price, if you don’t expenct any party loudness levels or boomy exaggerated bass. Skip everything else below 100$ including the high regarded brands. This Doss speaker really competes with the mich higher end class.There is of course still some room for improvement like lowering the loudness of the status tones, which are too loud for my taste and cheesy as they are original Windows tones, and I would also add some dynamic bassboost for low listening levels, then the speaker would be unbeatable.Obviously most of the praise has to go to Sony, as it is clearly their design which was “recycled” for this speaker, but the ones who tuned it, did a better job than what Sony was able to achieve with the X77.PS. my unit had some rattling with deep bass notes, but after closer examination it turned out to be just the grill or rather the loose fabric put in-between. I removed the fabric, remounted the grill and there is no rattling anymore!Read more

    3. Bill

      I already have several wireless speakers such as the amazing Aiwa Exos-9 and bargain Tribit Xsound Go. I was looking for a little more clarity in a similar footprint of the Tribit and the Doss SoundBox XL was perfect. Dosss has fixed the issues that plagued the earlier batches from a few years ago and it performs well, but the battery can’t compare to either the Aiwa or Tribit which last a few hours longer. The two driver, two passive radiator and larger “sub” driver make this sound like a mini Exos-9 that I can use on my desk or kitchen countertop where the Exos won’t fit. Plus I couldn’t pass up tge holidays 50% sales price which made this a no-brained of a decision. Don’t fall for some of those popular brands like JBL or Oontz that just have no clarity or substance. The Doss is a strong contender for one of the best wireless speakers available below $100.Note: the song in the video is a 320kbps MP3 stored on the inserted micro SD card, so that’s the sound with no EQ adjustment. Recorded using an iPhone Xs Max at only 720p 30 fps and then Amazon compresses the video. If you think the speaker sounds good in the video, wait until you hear it in person.Read more

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