0C182ILMQ8L337 G-technology 8tb g-raid with thunderbolt three, usb-c (usb 3. 1 gen 2), and hdmi, detachable dual power garage device, silver – 0g05748-1

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  • ensure this fits
  • with the aid of coming into your model wide variety.
  • dual thunderbolt three and a single usb-c port
  • dual, ultrastar 7200rpm difficult drives
  • daisy chaining for up to five additional gadgets
  • raid 0, 1 or jbod configurable
  • stackable all-aluminium enclosure
  • 5-12 months restrained producer’s guarantee

from the manufacturer

dual-power garage

the g-raid with thunderbolt 3 is an ultra-rapid, high-overall performance, twin 7200rpm business enterprise-elegance tough pressure storage system providing thunderbolt three, usb-c (supports usb 3. 1 gen 2) and hdmi connectivity for closing flexibility.

*as used for storage ability, one terabyte (tb) = 1000000000000 bytes. Overall handy capacity varies depending on running environment and raid/jbod configuration.

  • as much as 36tb of storage on your hd pics and 4k videos
  • twin thunderbolt three ports and a single usb-c port with aid for usb three. 1 gen 2
  • daisy chaining for up to 5 extra gadgets
  • twin removable, enterprise-elegance 7200rpm difficult drives
  • hardware raid 0 (performance), raid 1 (mirroring), or jbod
  • hdmi port helps hdr and 4k video skip thru
  • daisy-chaining for as much as 5 extra gadgets

    with dual thunderbolt three ports, you can without difficulty daisy chain up to five additional devices to live connected to multiple drives, 4k displays, and extra, thru a unmarried connection on your pc.

    for all your heavy workloads and assignment-critical statistics, you could depend on the electricity and lasting reliability of twin, removable organization-magnificence 7200rpm difficult drives.

    fast flow all of your hd snap shots and 4k photos to spend less time ready and more time developing with high-velocity facts transfers the usage of the thunderbolt three or usb-c ports.

    with the strong and fashionable all-aluminum enclosure, g-raid with thunderbolt three no longer simplest performs at high stages, it appears appropriate doing it too.

    integrated hardware raid

    for max overall performance, g-raid with thunderbolt 3 comes prepared to move in raid 0 and can be configured to raid 1 (mirroring) or jbod for ultimate flexibility.

    product description

    the g-raid with thunderbolt 3 is a high-overall performance, twin agency-elegance 7200rpm tough force storage machine offering thunderbolt three, usb-c (helps usb three. 1 gen 2) and hdmi connectivity to speedy get admission to, browse, edit and backup your virtual library. For last flexibility, pick out among hardware raid 0 (default), 1 or jbod. With detachable drives, this ultra-rapid, high-capacity garage solution is designed for the maximum traumatic innovative initiatives, without problems assisting multi-flow hd, 2k, 4k and hdr video workflows.


    8TB, 12TB, 16TB, 20TB, 24TB, 28TB, 36TB

    7 reviews for 0C182ILMQ8L337 G-technology 8tb g-raid with thunderbolt three, usb-c (usb 3. 1 gen 2), and hdmi, detachable dual power garage device, silver – 0g05748-1

    1. ichawkeye2013

      Been using this for around 2 weeks, so take this with a grain of salt.Pros:- Relatively small compared to other RAID setups- Easy to manage (using G-RAID Software controller & Disk Utility)- Customer support via G-Tech is speedy and helpful if needed- Very fast- Build quality is very nice- Stays cool- Daisy chaining!Cons:- Very noisy. It’s always whirring and clicking away. At first it was pretty jarring, but I’m getting used to it. Now and again the noises are a little obnoxious, and pretty distracting. If you have a silent working environment, this may bother you (and likely your nearby co-workers) quite a bit.- Included cable is 20 Gbps, not 40 Gbps. (You’ll need a cable that is at / under .5 m and is a true TB3 cable in order to get 40 Gbps speeds).- The USB-C port is only for connecting to a computer as an alternative method to Thunderbolt 3. You cannot use it as a hub for other USB-C devices. This is a bit of a bummer, but more of an “I wish” rather than a strike against it.- You can only hook up this device to a single computer / workstation at a time (via the TB3 ports on the back).- If you attempt to hook up a USB-C device / any TB3 device other than a computer to the TB3 ports on the back of the G-RAID, you will hear a high pitched squeal. It was very noticeable to me, and didn’t sound right. I don’t know if this is an issue with power delivery to the USB-C / TB3 device through the TB3 port or not. This part really stinks. Unless the TB3 port on the G-RAID leads to something that is actively consuming a lot of power (a computer, for example), the squeal will occur the moment it is plugged in and continue until it is unplugged. I have an external SSD that produces this issue each and every time I attempt to plug it in to the 2nd TB3 port (the other goes directly to my computer).Read more

    2. Fit and Healthy

      This product is a piece of crap. There is this stupid little three pages with pictures that says hook this here and here and it will workWell it won’t work my brand new laptop with windows 10 can’t see the drivesThere thec support is non existent just sends you emails with links to questions I am returning this garbageRead more

    3. Steve613

      I don’t see how there could be a lighter workload than I had with this thing. All I used it for was backups – no heavy uploading/downloading, moving, erasing, nothing. Bought it in May 2019 and by December 30th it’s dead. Waiting for response from Seagate but Amazon says my warranty expired last month. VERY disappointed, I have other G-Technology drives that have been fine, that I’ve had longer. This is such a disappointment.Read more

    4. GoShiggyGo

      I’ve been a G-Technology fan ever since I purchased my first G-Drive back in 2012 when I started my photography business. About 4 years ago, I started doing video and found that the G-RAID was blazing fast, which was perfect for editing RED Digital Camera footage. The reasons why I like G-Raids/G-Drives: 1)so simple to use. Literally, just unbox. Plug in the cables. Turn on power. Copy files onto device. Simple. Simple. Simple. 2) They don’t fail. I have some very high end clients that includes many celebrities and I can’t afford for anything to go wrong. That’s why I trust G-Technology. Dependable. Trustworthy and they get the job done. The industrial-looking brushed aluminum container look classy, elegant and timeless. Modern and sophisticated. I just had to retrieve a file from 5 years ago. And BOOM….. the G-Drive booted up just like it was brand new. You can’t go wrong with G-Technology.Read more

    5. Joe

      The drives are a bit noisy, but not intolerable. I often wonder what it’s doing when it’s making lots of noise, but I’m not reading or writing to it at all. Product came with bare bones instruction (a symbol-only quick start guide). There was absolutely nothing about how to change the type of RAID (it comes set to 0) and/or how to encrypt it. I eventually found the info I needed on their website, though it took a lot of time and wasn’t all that clear. 2 written lines and a link in the Quick Start Manual would have made set-up a lot easier.Read more

    6. T. J. Daugherty

      I purchased this G-Raid 12TB external drive to store my large collections of photos, videos, and network cloud drive. It is hanging off a new iMac Pro, and a decent amount of my activity is professional in practice. After a few weeks of use my initial impression is that this is a very good external drive. I have no sense that it is slowing down work flow or not keeping up with the computer. Only time will tell how it holds up after heavy use, and that is obviously a huge factor in the final ranking.Some of the comments about noise are worth mentioning. On one hand I don’t think it’s as bad as some have suggested, but admittedly this is highly subjective. That said it is measurably noisier than a WD Hard Drive I was recently using (which is now dedicated to backups). Enough so that I placed it under my desk to mitigate the sound. It’s also not constant or predictable when audible – a fair amount of the time it is silent.Read more

    7. TheOuvs

      Be careful if you are a Windows user. Setup can be a little confusing and the directions on the G-Technology website are almost non-existent or you need a degree in engineering to understand them. My saving grace was my 15 years of old IT experience.In order to get Thunderbolt to work I Had to update the BIOS, the drivers and the Thunderbolt control app. If you are going to use this with a Laptop you may need change to power setting on USB Root Hub Power Management in Device Manager. I had to change it so the laptop did not control the power to save energy. When it was left on I kept losing the connection to the G-Raid drive and it corrupted my Lightroom catalog.I have setup the drive in Raid 1. I have done multiple speed test with Thunderbolt 40 Gps, Thunderbolt 20 Gps and the USB connection and the results with Raid 1 is that there is no difference in speed on 2 different computers. My results where about 260 MB/s Read and 245 MB/s Write, no matter what cable or connection I used. So I’m not sure why you would ever use the expensive 40 Gps Thunderbolt cables. As a side note, using an Active Thunderbolt 3 cable really didn’t work for me, the laptop did not like it at all, I kept getting the blue screen of death with a driver error.Read more

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