0C1823377AK204 Dikavs dc 15-24v 15w mini tune tesla coil plasma speaker loudspeaker tesla wireless transmission diy kits(red pcb)

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  • ensure this fits
  • with the aid of getting into your version range.
  • this is a fun diy welding toy. Can be used for physical experiments. It could additionally be used as a gift for parent-toddler interaction.
  • cool virtual tubes will surprise you while you enjoy assembling. Not like different fits, virtual tubes are very valuable.
  • the audio cable can be linked for your cellphone to play tune. (most speaker output 15 watts)
  • there is a image explanation. Aid for all products is available and any questions may be contacted thru electronic mail.
  • size: 38 * seventy nine mm electricity: 15w strength input: dc 15-24v. Present day 2a dc5. 5 interface audio enter: 3. Five jacnote: dc enter voltage: 15-24 v (apart from power supply)

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product description

1. This product is secure, electricity isn’t high, will no longer be injured through electric surprise, however it isn’t endorsed to the touch the pinnacle of the coil arc, there will be a feel of burning. 2. Do now not contact the warmth sink after a long term energy supply, the temperature is very high, particularly when the usage of 24v excessive voltage heat, reserve a fan interface, if necessary, please upload cooling fan cooling. 3. Tesla coil is recommended to work while the frame or different items near the coil, the coil subsequent to half a meter blank can not be different objects, as other items as an amazing conductor will make the coil shape a terrific loop, soaking up the coil electricity, making testers pull the coil right now the impact of demonstration or deterioration can’t be demonstrated! Please word. 4. Do not put cellular telephones, mp3 and different digital equipment close to the coil, or the coil will produce high-frequency magnetic area interference, making mobile phones, mp3 and different system failure or damage.

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4 reviews for 0C1823377AK204 Dikavs dc 15-24v 15w mini tune tesla coil plasma speaker loudspeaker tesla wireless transmission diy kits(red pcb)

  1. T Robin

    Overall a decent kit. When it comes to electronic component assembly and troubleshooting, I would say I’m an intermediate-to-advanced person, and I think it’s pretty neat.For beginners, it’s worth the challenge. It definitely touches on a lot of electronics fundamentals. For instance: you’ll need to ensure you put in your electrolytic capacitor and LED’s are placed in the proper direction – search on that. Since the LED’s are small, you’ll need to be careful how hot you get the component while you solder to prevent frying them. You’ll need to play close attention to the different part numbers for the MOSFET and Transistor since they both look very similar. You’ll have fun smearing on the provided heat transfer silicone onto the heat sinks (they do get hot). You’ll also need to gingerly scrape the resin off the coil wire with an X-acto knife where you plan on soldering it to the board to ensure an electrical connection (at first mine didn’t work because I forgot to do that).Pros:- You can probably put it together in about an hour or less. Not too many parts.- Comes with that cool Nixie tube to play with. Very cool glow to it.- Comes with a nice little Neon bulb to play with.- Will light a CFL bulb if you place near it.- It really does work like a tiny Tesla coil. Always wanted my own!Cons:- I have to deduct a full star for the instructions, although you can find a couple of videos on Youtube. I wasn’t 100% sure about how the coil was supposed to connect. (BTW, only one end of the coil solders to the board.). The directions are hilarious to read!- The red LED in my kit had the flat side on the positive lead side – which is backward. Confused me. I had to stare at the component to make sure. The long leg was in fact the positive side in my case.- The provided glue stick is kind of pointless – I used Gorilla glue to attach the coil to the board. I’m sure a hot glue gun would also work.- I totally get why they can’t provide the power supply, but it did take me a while to track one down that would work. If you want instant gratification, track down the power supply first.- I wouldn’t say that the audio feature blew me away, but I can hear music through it. Kind of kitchy.It’s not shooting lighting bolts 6 feet away, but it’s cool. Take it slow and have fun.Read more

  2. Bob Lewis

    This isn’t going to knock your socks off. It’s a small Tesla coil. The arcs it produces will only reach a couple millimeters in length, and when you plug it into an audio source, the sound is extremely low in volume (though loud enough that you can hear it clearly). This isn’t meant to be an item for demonstrations. It’s a novelty item, but if all you want is a fun toy to put together at home, this will serve you well. It works as well as can be expected–especially for the price. It was fun to put together and it’s fun to play with from time to time.A couple things you should be aware of that keep me from giving it a five-star rating:1) The instructions are clear enough to read (barely) but aren’t very high-quality. If you’re completely unfamiliar with electronics, it might be a slight challenge for you. By all means, it’s possible to figure out, but make sure you completely understand what you’re doing before you start, or you might end up making a destructive error. You should also be aware that this kit does require soldering. If you’ve never done that before, this is actually a decent project on which to learn, but make sure you read about how to do so from a source with better instructions.2) No power source is included. You’ll need to supply your own plug.3) One of the wires is almost too short. It reaches where it needs to–barely–but it would have been better if the manufacturer gave the buyer a little more to work with.Despite those flaws, I still heartily recommend this product. I was quite pleased with my purchase and my little Tesla coil now sits proudly on my desk along with some of my other favorite toys.Read more

  3. P. Simpson

    Assembles in six (6) steps, provided in picture form. The documentation provided with the kit can be difficult to read. If you run into trouble, I might recommend asking a question here in the product page.The heat sinks get _extremely_ hot, so be careful, and it is highly advisable to connect a fan (one appropriate for your input voltage) to help cool them down a bit. Keep in mind that a speeding fan is going to compete for audibility, so you might want to determine how achieve a _quiet_ fan.The solder pads are plenty large for a beginner at soldering, and the parts are spaced out nicely, making it an easy and fun little project.Removed annotated assembly instructions and personal video of product, since something triggered a rejection letter for my initial review.Read more

  4. MattGuyver

    Never worked more than 10 seconds and barely at that. Not sure why it’s failed. There is no trouble-shooting guide or assistance with this product it seems. Worthless garbage now adorning my rather odd bench top of electronic kit products. 24V supply? Really? Most people just won’t have that sitting around on tap. This needs to be redesigned to use standard 12 V DC and with a more truthfully functional circuit that doesn’t light up all lights to indicate everything is working fine when it isn’t functioning at all.. The picture on this product shows the coil with the wider unwinded section on top however my kit has the directional arrow sticker clearly showing that is backwards. ? Ugh. Will try reversing it. Doubt it will fix things somehow.Read more

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