0C180WQNS69446 Edifier s1000mkii audiophile energetic bookshelf 2. Zero audio system – 120w audio system bluetooth 5. Zero with aptx hd – optical enter – s1000mk2 powered near-area reveal speaker with elegance d amp

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  • ensure this fits
  • with the aid of entering your version range.
  • bluetooth 5. 0 with aptx hd interpreting – movement excessive satisfactory audio wirelessly with reduced latency and extended balance
  • optical, coaxial and aux inputs with wi-fi far flung – connect to multiple assets at the identical time and decrease time spent fiddling with inputs. Swap inputs or playback on the fly with the blanketed remote.
  • five. 5 inch mid-range unit – coupled with digital sound processing (dsp) era, you get one hundred twenty watts of rich, effective sound
  • class d amp and dsp – a brand new elegance d amp further reduces distortion and allows the gadget to move even louder even as preserving audio clean
  • 1 yr warranty – assured excessive nice and reliability with hassle-loose components and labor guarantee for 12 months.

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Product Dimensions

10.63, x, 8.07, x, 13.23, inches

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40.5, pounds



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4.6, out, of, 5, stars, 88, ratings, 4.6, out, of, 5, stars

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#17, 647, in, Electronics, (See, Top, 100, in, Electronics), #47, in, Bookshelf, Speakers

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November, 1, 2019



7 reviews for 0C180WQNS69446 Edifier s1000mkii audiophile energetic bookshelf 2. Zero audio system – 120w audio system bluetooth 5. Zero with aptx hd – optical enter – s1000mk2 powered near-area reveal speaker with elegance d amp

  1. GungHo

    I am not completely new to the speaker market. I first started out with car audio. Not the Boom Boom Bass Rap music type of guy but the clarity Highs and mid kind of guy. I bought a thousand-dollar system for my 1990 Volvo Turbo Wagon. Everything Amped, Pioneer everything, Beautifully clear. One 12 inch Sub.I then met my distant uncle in Tennesee and he introduced me to Quality Bookshelf speakers. I forgot the name of it but even the build itself was of high quality. The speakers were made of wood and it was smaller than these speakers. He had the experience, massive amps, Massive tube amps, turntables, and everything related to audiophile Chad. My god those speakers sounded great. Just clarity, bass, mids, highs were all very well balanced. I wanted something like his. I wanted some quality wood to give it some character, simple design, and ultra low distortion. These speakers are his and more! Don’t get me wrong I was skeptical. The first gen S1000 Pro series are known to be a semi entry to the higher end bookshelf/desk speakers. Reviews noted the bass was the good point and that the mids and highs were slightly overshadowed and muddled by the raging bass. Then these speakers came out! The MKII. There were very little reviews on the speakers but I was excited and ready to take the leap since it had all the features I wanted. Integrated all in one amp+speaker design, Bluetooth 5.0, Affordable Pricing, and DSP. DSP is the most important part of giving you that balanced processed audio. So I took the leap! Man it is everything I’ve ever wanted. The speakers are massive for bookshelf speakers. I am using it for my gaming desktop speakers. They are beautiful and sound great in games. Gunshots sound crisp and Music sounds deep and butter smooth. I listen to Synthwave, Classic, anime music, rock, country, electronic, and some rap. These speakers do very well in all of the categories. Anime music is the hardest to balance due to the screeching highs but Im sure nothing the adjustment knobs in the back can fix. I also doubt most speakers can balance the screech of those Japanese girl voices. :P. The bass on these speakers is great just like the S1000 but the highs and mids are balanced not like the original S1000 reviews said overpowered bass. You can pick out the different instruments during song play and quality stays the same during low & high sound levels. I have Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee headphones, beyerdynamics DT 990 Pros and would rather listen to these beefy speakers than those headphones. The shipping quality was insanely great. Big Heavy box! Double boxed! WELL DONE EDIFIER!!!!!Info: Male, 24 years old, Asian American.Read more

  2. Brandon

    I can’t say enough great things about these speakers. I compared against a variety of systems, including a pair of KEF Q150, which were the most sonically similar. I ultimately couldn’t pass up the same sound quality for a significantly cheaper speaker.The frequency is fairly flat. There is a great amount of bass for bookshelf speakers. I would say a sub is really unnecessary, but I don’t crave anything earth shaking.I only use them for music, from my phone mostly, using Bluetooth. I have no issues with it ever. Occasionally I plug in, but the sound quality isn’t wildly improved vs Bluetooth.They look decent. They look nice. They are heavy as hell, and seem solid. But the materials aren’t amazing. The wood is an excellent fake. But fake none the less.Read more

  3. Sammy

    So I have has them now a few days and I have vigorously tested every feature except the optic port, an update will follow.I take my music serious and these little babies are gold. Keep in mind they will give it all to you if you give it to give. They have excellent frequency response with all four inputs I tested with very little latency, most will not detect it at any rate. Very smooth can hear everything clear crisp, keep as default until you learn how to final tune. I connected to everything with easy even the boothtooth spot on Edifier. My software allows me different profiles and I can hear the difference as you should with fine audio equipment.Well Done EdifierRead more

  4. Darrell Lawrence

    Wow. These are indeed great speakers. These are like the S1000DB but they now have bluetooth 5.0 and a new class D amp. Our living room is 14 x 20 and these seakers sit on top of the Edifier SS02 speaker stands. They easily fill that space with excellent sound. I’m especially impressed with the deep bass these speakers generate. I play double B flat concert tuba and have palyed back tuba solos the I recorded. These speakers are generating the B flat 2 octaves below the base clef. That is down to 29.14 Hz, lower that the speakers 45 Hz rated low output – better than advertized!5 Stars for these. I seldom rate purchased. These speakers deserve it.Read more

  5. Isabella Forhad

    Line 1, Line 2, Optical connections… none of them work. Direct bluetooth from the speakers does not work as well. The only way I get any sound out of this good for nothing speaker is through a 3rd party bluetooth connection device. Complete rip off look else where for good speakers.Read more

  6. J. Havey

    These wireless speakers are wonderful — full rich sound, well balanced and a very good base. These speakers are a great value and easy to use in any part of the house. My first “stereo” set was in 1965 with large woofers complemented by the mid-range and tweeters. Over the years I have had several sets of speakers but these top them all and with wireless.Read more

  7. EH Hackney

    I got these to listen to music – mostly jazz, latin and flamenco. The sound quality, to me, was clean, clear, articulate and well-balanced. ‘Not as much as the big Polk towers I replaced with them (that had quit working after many years), but that’s not a fair comparison. Note: Before these I was trying some small towers highly recommended on some audiophile sites. But the towers seemed lacking somehow, so I got the Edifiers just to see. With the Edifiers, compared to the towers, saxaphones and harmonicas sounded “reedier,” pianos and guitars sounded “stringier,’ brushes sounded more realistic, and the Edifiers had more bass. ‘Heartily recommend.Read more

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