0C180UXZ2OG520 Jlab jbuds air recreation actual wi-fi bluetooth earbuds + charging case – white – ip66 sweat resistance – class 1 bluetooth five. 0 connection – 3 eq sound settings jlab signature, balanced, bass improve

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  • lengthy playtime with charging case: every earbud holds a 6-hour battery lifestyles and the case gives 34+ hours of extra training session time. Jbuds air game automatically rate whilst placed in the case, which recharges with the incorporated patent-pending usb cable.
  • sweatproof sport suit: an ip66 sweat resistance holds up in opposition to sweat and dust, so hit the paths, the health club and more. The ergonomic earhook suits even the smallest ears and live securely and easily in place. Transfer the gel hints out for our blanketed cloud foam recommendations and go.
  • car on & join: jbuds air game routinely switch on and connect to every other right out of the case. Then simply connect with your phone. Using bluetooth 5, that is our quickest fingers-loose connection yet.
  • stereo audio calling: the jbuds air sport characteristic stereo audio phone calls. You may listen your buddy in each earbuds clear conversations everywhere, each time. Plus, contact sensors make it clean to manipulate all of your song and make contact with calls with just a tap or on both earbud.
  • be conscious audio and custom eq3 sound: pay attention your surroundings even as you run for safe listening with be aware audio. Turn on whilst you need to let ambient noise in or off to sector out with just your music. Pick the sound to match your non-public preference between 3 alternatives: jlab signature, balanced, and bass raise modes – without an app.
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product description

jlab audio is an award-winning designer of private audio along with bluetooth earbuds, headphones and audio system. Founded in 2005, our undertaking is to decorate how you undergo existence with super sound, stimulated design, and progressive technology with out the rockstar invoice.

actual to our roots, #teamjlab embodies the so cal existence: laidback, upbeat electricity and an active way of life. No matter your passion, we hold you going with superb equipment, stimulated designs, and world elegance, trouble free customer service.

it doesn’t matter how you pass, just move.

cross move.

each earbud holds a 6-hour battery lifestyles and the case presents 34+ hours of greater training session time. Jbuds air sport automatically rate when positioned in the case, which recharges with the incorporated patent-pending usb cable.

jbuds air game routinely switch on and hook up with each different right out of the case. Then simply hook up with your cellphone. Utilizing bluetooth 5, this is our quickest hands-unfastened connection yet.

compact, but robust, the jbuds air recreation includes a charging case with a purpose to suit in any bag or jacket pocket you’re taking over-the-go along with you. Lighting fixtures on the outdoor will imply how plenty strength you have left earlier than your next rate.

the jbuds air sport feature stereo audio plus stereo audio calling for telephone calls with upgraded twin microphones. One mic alternatives up and removes surrounding noise whilst the other picks up your voice for clear conversations anywhere, whenever.

allow outside noises in with be aware audio. Switch on or off be aware audio to allow ambient noise in for safe listening or zone out to simply your tune. Allow outside noises in with be conscious audio. Examples of whilst to apply be aware audio:

  • whilst on foot/jogging outside to listen motors and different protection noises.
  • riding a motorbike or bicycle to listen cars coming near
  • whilst your coworker comes over to invite you a question, no want to pause your song
  • speakme on the telephone, your calls will sound extra natural, like your buddy is within the room
  • an ip66 sweat resistance holds up against sweat and dust, so hit the paths, the fitness center and extra. The ergonomic earhook fits even the smallest ears and stay securely and with no trouble in location. Transfer the gel guidelines out for our included cloud foam guidelines and move.


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    4 reviews for 0C180UXZ2OG520 Jlab jbuds air recreation actual wi-fi bluetooth earbuds + charging case – white – ip66 sweat resistance – class 1 bluetooth five. 0 connection – 3 eq sound settings jlab signature, balanced, bass improve

    1. Josh Campo

      As much as I like these earbuds, I have had one major issue with them. Let’s start with the good. For 70 bucks, these are one of the best bang for your buck options out there. Sound quality is good, comfort is good, and they are great for working out. The earhooks make it almost impossible for them to fall out, even during intense activity. If mine worked properly, I would give these things six stars if I could. The issue I had was my Bluetooth connection. The earbuds worked fine for anywhere from 5-15 minutes. Then they would randomly disconnect from my phone and would not reconnect. The only way I could get them to reconnect was if I put them back in the charging case for a couple minutes and took them back out. I’ve tried to use them several times over the course of a few days and this happened every time. The battery is full and my phone connects to other devices, like my Apple Watch, with no issues. So I know it’s the earbuds. I am waiting for a response from JLab to assist me with my issues. I’m hoping that I just got a bad pair and can exchange them for a new pair. If I’m able to get a new pair that actually work, I will gladly change this review to five star. These earbuds would be amazing for me if they actually worked. But with them only lasting several minutes before I have to take them off, I have to stick with this review for now.Read more

    2. Dr Meckfessel

      *Updated Review*You can see my original review below. I was super in love with these headphones and thought I was all set. However, after a few weeks the left headphone would intermittently cut out. I initially thought it was just some weird interference or something as it was random. However, it became persistent. The only way to get it to connect was to put the left piece back into the case to turn it off and try again. This is an issue if you’re out on a run and don’t have the case.Worse yet, was soon after, even if I was able to get a consistent connection, the headphones would “tear” and the audio wouldn’t be in sync. This caused an echo that made listening to anything impossible.And the worst of all was JLab has been terrible to deal with. When I contacted them they said I could return them no problem. “Great!” I thought. However, they insisted I pay for return shipping, even though their product was defective. When I pushed back they stopped contacting me. I finally had to get Amazon to make things right with them.It was a great three weeks when they worked. I was willing to chalk it up to bad luck and try another pair. However, JLab customer service has forced me to go elsewhere. So these are a hard pass for me now based on lack of quality control and an even harder pass due to the type of company Jlab is.*Original Review Below*I was looking to upgrade my exercise headphones from the typical bluetooth earbuds that are connected by a wire to truly wireless earphones. I have “in-betweener” sized ears, so do best with over the ear style headphones. I tried some of the in-ear only, but once I started sweating, they’d work their way out on a run, or I’d have to futz with them constantly to prevent this.I was about to pull trigger on PowerBeats Pro, but wasn’t looking forward to the $250 price, especially since their use would be limited. Fortunately these showed up, and I took a chance on the pre-order.I should note that I will literally only use these for working out which includes running and indoor bike riding on a trainer. So I don’t need audiophile headphones (have expensive ones for when I’m listening to music leisurely or watching movies, etc). I also will only use these with a Garmin Fenix 5+ and Kindle Fire 8. So I cannot comment on compatibility/integration with iOS or true Android devices.They arrived and I got them paired to both devices with zero problem. Sound is just OK. Good enough for my needs, but not audiophile quality. But they’re also only $70, so I’m not expecting much. I do wish the over the ear part was a soft rubber that had some flex. It’s plastic and stiff. They do disappear for me once I start working out, but when I first put them on, or am not actively distracted by working out I notice them. I think this is also contingent on ear shape, etc. Again, it doesn’t hurt or anything, just a minor weakness. Half star off for this since they are overall comfortable.What I love about them is they work seamlessly with my Garmin Fenix 5+. They pair quickly, and the ear bud controls operate the garmin perfectly. This is great as I can easily skip to next song, adjust volume, pause, etc all without having to mess with the watch. Quick taps to my ears and it does all that I need.The case is also nice and seems to work well. I think it’s too big for a pocket, but perfect for gym bag or backpack.Overall I’m really pleased with these. Money well spent. Time will tell if they hold up and how long the battery in the case lasts for charging them. But one week in with them and I’m satisfied. I’ll update this review after a few months, but as of now these are highly recommended, especially how well they integrate with my Garmin.Read more

    3. James Stinchcomb

      I was excited when these earbuds were first announced, I had been looking for a good pair of true wireless earbuds that I could use for running (earhooks were a must) that wasn’t over $100. These seemed like the perfect thing, but unfortunately they appear to have a critical design flaw.The first pair I ordered lasted 5 days, 3 runs. When I went to use them before my next run the left earbud wouldn’t connect and would no longer show as charging in the case. When I put it in the case the light would flash red four times them turn off, and it would repeat that every 30 seconds or so. After the reset method didn’t work and JLab customer support was unable to provide any additional help on fixing them I decided to replace them with another pair.The second pair didn’t even last a full run! After about 6 miles the left earbud just stopped working. After completing my run I wiped them down and ensured they were completely clean of any sweat or liquid and put them back in the charging case and they had the exact same issue as the first pair, flashing four times in a cycle.Looking around I have seen a number of other people experiencing this exact same issue and no one seems to have been able to get any answers on the issue from Jlab. So after returning the second pair for a refund, Jlab is not telling me they will only give me store credit on their site (despite the fact I ordered these from Amazon!) and not a refund.Not only would I not recommend these earbuds, I would not recommend purchasing anything from Jlab. Their products are clearly defective and their customer service is a joke.Read more

    4. BrianHelp

      PROS: First work out was OK with this unit. Sounded ok for the price and didn’t fall out.CONS: Everything else. . . the second work out, the ears were out of sync and sounded horrible. I tried to adjust them during work out. That didn’t work and just pissed me off. Then it started skipping tracks on it’s own. I swapped them out with cheap wired headphones it was THAT bad. Third work out head phones didn’t pair and now won’t pair at all. Tried charging them they say they are charging but when I take them out they are dead as a door nail. I get a flashing white light for a second no audio. BTW I did see the warning about sweat and keeping them clean I did wipe them off at the end of the work out before putting them back into the case. Buyer beware of these head phones.Read more

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