0C180SNIHXI863 Tilerec – slimmest voice activated recorder with one hundred forty five hours recording ability, mp3 records, 24 hours battery time, metal case – via atto digital

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  • ✅precise and practical design – we designed the arena’s thinnest voice activated recorder simply to ensure that it’ll healthy everywhere and anytime in your daily ordinary. The tilerec dictaphone fits easily for your pockets, your pocket or purse so you can use it any time you need to document essential sounds to your life.
  • ✅allow’s communicate numbers – this 1. 6 inches flawlessly rectangular formed recorder, with handiest 1/4 inches thickness, gives you 24 hours battery life and one hundred forty five hours recording capability. Time for a complete recharge: simplest 2 hours. Revel in 128 kbps cd best mp3 recording – no more software needed to playback audio documents.
  • ✅voice activation sensor – for a better manner to shuffle through the day by day recordings and just to ensure that no phrase is missing. Tilerec can also be used in to file interviews, conferences or meetings when the tool is about to non-stop recording mode. Additionally, you can allow/disable the led light when the device is in use.
  • ✅sturdy case build from aluminum alloy – because we want to guarantee you that the device will paintings in any state of affairs you would possibly want it. Smooth to use, with only one button to show on and off, and weighting handiest zero. Fifty two oz., why now not make tilerec your daily dependable companion?
  • ✅technical help – response time to our clients is 30 minutes to numerous hours most. Please ask some thing you want! We provide lifetime help simply so as to make sure that you are making a wise investment in our satisfactory high-quality device and also you don’t just spend a few money on it.

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you stay in a fast-paced international where time is money and you’re searching for the exceptional tool to enhance productivity and store time?

tilerec voice recorder is designed to report your each day meetings, activities, and thoughts in a non-intrusive way and carries our notion that “put on-ability” is the utmost purpose within the layout of ordinary bring era.

the smallest and most flexible voice-activated recorder with time and date stamp to be had.

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1.57, x, 1.57, x, 0.2, inches

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0.529, ounces



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1, Lithium, Polymer, batteries, required., (included)

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January, 22, 2020



7 reviews for 0C180SNIHXI863 Tilerec – slimmest voice activated recorder with one hundred forty five hours recording ability, mp3 records, 24 hours battery time, metal case – via atto digital

  1. Aiden Valentine

    I bought this mini recorder to protect myself from verbal and psychological abuse by a lover. It was important for me that the recorder be voice activated to minimize the hours of recorded audio I have to scrub through to find the relevant bits. It was also important that it be discreet, which this is.I purchased it less than a month ago, and it was a life saver last night. A neighbor pulled a knife on me, put it up to my throat and threatened to ki11 me. The recorder was inside my house, but was able to record audio from my porch, which was about 25-30 feet away. My lover DENIED it happened — when she was standing 10 ft away, but out of line-of-sight, and used gaslighting tactics to discredit my story. “That’s not what happened — no they didn’t” she said. She never even told the 911 operator what happened to me — she said “a guy and girl are fighting you need to send the cops here now!” I’m gonna spare you the rest of the drama, but her behavior was inappropriate and manipulative, especially during an emergency. I have evidence to prove what happened was true. (The assailant did get charged in this case.)People act different once you have a camera filming them, so you have to be discreet if you want to catch abusive people in the act. Verbal and emotional abuse is hard to prove because 99% of the time it’s “he said, she said.” This is the device you are looking for if you are in a situation like mine.I did have a problem getting it to connect to the PC at first — turns out the random USB cable I used was broken, so just use the USB cable that’s included. One feature I’d like to see would be the ability to charge while recording, so it can be running 24/7. I have now decided to carry it with me as much as I can — I clipped it onto my necklace and keep it tucked into my shirt. This is a great product and I can’t reccomend it enough.Read more

  2. Jeffrey N.

    I work in law enforcement and I can’t tell you how many times I have had a body cam failure or an interview room cam that didn’t work, so I bought this as a backup for routine work. It’s small, and it’s easy to use, but the battery life brags much longer than it really has. I would test it at 2-4 hours with continuous recording, and maybe 8 with voice activated although most noises in the room will trigger it. Also, setting the timer in the text file doesn’t really work. The other functions do, but the timer doesn’t keep sync.Read more

  3. Ken

    I need something discreet to document my neighbor’s barking dog. She claims I am “exaggerating” the situation, her other neighbor is legitimately deaf, so it’s my word against hers to the HOA board. I hope proof will be forthcoming, ma’am. (I am an animal lover and have 2 well trained dogs, so don’t judge me for not wanting to be awakened before dawn by a yapping demon.)My only real complaint is that I am unable to get the date/time setting to work. It reverts to a 2019 date/time every time. This makes it difficult to prove that it was actually 5:13 a.m. when the dog started barking outside my bedroom window. I am an experienced computer user, so am well acquainted with creating/saving text files.Other than the date/time complaint, I think this could be an excellent product. It is easy to conceal – I use a small piece of adhesive Velcro to attach it to the trunk of a silk tree on my covered patio. It is invisible to anyone who doesn’t know it’s there. The voice activated sound setting works well. It came on a couple of times during the night and clearly recorded cars/sirens. Early morning, there was even a bird singing in addition to the beastly dog. Recordings are clear, it picks up outdoor “white noise” as I would expect, but the birds, dog, and other prevalent sounds are very clear and easy to identify. Connecting to laptop computer to access files is very straightforward and easy. I wouldn’t record my next album with it, but that is not the intended purpose of this recorder.If I can’t get the date/time to work properly, I will be returning it since I need to prove when the events happen. Otherwise, it does a good job at what it is designed to do.UPDATE EDIT: I got date/time function to work. If I only edited/saved the existing time.txt file with the correct date and time it did not work. If I deleted or renamed the existing file and created a NEW time.txt file it works like a charm! Follow the instructions for entering the info, but be sure to create a new file. I gave it another star!Read more


    I definitely love it, I tested for 24 hours first and it went well, the sound it’s clear and loud, and the set up was very easy, also even if you can’t figure it out the light it’s not intrusive at all, I hid it on the corner of the wall and even when the lights were off they couldn’t see the led lights, so over all it’s a great gadget, I must mentioned, one day I forgot it at my friend’s house and I couldn’t get it back for 3 full days, looking at the recordings I noticed that it kept working for about 2 and half days, that’s a very good time for that small battery, but I want to say that the voice activation has a lot to do with that and also that I don’t have the led lights on, whatever it takes to save battery. Anyway, I will buy another one .Read more

  5. Amazon Customer

    I like the recorder but I can’t listen to it because the connector doesn’t work!!! If I can’t find one that will make it work I’m going to send it back because it’s no good if you can’t listen to it!!!! I tried my phone and my computer and the connector is loose, if you are going to sale something make sure it works before you put it on the market!!!! I bought two and I will send it back if I can’t get it to work!!!Read more

  6. David

    So far this thing really sucks!Nothing done according to the instructions worksSetting up per the instructions for date, time and voice activated recordings does not work.Setting to turn off blinking does not work.While the recording distance is great and the sound quality is good, touching or clothing rubbing on it makes an unbearably loud scratching noise .Read more

  7. Minchkins

    Not good it is supposed to be voice activated but it only does it if u are near by to press record . I leave it in the room to activate but it wontRead more

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