0C180HD925E725 Avantree c519m plug & play wireless headphones set compatible with nintendo transfer, macbook seasoned, computer pc w/usb-c ports, bluetooth headset w/mic perfect for track, calls & gaming, 40hrs play time

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  • [gaming, pc, movies & more] bluetooth permit your nintendo transfer, type-c mac and computer with our headphones (as9m) and type-c audio transmitter (c51) set. Experience wirelessly streaming audio from headphones for gaming, looking movies or films. Attention – designed & built for a balanced sound with an emphasis on readability. No longer endorsed for heavy bass fans.
  • [ no more audio delay ] this headphones set features faststream era that minimizes put off <40ms which is non-detectable to the human ear so that you can enjoy gaming or looking videos at their pleasant without audio reduce outs.
  • [ long lasting battery life ] providing as much as forty hours of play time with each rate! Our extended battery lifestyles headset is designed that will help you take on even the maximum excessive gaming battles all-day or binge watch indicates on computer without having to recharge.
  • [ voice & music together at last ] you are not restricted among best hearing your communication together with your gaming teammates or paying attention to history song. With this c519m set, you can listen both concurrently and experience high great sound.
  • [ true plug & play ] this headphones+transmitter set offers a real plug and play enjoy as they come pre-paired. You don’t want to worry approximately installing drivers or doing complex steps to pair. A short and easy solution to your convention calls or gaming needs.

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product description

for nintendo transfer, no postpone, 40hrs play time

Product Dimensions

7.48, x, 6.89, x, 3.15, inches

Item Weight

7.1, ounces



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1, Lithium, ion, batteries, required., (included)

Customer Reviews

4.2, out, of, 5, stars, 262, ratings, 4.2, out, of, 5, stars

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#8, 019, in, Video, Games, (See, Top, 100, in, Video, Games), #311, in, PC, Game, Headsets, #1, 335, in, Nintendo, Switch, Accessories

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Date First Available

February, 6, 2018



8 reviews for 0C180HD925E725 Avantree c519m plug & play wireless headphones set compatible with nintendo transfer, macbook seasoned, computer pc w/usb-c ports, bluetooth headset w/mic perfect for track, calls & gaming, 40hrs play time

  1. Mackenzie R.

    They were comfortable, but they didn’t work. I got these for my son to use with a Nintendo Switch. The first set the head phones worked but the mic didn’t. I even tested it on my computer to be sure. Requested a replacement which came the next day and we were excited, but quickly disappointed – this time neither the headphones nor the mic worked. Giving up on these now – we’ll find something that works.Read more

  2. bryan davenport

    The headset is comfortable and the controls are easy. I bought this headset for ease of set up with a MacBook, the supposed range and the battery life. It has the usb-c on the Reciever which is all the MacBook has. I thought they would be fairly plug and play like the website and the box instructions said. That wasn’t the case. I had to go in and change the computer to the headphones for both input and output audio. Then had to do it again for discord to acknowledge them.I’m also a little disappointed in the range. I had hoped it having an external “high gain” Reciever it would go further. I sometimes have to get up and walk away from the computer for a few minutes and it would be nice to still hear what’s happening on discord. I can only get about 20 feet from it before it starts cutting in and out. My Apple airpods actually have a better range.The battery life is great. Does exactly what I wanted on that part. It would be nice if there was a percentage indicator somewhere on it though. Maybe even a button that would give an announcement in the headphones, “49% battery” kind of thing.Read more

  3. melissa aninos

    Been emailing back-and-forth with support for a month now about my sons wireless headphones that are not even a year old to have me test and retest and retest over and over the same things only to tell me that I need to send them back on my own dime so they can test them and tell me if they are going to approve a replacement.Not comfortable with sending my hundred dollar headphones back to a company that can’t even give me a straight answer in a month.They started glitching during game play and loud background noise.Would not recommend, especially for the price. Should be more like 20$Read more

  4. Bryan D. Brunmeier

    I purchased this wireless headphone and transmitter set for my son to use on his new Nintendo Switch. This set worked perfectly out of the box for a whole month and a half… then the headphones stopped connecting to the transmitter rendering them useless.After emailing Avantree customer support back and forth several times, I have been unable to get the problem fixed or the set replaced, and the company’s customer service has been a bit of a nightmare to deal with. They scheduled a Zoom call for myself with tech support and the agent never bothered to show up for it. Save your money and frustration and look elsewhere for wireless headphones that are compatible with the Nintendo Switch.Update as of 3/15/2021 – Customer service finally did the right thing and replaced the defective product, so I am going to give these headphones another try. Hopefully these ones last longer than the first set… to be continued…Read more

  5. Finn

    These were incredibly comfortable, the mic felt good, the materials felt good.That’s all. The sound quality is atrocious. Even using 2 other faststream capable transmitters it was just…no. Quality was ever so slightly alleviated by using transmitters that support it’s other codec.The only way I could describe it is while the latency is utterly negligible there’s popcorn added to the sound. That is the only description. On my PC and Switch the sound had an incredible amount of very audible (My ears aren’t the best) “Noise”. Worst purchase I’ve made in awhile which is utterly shameful. I’ve narrowed it to the transmitter as it sounds fine using a number of others.That or Faststream has taken a huge downward curve since I used it last.Read more


    I can’t say much about the quality except that they felt comfortable. I sent them back almost immediately as they came missing all the accessories. What’s frustrating is I had bought them used like new at a reduced rate and couldn’t find any others as well priced so I ordered another pair of Avantree headphones that have now been delayed in delivery. Not impressed with the quality control and information aspect.I did however, order another 2 different model Avantree headphones the same time as this one that both came on time and work well.Read more

  7. Mike

    I returned them…The headphones sound acceptable. I like that the earcups surround my ears.I purchased these to use for “broadcasting”…there is static in the audio from the plug-in extended boom microphone. I will only be able to use this headphone for listening…and not for broadcasting, communication, and recording.Read more

  8. Jeff H.

    At first, I thought having the paired dongle would be a nucenese. It’s the only pair I wear all day now. They are incredibly lightweight. Sits oversized on the ear but are so light there is no pain or pressure from hours of use. Simple and easy to use by design. Fast switching between my laptop, phone and Switch.Read more

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