0C17YSO00UM757 Osd 6. Five” slate high constancy out of doors rock speaker 150w weather resistant passive stereo pair rs670

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  • appearance: the rs670 is a amusing and particular rock speaker pair that is designed to seamlessly combine into your patio, porch, yard, or deck decor due to their practical rock look.
  • long lasting: the rs670’s aerospace grade, multi-layer composite cabinetry is fabricated to withstand rain, temperatures and different harsh weather situations while generating amplified sound.
  • sound quality: this osd audio outside rock pair speaker has a rigid, acoustically inert enclosure, ensuring rich, clear sound and not using a distortion for years of hassle loose overall performance.
  • out of doors: the rs670 outdoor speaker is pleasant to be set up in maximum small-to-medium sized backyards, flower gardens, patios, pool regions, and medium-size business projects.
  • cable: to preserve your electronics secure whilst being attentive to song outside, we advise direct burial of our water resistant cable cord cable and water resistant cord connectors designed for the outdoors.

5.25", 6.5", 8"


Brown, Grey, Slate


RX550, RS670, OMNIROCK, RS850, RX805

6 reviews for 0C17YSO00UM757 Osd 6. Five” slate high constancy out of doors rock speaker 150w weather resistant passive stereo pair rs670

  1. Brent

    Wow. Wow. Wow. I bought these because I’m building a pool and wanted some outdoor speakers for near the pool. I wasn’t expecting much because, you know, rock speakers and I’ve never heard of the brand but reviews were good so decided to give them a try. Pool isn’t done so I was just testing them out in the living room with a Lepai 20w amp (LP-2020A+) and a ChromeCast audio. First impression was “Dang, that sounds pretty good.” The more I listened the more I was impressed. For the heck of it I had a pair of Bose wall speakers in the garage and brought them in to try. Swapped them out with these rock speakers and unpaused the song that I had playing and was immediately shocked about how “bad” these Bose sounded. Hmm… also have a pair of JBL wall type speakers too so grabbed those and hooked them up and they were even WORSE! Hooked the rock speakers back up and BAM! the crisp clear sound was back. Unreal. So…. I just ordered 2 more pair for other areas. First impression is these are awesome. Now I just hope they hold up in the Florida weather and if so I’ll be extremely impressed!Read more

  2. FullmoonCat

    I guess I didn’t read the description well enough, because I was expecting a speaker much smaller than the one I got. That said, I am not at all disappointed. In fact, since I got it for a Halloween display, now I can paint text on it and it will double as a gravestone decoration.The sound quality is phenomenal. I won’t claim to be an audiophile, but I can identify tinny or too bass-heavy speakers when I hear them. This is neither. I have it hooked up to a cheap Pyle 200W amp with a bluetooth connection, and just playing music from Pandora on my phone sounds amazing. It’s kind of sad that this speaker that looks like a rock produces better sound quality than my home entertainment system.I would purchase this again. In fact, I probably will purchase more of these soon.Read more

  3. Kyle

    I have two speakers for back yard patio run off a Sonos Amp (newer model). Sound quality is good and they are LOUD. Sound covers my entire 2 acre back yard and more when turned up. Easy to install. Only downside was the “stone” finish they come in from the factory. It’s terrible, doesn’t look anything like natural stone. I found a brown camouflage spray paint from the store and painted them myself. Now people have a tough time finding them in the landscaping. Probably voids the warranty but the original paint job did not look natural. They are quite large as people previously mentioned in their reviews, but it’s an 8” sub so the frame has to be fairly big.Read more

  4. J Martin

    This is really a 4 1/2 Star rating. The sound quality and quality of the “rock” speaker box is a 5, especially for the price! My backyard is about 4,000 sq ft with a pool and I put 2 of them sierras out in some back planters behind the pool. The sound fills up the whole backyard with no distortion and way more bass than I was expecting!! My ONLY complaint, which is not at all a deal breaker, and why it’s minus a 1/2 star is the painting of the rock. The texture is great, blends in well, but the gray speaker is “speckled” with too much white paint, which to me, makes it a little more unrealistic looking. I would prefer it to be more gray. Other than that, I love them. Would definitely buy them again.Read more

  5. Lynfy

    I almost spent twice as much as these babies on alternative rock speakers, before settling on the OSDs. Then, I wondered if I’d regret not going for the more expensive ones.I figured I had nothing to lose, as I could send them right back if I wasn’t happy with them.Well, I am more than happy. Right out of the box, I was like, wow… really? I’m powering them with a decent, but relatively inexpensive, Sony amplifier and they sound amazing. (I also went for a good quality, thick, 16 gauge speaker cable – good quality cable makes a really big difference).The separation of instruments and the placement of vocals is very appealing. They’re tight across the range, never getting muffled, with a defined bass, crisp highs and an open mid-range. At this price point, I expected the separation to be a little muddy, bass perhaps a little soggy when pushed, and highs a little bright but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. They’re clean and crisp and a pleasure to listen to.I have them at the back of my pool, facing towards the patio. They’re about 30ft apart and the soundstage is nothing short of amazing at this price point.To float on a floatie in the pool with pool-level music is also quite special.I expected them to be made out of some kind of hard plastic material but they’re made from a rubber-like material and appear to be very well constructed.These speakers have exceeded my expectations and I couldn’t be happier.Buy with confidence.Read more

  6. Bill Macy

    Recently spend a lot of time and effort rejuvenating my pool area. I wanted to set it up so I could listen to music while relaxing by the pool. I started the project off with a pair of wireless speakers. They were garbage, needed to be recharged, and produced a constant hiss.So, I shifted focus to outdoor wired speakers, and decided to go with these. They produce very nice quality sound, and were half the price of the wireless speakers I was using. The only con I would list for them is that they really do not blend into the area (you can tell they are synthetic rocks). Over time, I am sure I will get used to how they look, but took one star off because I was expecting a little more realistic rock look. All in all, for the price, I am happy with them. I have only had them a couple of weeks, but time will tell if they are truly waterproof.Read more

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