0C17YL0DCZN450 Bluetooth speaker, doss tourist wi-fi bluetooth speakers with 20w stereo sound and ambitious bass, ipx6 water-proof, wi-fi pairing, 12h playtime, 5 light modes, portable speaker for outside-black

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  • premium sound fine: doss traveller bluetooth speaker grants a crisp sound with excessive bass via 2x10w drivers and dual passive radiators. Furthermore, the dsp generation guarantees that sound in high clarity and less distortion even at high volumes.
  • ipx6 waterproof shockproof dustproof: rated ip66 approach that the speaker can withstand pressurized jets, waves of water, and dirt. Perfect for mountain climbing, trekking, journeying, beach, and greater outdoor activities or anywhere you like no matter how the weather like.
  • wi-fi stereo pairing: pair two doss visitor audio system for a 40w bigger stereo sound and double volume. Furthermore, bluetooth four. Zero generation guarantees an instant connection with bluetooth devices.
  • incredibly transportable speaker: other than gambling superb tune at domestic, the speaker is likewise equipped with one short deal with for carrying your soundtracks out. 12 hours of playtime and more than 48 hours of electricity-efficient rechargeable flashlight make certain your journey in no way run out.
  • 5 light modes: adjustable flashlight with 10 meters variety for exceptional utilization. Short press to modify 5 modes: low brightness, medium brightness, excessive brightness, strobe (intermittent flashing), sos, which is best for emergency or birthday party.
  • can i connect an ipod to this
  • am i able to connect an ipod to this

  • can you bypass songs using simply the speaker or does it have to be carried out with the device gambling the songs?
  • can you pass songs using just the speaker or does it ought to be executed with the device gambling the songs?

  • can you operate headphones
  • sure, it has an earphone jack. Contrary to what many consider here…. It is definitely affordable to invite this query. It’s miles a tune player in addition to a speaker. Besides bluetoothing from other gadgets that do not have headphone/earphone jacks, you could play track with a micro sd card…. And in case you want personal listening, to apply the headphone/earphone jack. Why humans don’t get the want or practicality of this… Just smh. See much less

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  • you’ll go with the flow too was definitely relating to space which is packed with our bodies and scents like burnt meat. It’s what happens whilst the craft we’re on that’s continuously accelerating at 9. 8meters/2nd squared stops . The acceleration holding us down which we name gravity stops and our momentum flings the entirety not screwed to bedrock out into “area”
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    7 reviews for 0C17YL0DCZN450 Bluetooth speaker, doss tourist wi-fi bluetooth speakers with 20w stereo sound and ambitious bass, ipx6 water-proof, wi-fi pairing, 12h playtime, 5 light modes, portable speaker for outside-black

    1. Creek

      Super great quality of stereo sound for such a small speaker. Cool fox design, rugged strong material, useful lights for a dance barbecue/party. Easy and stable bluetooth pair up with phone, laptop or my tablet. I was able to use my favorite songs playlist from you tube playing on my TV with sound bar using Chromecast inside the house and have the fox DOSS playing outside at the pool. Crazy party inside with songs and video and same quality stereo sound outside.Read more

    2. Neeky

      This thing is the best portable speaker, let alone speaker in general, that I have ever owned. It is extremely loud but does not distort quality whatsoever. The packaging it arrives and is very quality and made me excited to open it. Excellent battery life, and the range is outstanding! I was able to take 125 paces straight down the road, before the signal started to cut out, but even then I could still hear it at max volume. The two lights on it have come in handy multiple times and are incredibly bright when you go to the brightest setting. Otherwise they can be used for ambience. It is truly rugged and feels very heavy duty but still elegant and comfortable to hold. I have not yet tested the waterproof capabilities, but from other reviews I know that it stands up under the harshest conditions. You can find the videos of it online very easily. This stands up tall against the much more expensive waterproof portable speakers, and in my opinion takes the cake over ones that are double or triple the price. If you are on the fence whatsoever, I would say buy this in a heartbeat.UPDATE 7/30: IT FLOATS AND FULLY WATERPROOF. Pushed it to sandy bottom of river (roughly 4-5 feet) came back to surface, worked flawlessy.Read more

    3. TammyB

      My wife owns the Bose Sound Link Mini, it is about 1 1/2 times taller but about the same width and depth as the SLM. As far as sound it is amazing. this DOSS Traveler is loud and clear. I did a side by side test of the SLM and the DOSS Traveler and although the SLM had a slight bit more bass, it was clearly louder than the Bose SLM. The clarity of the sound was great all through it’s volume range and only distorted when I connected it to my computer with the included aux cable and driving the volume beyond what any normal speaker would have as an input. I must have had the volume at about 120-130% before distortion set in. There was absolutely 0 distortion via bluetooth or using the SD micro slot. The built in flashlight has 4 modes. Nightlight – a good but very dim light. Low – bright enough for some things, High – good to light a small room in the dark. Strobe – flashing lights on high setting. Goes without saying, but don’t stare at the flashlight (Fox’s eyes) because it’s bright. Overall a great buy.Read more

    4. ER

      Packed really well (you have read about that, I am sure) and is fantastic!!!! We got this on a gamble rather than speakers for our backyard and porch and it is AWESOME!!! Weather, no worries! Need to travel? No worries. Loud and clear!!! Fills a porch and a small backyard without distortion or wires!!!Read more

    5. Jason

      *** UPDATE ***I was able to contact DOSS and they were very responsive in helping me solve the speaker distortion issue. A replacement unit has already been sent out. Great customer service…Im convinced that the speaker distortion was just a fluke considering the company’s quick response. Looking forward to rocking this little speaker again.This is one cool little speaker, but unfortunately the speakers started distorting pretty badly after the first couple of weeks. Not sure why this happened, as we’ve only used it in very gentle environments. There was no water exposure or super hot weather, so it’s a bit confusing. All in all, the build quality is really good! The lights are a really cool feature, and the little fox picture is a nice funny accent. I’d recommend this speaker, but maybe be prepared for a broken speaker after a short duration of use. Still it’s a cool product. Hopefully DOSS will improve its speaker quality to match its awesome external case quality 😊Read more

    6. C. Wolf

      I was looking for something to put in my backyard by the pool when we are out there. This was highly rated on Amazon and met my basic specs.In the review I missed the size of this speaker. When I opened the box and pulled it out, I was initially very disappointed. It was just slightly bigger than the bluetooth speaker I had BUT this one was waterproof and with 3 boys in the pool (all age 12), it HAD to have waterproof!It connected to my iPhone without any issues and I fired up a song, it blew me out of the water with the sound. I QUICKLY had to turn it down to about 1/3 volume on my phone. We have been using it for about a week+ and it works great!! I set it by the house and set the volume at 40% and it is plenty to listen to while in the pool about 15 feet from one end of the pool. I can be anywhere in the backyard and hear it just fine. Really liking it.I have not used it at dusk or in the evening to make use of the LED lights but I am looking forward to having some fun with that.Read more

    7. ryan & nikki

      As I am writing this, I have another one on order. The reason is because it is a great speaker. I ended up giving my old one which is 15 days old to my friend and I purchased another one. While I had it in my possession it worked wonderfully. It was loud enough to be heard over the constant noise that occurs in working around machinery. Most of my coworkers enjoyed the music and the way it sounded. On the days that I didn’t bring it in they asked me to bring it in the next day. The biggest fear I had when I purchased the speaker was that it would not be able to be heard above the noise of the running machinery, luckily it was. It also has very good range. While it was inside the building, I had to go out to my vehicle to grab something and I brought my phone with me. Upon returning I asked a coworker if the Music had stop playing, and they replied no.The package and the packing Is the best I have seen.Read more

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