0C17YHZOII0716 Seasoned bass underground 15, portable battery powered 15” loudspeaker, 1600w, bluetooth, usb, mp3 player

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  • purchaser alert: most users do not need a license to perform this wi-fi microphone gadget. Despite the fact that, working this microphone machine without a license is challenge to sure regulations: the machine won’t reason harmful interference; it ought to function at a low energy stage (not in excess of fifty milliwatts); and it has no safety from interference obtained from another tool.

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the transportable sound gadget underground 15 gives excessive portability! Comes prepared with an extended-lasting battery and outside input for every other 12v battery. Together with its wheels and extendable manage your tune received’t have limits.

version increase underground powerbass

– portable battery loudspeaker.

– your track anywhere you need.

– rapid configuration. Turn on, join and revel in.

– battery powered.

– wi-fi microphone included.

– -way gadget top energy of 1600w and 15″ woofer.

– overall connectivity: bluetooth, usb, sd, auxiliary inputs for microphone and guitar.

– the arena is evolving, your tune is just too.

  • bluetooth connectivity
  • mp3 media participant
  • 15″ woofer
  • wi-fi microphone
  • guitar input
  • far off control
  • expert sound and flexibility to take your music anywhere

    the underground 15 is a entire gadget. Consists of a excessive exceptional wireless microphone with a completely large variety to marvel your target market from anywhere.

    your tune has no restrict with the trendy generation mp3 module of the underground 15. Bluetooth connectivity from iphone and smartphones. Usb and sd card input. The system also comes equipped with a bodily stereo input kind rca.

    the system is known for having a deep and defined reaction to lows way to its 15” woofer, which blended with the class d amplifier generates an terrific sound pressure.

    designed for musicians and presenters

    simply via powering on and adjusting the stages the show can start.

    a versatile system with enter for outside microphones and enter for guitar collectively with a wi-fi microphone, make this machine unique for musicians as well as for presenters and prayers in general.

    priority mode:

    use the concern mode to make bulletins, robotically the music will provide area to what you communicate thru the microphone definitely and with out cut-offs.

    Item Weight

    31.8, pounds

    Product Dimensions

    28.35, x, 18.5, x, 14.96, inches



    Item model number

    Underground, 15


    1, Lithium, ion, batteries, required., (included)

    Customer Reviews

    4.0, out, of, 5, stars, 163, ratings, 4.0, out, of, 5, stars

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    #5, 010, in, Portable, Bluetooth, Speakers, #41, 431, in, MP3, &, MP4, Player, Accessories

    Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


    Date First Available

    March, 8, 2017


    Underground, 15

    Battery type

    Sealed, Lead, Acid

    Power Source

    Battery, Powered


    1600, watts

    4 reviews for 0C17YHZOII0716 Seasoned bass underground 15, portable battery powered 15” loudspeaker, 1600w, bluetooth, usb, mp3 player

    1. Lowell

      I have bought this item for my girlfriend who wanted a speaker that had a little bass. I seen answered questions and reviews that claim this item puts out good bass but I am here to tell you that it is completely false. In most cases Rap and some country songs have bass while rock has different style of bass. the item has basically 0 bass. to explain what I mean listening to country or rap if you here bass the highs distort bad and I not talking about the item cranked up, this Is at lowest possible volume for your ears to hear bass. If you turn bass off the highs play not clear but to a decent volume but even then they will still distort and makes for a unpleasant sound. most Rock music have higher bass which takes less power, but again if you can hear bass it distorts again at lowest volume to hear bass. If you want me to give positive about the speaker, the look of the item and the control setup on the back is cosmetically appealing. with that said on the back where the headphone, microphone, SD card, etc inputs you will feel air coming out which if you know anything about speakers will know that’s bad. Ported boxes are tuned and any extra air is bad. Cheap 6.5 coaxial speakers put out more bass then this Huge 15″ and I am here to give the truth. I understand people will still buy from seeing the positive reviews but will learn my review is the most honest. After you learn that I advise you return to Amazon after leaving a review to help honest people from getting scammed. I have it plugged in the whole time and didn’t get to test it on battery so I will not review that. ThanksRead more

    2. J Adames

      First, the volume is loud enough to annoy your neighbors but not get the cops called on you (unless you have awful neighbors)! Music plays pretty loud with very little dead noise except when you use the wireless microphone. I have used the battery but haven’t drained it completely. My music played over Bluetooth for 4 hours and still had juice left, 1 of 3 bars, according to the battery indicator. One of my Bluetooth devices doesn’t play well with the provided remote. My Samsung phone had no issues with the remote though. You can add a couple of external wired microphones beside the wireless microphone provided. I haven’t tried this feature yet. I’m still waiting to receive a wired microphone. I bought this speaker since I’m interested in using it with a saxophone. Not sure how this speaker will perform (amplify my sound) with a musical instrument since this just has bass and treble adjustments, no mid range. The cheap price made this a reasonable gamble. More to come on the performance using a saxophone. If it doesn’t work, this will make a great karaoke speaker when tailgating since it has a battery and is reasonably portable. The AC cable that came with it was really junky. It easily wiggled out of the socket and fell from from the speaker. I replaced it with a better quality cable and have had no problems since.PROS:Cheap priceBluetoothBatteryEasy transport using handle and wheelsCan stand up or be placed on its sideCan function as a monitor speakerCONS:Overstated Wattage CapacityDon’t expect earth shattering bass, reasonable for the price but not mind blowing!Wireless mic hisses (I will likely not use it and use a wired mic instead.)Easy to lose remote.Basic cable connections for input/output (no XLR cables)NOTE: I did figure out that in order for the wireless remote to work you had to turn up both the master volume and the first microphone’s volume control. The microphone volume knob controls both the wireless and wired microphone volume. At first, I thought my wireless microphone was defective. I thought of returning this speaker as the manual was rather useless and no help.Overall, I’m satisfied with the product. I give this speaker 7 out of 10 stars because it has more pros than cons and adequately meets your occasional party/karaoke needs.Read more

    3. TheGuru

      First, let me just say that Amazon has great customer service. I ordered a different pair of speakers and one showed up damaged, but both sounded damaged, with a rattling sound coming out of them when you were behind them, which I will be, using them to DJ. I returned them and got a full refund and bought two of these, and again, one of them was damaged, but Amazon replaced it. The difference between these Pro Bass and the other Rockville 15″ speakers is incredible. Being battery operated and having Bluetooth and better connections on the back just makes them that much better. A friend brought his 12″ similar speakers over and we compared sound and the richness of the sound was so much better, I cannot even convey. He wants my speakers now. I took one out to the forest where we put on running races and need motivation music and it was simply divine. I started laughing at how wonderful it sounded! At this point I have not gone through a whole event and tested battery life, etc, but so far, I’m thrilled that I can have this much in sound and features for this price! Total recommended purchase!Read more

    4. Epalazzo

      I loved this speaker at first. Great sound and bass. It worked all but 4 weeks, then the display would not turn on even though the power light would come on. I contacted Amazon who tried to trouble shoot, by saying to turn on and off and knew nothing else so they said they would contact the manufacturer/seller and they would get back to me…CRICKETS…neither Amazon or the manufacturer got back to me. Very disappointed with product and that Amazon failed to help me get a replacement or in contact with the seller to figure out why it died on me after such a short period of using it. I dont recommened this product. Waste of money and POOR customer service from both parties.Read more

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